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  1. Hey guys, its that time of year again. Have the Whites started hitting yet. On vacation and looking to go down later this week!
  2. Has anyone seen or caught any cats at any of the 3 area lakes here lately? Im looking on going some in the evening with my wife. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  3. You might try putting in at Pittsburgh landing (RA) camp ground and going up the river arm of the linly to about the 13 mile marker sign. That is where I find them this time of year. But make sure your in the river channel the first 800 yards or so because if the flats are 1 foot deep its hard to get through there but if your in the channel it should be about 8 feet or so. If the flat water is 3 feet or so you can troll all the way down there. and even use the big motor if you want but don't get too carried away.
  4. Is Bolivar landing a pretty good place to fish? I have never been there but it is about 30 min closer to where I live than Pittsburgh landing. I am thinking about going this Thursday night again, right before the weather changes again on Friday. 3 of us went again on Sunday after noon and fished from 3:00 till about 9:30 and brought home 5 keepers but caught several shorts again. jigs or minnows didn't seam to matter and we were catching them any where from 15 feet off the bank at 2 to 3 feet deep to right up on the edge of the water. red and chartreuse and pumpkin and chartreuse was the most productive jigs.
  5. 4 of us went out Thursday night and fished from about 6:00 till about 10:30 and caught around 100 crappie several shorts but we took home about 25 or so good keeper. All were caught from right on the bank out about 15 foot any where from 2 to 4 feet deep on minnows and I personally caught about 30 on a pumpkin and chartreuse jig with an eight ounce head working it pretty slow. They would just stop it and you would feel pressure on the rod. All caught from the bank around docks across the water from Pittsburgh landing.
  6. Hey guys I have been taking a new comer fishing and was wondering where and how good the fishing has been on our local lakes? We are mainly fishing for crappie and white bass. Any reports would be great, any good directions to some good spots would be helpful as well. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks a lot guys I will be there Sunday morning bright and early.
  8. Ok I have heard all I want to about the bite online. Im in bad need of directions to Blunk and taylor shouls, I need a White fix. PLEASE! I will be coming from springfield. PLEASE!
  9. Has anyone heard about any white bass running up on the little sac river?
  10. I am wanting to get on those whites, and I was wondering if anyone has been catching any down around pittsburg landing near the linly river yet. I always fish from the bank there at the camp ground in the fall and with this weather the way it is I don't want to miss it. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and if anyone catches any crappie let me know please. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Charles, I like a good blue gill supper every now and then.
  12. I know Brandon we need to get together and plan a trip soon. I need some fish to eat! Me and the wife just like to take off for an hour or two sometimes and these little lakes are close to the house, but I kinda like to know if its worth my time to drive to one of the three of them. Its only about 20 min to each but I like to know when and where if you know what I mean.
  13. Thanks guys you have been a lot of help, what about any crappie has anyone been catching\fishing for any?
  14. I have a good, solid truck for sale, Its my daily driver and has no problems except a little body cancer but not too bad. The motor and tranny and transfer case was all rebuilt by the guy that owned it before me and that was about 10 months ago or so. Its a little cold natured but it starts and runs and drives great. The stereo that is in it is very expensive, it has a remote for it. (I don't know much about electronics I just bought it that way) I have owned it since back in early fall and have driven it back and forth to Lebanon several times and it has been very reliable. I am asking 1650.00 OBRO (or best reasonable offer) Please no emails about this truck, just give me a call on my cell, my name is Patrick and my number is 417-322-4959 if no answer leave a message. Some times when I shut my phone it tunes its self off.
  15. Has any one been catching any Crappie or Catfish?
  16. Thanks bud that is the most helpful thing in the world to someone that is new to the area.
  17. How do you get to Piney access after you get to cape fair from Springfield, mo. And where do you fish at at Cape fair, can you fish from the docks by the bridge. I have never been there. Please help I would like to catch some of those Whites.
  18. Thanks man I really appreciate it, I will have to do a little bass fishing for some fun. Does anyone have anything on the Crappie? With water temps like that I should be able to find some crappie in there. If I do I will let everyone know. I am getting ready to leave so I will make a report when I get back.
  19. I was wanting to go down and do a little fishing and wanted to know if anyone had any reports on Springfield lake or one of the others close to Springfield. Thanks.
  20. If I go across the bridge and park where the boats are put in and face the river, which way is the green ways trail from there, left or right and approximately how far is it. Thanks for any advice.
  21. where is taylor shoals and how do you get there? Im new to this area and love to fish for white bass.
  22. Me and my wife went to Taylor bridge this morning, got there about 8:20 and fished for about an hour with no luck so we went over to the steel bridge and fished about another hour with no luck, then went back to Taylor and fished for about 2 hours up and down the bank but all I had was 4 hits and caught one little large mouth bass that was about 8 inches long. There was several people there and several boats put in but I didn't see anyone catching a thing except for two guys that was on the other bank using minnows, they caught 3 or 4 but they wasn't that big and I couldn't tell what they was. This morning there was a lot of fish breaking water but they were all on the other bank and I couldn't reach them. Didn't matter anyways when they broke water close enough to cast, we never got a bite. We through everything in my tackle box and trust me that's plenty. It was a nice day but a little windy we left about 12:30, the water looked great for fishing just a little murky but with polarized glasses on you could see about 2 feet down.
  23. Thats it I am going down saturday after noon, anyone want to come!
  24. et84 thanks a lot bud that really helps me out, I'm new to the area and the tip about the gas station is a good one. I to like to use a green light at night but don't get to as much as I would like to. I have a portable fish finder also that works great on docks. Maybe if we get a chance to get together one night at the dock. Thanks for the info and good luck bud.
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