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  1. Full moon periods are a great time..I generally pull down deep husky jerks at 1.5-1.9 a lot of that is dependent on water temp. As far as areas, it all depends on the time of year. In May, I generally fish 5-15 foot of water with regular #12 husky jerks on flat points on inside bends. As water warms move a bit deeper. Try to start before dark and waypoint areas where you are marking fish and return to the areas and fish a we bit shallower after dark.
  2. rangerman


    I need to get down there and fish with you one of these days! Good trip with as high as the water is!
  3. Thanks for the kudos my friend! I should have a Table Rock report come next week! I really just want to ensure anyone that needs any type of tips get them! Love helping other walleye guys out!
  4. Yes they are! They like some different colors. A couple of eaters I cleaned had pumpkinseed in them. I definitely love my snap weights but I was trying to follow the 25 foot contour and anytime I made a slight turn the inside line would drop into the brush. It was no beuno!
  5. Over the years I have refined some techniques when working Bull Shoals during high water periods. I am a troller at heart. Being able to refine trolling techniques on this awesome walleye lake will put numbers in the boat as well as larger specimens. As of now, the old shoreline is in play with the thermocline being where it’s at. Choose erratic crankbaits such as jointed ones to draw attention to your baits. Trolling depths of 17 foot in 25 foot of water is where your want to be. Sure there are deeper fish to find however the above is where I found success. I have many trolling setups but when it comes to trolling brush, I always go with mono rigs. 10 pound Berkley big game gets the nod for me. Braid, lead core and snap weights can be hard on tackle supply when it’s comes to trolling the brush. Mono has a bit of buoyancy, which makes it pull through the brush a lot better. Over the course of 2.5 days I lost 1 crank and that’s was my failure to retie when I should have. Use dive charts to figure out dive curves for different cranks. I was running 152 foot back with the cranks I was using which put me skipping the top of the brush. Pay attention to your electronics. If walleye are wanting to feed you will see them suspended in the middle to top portions of the brush. You also want to stay in the correct depth zone to ensure your baits are not running any shallower water than they should be for obvious reasons. Speeds of 2.0-2.3 correlate with the current warmer water temps. When you hook up, keep your rod tip up, these fish will want to grab a bait and head straight back into the brush. There is definitely a stronger crank trolling bite in the mornings and evenings during the lower light periods as the fish rise to the tops of the brush. During the day, other techniques such as bottom bouncing slow death and crawler harnesses are better. Good luck!
  6. Had maybe a half dozen between 16 and 17.5 both days. The rest were in between 19.5 and 27.5.
  7. Had an awesome past couple days on the bull..pulled cranks for fish suspended over the tops of the brush 17 foot down over 25 foot of water. Put the hurting on them. Best day had 16 with a couple doubles. The two in the photo were one of the doubles. Love the lake, just ready for it to start its fall...speeds 2.2–utilizing cranks with erratic actions..first day I ended up with 5 fish over 25 inches.
  8. Reef runners were flatlined on boards. Boardless rods held snapweighted flicker shads.
  9. When you filet them, cut the rib cage out before you filet them off the skin. After you take the rib cage out, you will be able to see the red meat line. Keep your filet knife above this line and you should not have any problem with red meat except the piece down the middle. It takes some practice but you will see what I mean.
  10. I generally run all 10pd stealth braid and a 30 foot floro leader tied with uni to uni. I’ve got tons of trolling rods but I have been thoroughly impressed with the ugly stik gx2 in 7’6 medium light. Long enough to get line away from boat but not to long to manage. And perfect for running both cranks and trolling inline weights with crawler harnesses. Ditto on light drag.
  11. In short, I have had a helluva year on the rock. I normally fish bull shoals ALOT. I am not about numbers anymore as much as it is the hunt for the table rock walleye. I love ‘em. I have milk runs of spots on the James, white and Kings river arms that I can hit and catch summertime walleye on pretty consistently after a ton of time staring at maps and the lowrance. Its that time of year where I start switching tackle over for salmon fishing up north. So to the walleye of table rock thanks for the good times and awesome meals!
  12. this girl is going to be my out when I need to buy more cranks. She loves fishing!
  13. I was able to Come down for a couple of days to fish with one of the forum members Lundnut and fish with my wife and kids in the evening. Blessed with wonderful evening weather and the walleye were cooperating. Fished 25-28 foot depths just off the gravel rolloffs.. 2 ounce snap weight program at 2.2mph. Found some of the bigger cranks such as #11 taildancers and 800 series reef runners produced bigger fish. It was awesome spending the evenings with the kids putting them on the toothy critters as well as countless big whites, smallies and Kentuckies. Had good numbers of walleye with some little guys as well. Great weekend!
  14. Sorry been off the forum for a bit. I have seen you recent success. Awesome my friend! I was down over this past weekend and done well. Just moved deeper.
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