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  1. Did you put some salve on your mosquito bites the next morning?
  2. XP 590

    Leech Pattern

    I like it. Simple and effective
  3. Big 'Ole bucket mouth. Please at least tell us you weren't sitting on that bench in the photo!
  4. The sound of banjos not too far off?
  5. I'm throwing Rio Outbound Short floating line and a 9' 1x leader with 1or2x tippet. The rod is a TFO Mangrove 9' 8wt. The line was suggested by a couple friends that fly fished bass for years. It's definitely a big posterior front taper and it took me some getting used to after throwing 4&5 wt for years, but it will cut through the wind and throw big poppers in the summertime. My places aren't too deep so I never mess with sinking lines. Any of my stuff that needs to sink is heavily weighted. This fly sinks like a rock.
  6. A couple years ago, all I kept reading about on here was the ned rig. Ned rig this, ned rig that etc.etc. Being a fly fisherman only (preference, not snobbery.....as far as you know), I had to look it up to see what you all were talking about. Seeing how bass fly fishermen are always snagging ideas from traditional tackle guys, I wanted to see what I could come up with. I tried a couple different size jig heads to see what I could throw or lob with my 8wt and I can tell you from experience, they don't feel good upside the back of my head. Ended up with this smaller head and tied some up in purple/black, brown and olive using flashy chenille. Pulled in my first little bass on it the other day. I know it's not a true ned, so be kind. I had to call it something.
  7. I got it. I got it! It was "assigned" brown at birth. Now self identifies as rainbow. An example of species fluidity.
  8. Wow! This is going to turn out bad. Bet it doesn't make one season.
  9. I bought an Old Town Predator 13 a few years ago and love it. Being a big heavy 85 lb beast, I knew I wasn't hoisting it on top of my 4Runner so I bought an ultra light trailer for it. Only took me 6 hrs to bolt that thing together.....never again. But they kayak is great. Tons of storage space, enough for overnight camping and very stable. The fly casting sitting down is a little more work but that thing is built to stand in. Very wide and stable with a built in strap to pull yourself up and the seat kicks back out of the way to open up the deck a little for your fly line to pile up. They are definitely compact and require you to manage your space well so I don't really compare them to boat fishing, but they can be really nice.
  10. Well for starters, if the bank requires insurance, as most do, then insurance is a cost you must incur to get a loan. Insurance is all about offsetting risk. If you can pay cash for a $35k boat, and are willing to risk thousands of dollars in repairs for what would have been a covered loss, more power to you and that's your choice. In addition to that is the liability exposure in case you injur someone. I'm not comfortable accepting that kind of risk, but that's just me. To me, $150 a year is a pretty good value to transfer that risk to someone else. I also know if I insure my boat with that company for $35k and I total it, they will pay me $35k. Having $35k in property coverage, $100k liability and towing coverage for $150 a year makes that sound like a very valuable piece of paper to me. But again, that's just me. A lot of people dislike insurance in general and I get that, I'm not a big fan myself, but I'm not willing to take the risk of not having it. And if you think your auto or homeowners insurance extends to your boat, please read your policies very closely. Those policies generally provide very little, if any coverage for watercraft. Some do, but most have very specific exclusions and/or limits for watercraft of all kind.
  11. I did tell him. He replied with a bunch of garbage about not knowing the rules. Yeah right. Then he said he was deleting the video.
  12. Ummmmmm, I'm guessing the wet part is all the info we'll get!
  13. The old San Juan Shuffle has been adapted and renamed the Taneycomo Two-Step.
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