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  1. Anybody know if topwater is fully on? I went last week but didn't get into any topwater action so I focused on crappies and took home a few. All I know is it is hot and mosquito are a pain to deal with.
  2. Anybody have any reports at this location lately? I haven't been fishing at the dam for a few month but would rather not make the long trek if it isn't worth it. Would like to know of anything since it would probably be my last trip to the dam before it gets cold. Thanks.
  3. Just got back from fishing at the dam (5/8). Lots of water (All the flood gates open). Chocolate milk water. Crappie and hybrids were no where to be found but the white bass were a hoot to catch especially when they were running with the rough water. If you are planning to keep fish, don't be like me and use a stringer, the rough water will just wash it into the holes and crack, making it a pain to undo with the rough water.
  4. Might be a good time to invest in some fish grippers. I always have mine on hand when fishing with trebles.
  5. Nice catch, hybrids are always a hoot to catch. You may have missed the prime window but did you witness any sort of topwater action? It's been a few weeks since I went up there. Hopefully this storm coming through will help create more water release.
  6. Just got back from there (4/4). Let's just say I should have just fished locally around home. A few good fishes (walleye and hybrid) being pulled out once in a long while but otherwise it was a long and slow day. Most individuals where targeting crappies but only saw a few keepers per stringers. We need a lot of rain and some water generation to make things worthwhile. Did NOT see or experience any topwater action. Missed a few bites and only hooked up on a white bass on an A rig. Might be a few weeks before I head back up there unless I hear or read of some action.
  7. Decided to make a blind trip to get my fishing fix and I was glad I did. There are a lot of fisherman/women out there scattered and bunched up in different areas along the dam but not much action at the moment. Once in a while few fishes are being pulled up here and there. I started out on the west side near waterfall area but lost too many lures so decided to fish the east side where it was deeper. The water is very low at the moment and we need some rain and water generation to get things moving. I caught a little bit of everything (a few whitebass, a hybrid/whitebass, a rock bass with a full stomach, a carp, and a spoonbill). Spoonbill (about 30lbs or so) put up a good and tiring fight but man won in the end. FYI: the dam road is closed at the moment so be prepared to go the long way if you decide to switch sides.
  8. Selling a doybns champion extreme 701C (casting). This is a previous model version which they have discontinued selling in the newer line up. It has seen it's share of action but just didn't fit the bill I needed to launch crappie lures. It has been well taken care of and the cork has been sealed with U-40 cork seal. Would prefer to sell it around the SW MO area since I can deliver it personally unless buyer adds $15 to help cover shipping cost with UPS. I will let this go for $150.
  9. Fished today(8/3) and boy was I glad I did. I was in topwater heaven. Whitebass/hybrid boils everywhere. Better get out while you can, I don't know how long it will be like this. Used various topwater lures but had most luck on a white walk the dog bait. It got damaged from so many vicious hits, I will need to replace it soon. For quantity, head to the west side. For quality, fish the east side by the exposed rock near the fence but be careful, it is slippery if you decided to wade out there.
  10. Fishing>>Work. Just wished I could have gotten my topwater fix on.
  11. Should have looked at the USGS website before I decided to head out since the water level dropped rapidly compared to Sunday but decided to push my luck, as well as test out a few new lures but ended up with no such luck. I did not catch any of the species that I was after (crappie, white, hybrids). Was told I should have been here yesterday (Sunday 7/19) when they were running more flood gates (only 1 was open). There are millions of shad fries (about 1") everywhere. Caught only a few drums on the east side but did witness a huge catfish boil that lasted a couple hours on the west side by the fence. Most of the individuals I saw where targeting catfish. Will probably give this place a few more tries and then move on to hunting.
  12. Thanks for the report. I guess I will stick to waters closer to home until I hear/read a report worthy of making the trip. Fishing here in the the summer months has always been a hit or miss for me unless it is night fishing, which I don't do much since there are too many deer crossing on my drive back home.
  13. Anybody have any news on what is going on at the dam? It has been a couple of week since I last fished here and caught mainly crappie and drums. Any topwater action? It was completely shut off when I went with the exception of carps/gars/spoonbills.
  14. I'm in Nevada, MO, it's quite a drive but if you are traveling somewhere within 30 mins. of it, we can make something happen.
  15. I'm located in SW MO but the cost to travel to the Springfield area and back would be almost the same as the asking price for these lures.
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