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  1. Same time as the $100,00 Wally Marshall crappie invitational.
  2. Problem with ethanol fuel is you need to keep it fresh. Moisture is its worst enemy. Use a stabilizer and only buy what you are going to burn. I empty my tank for the three months I don't use the boat in the winter.
  3. Chet Hicks of Lebanon won NWF photo contest in the People in Nature class. Photo taken at Bennett Springs during a snow storm last Jan. Fisherman was in zone 2 down stream of the stone bridge.
  4. Had three great days of fishing. Weather great, fish were hungry. Water was dropping slowly but seemed to get a little greener each day. Caught several that were pound +, but several 6-8" also. Had a eagle overhead at the dam this morning for about 30 minutes. Good thing I was stripping so I could do two things at once.
  5. The conservation commission is considering raising daily trout tags to $4 for adults and $3 for under 15 years of age. Also considering raising annual trout permit from $7 to $10 for adults.
  6. There were 199,427 deer killed during the fire arms season, state has 44,700,000 acres = 1 deer killed per 224 acres Bennett Springs state park has 3,216 acres (per park data sheet) and 17 deer killed = 1 deer killed per 189 acres Fairly successful hunt.
  7. Would like to know what you think of them in a few month. I have about 70 days on a pair of Frog Tog (Anura II) that I bought in March this year and have had no problem with them.
  8. Have used them and they did a good job.
  9. Two articles in paper you might be interested in. New tornado siren installed and working in Bennett springs area. Charlie Reeding - 40 years at Bennett. http://www.lebanondailyrecord.com
  10. Tough fishing. Water is very cloudy, knee deep you cannot see your feet. Few fish being caught at whistle this am. Have to be on the bottom to catch them.
  11. Fishing was very good on Wed and Thur, then got tough Fri and Sat. Talked to several neighbors and they also had trouble catching fish on Fri and Sat. Fished zone 1 & 2, most of the time with sinking line and woolly's. Tried a few midges and nymphs under a indicator Sat, but only a few fish, no pattern. Had rain several nights and water came up a little on Thur, not much but got a little cloudy. Big crowd on Sat and Sun, camp grounds full and most of the motels. Good size fish at first but then on Fri and Sat small ones (~8"). Did see quite a few grass hoppers, so will try some hopper
  12. Fished above the dam to the island, not that crowed as compared to other years. We caught a lot of fish during the first 1.5 hour. At least 20 over a pound and one nice brown that was a little over 13", like a football. Some small fish but not like last year. Saw quite a few lunker caught, biggest that I saw was 5 pounds.
  13. Just went down to get our tags. Watch your speed or it will cost you more than the $3. 20 mph in park, 30 comming down the hill on 64A. Two offices in cars can see you before you see them.
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