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  1. more weirdness

    Since I fly fish, I'd have just put on my heaviest lead-eyed jig-n-pig fly and started landing it upside a few of their heads. That would have cleared some space in a hurry.
  2. Wow, smart phones sure took blurry pictures back in those days.
  3. On them again today and it was hot!

    God how I hate inbred, corn fed, brain dead, littering, poaching, redneck scumbags! This kind of stuff makes my blood boil........but only for a few minutes.
  4. G'nade Trip Planning (Riddle > Hwy 28?)

    Once again, it drives me nuts when one person, who sees things one particular way, implies that is the best way for everyone else to see things. I happen to KNOW exactly what 1.5 ft, or 3 ft, looks like on the specific gauges and locations on the few primary rivers I fish. I know this from experience watching these specific gauges and fishing these spots regularly. I have no idea what 4500 cfs at these spots because I never look at that reading, it's meaningless to me. OBVIOUSLY, 3ft on one particular location, on one particular river, has no relation to 3ft on a different river, different location, don't need a PHD in hydrology to know that. If a person is looking at a river they've never been to before and have no experience with, the CFS, along with the median flow and depth may provide the needed information. And that little orange triangle clearly labeled Median Daily Statistic is showing us the median daily statistic? Wow, I'm flabbergasted. Median being commonly defined as "denoting or relating to a value or quantity lying at the midpoint of a frequency distribution of observed values or quantities, such that there is an equal probability of falling above or below it. Based on the individual viewers preferred personal viewpoint, and the date ranges you choose, there is an amazing amount of info available in those gauge readings.
  5. Didn't want to resurrect a two year old thread but wanted to thank you for that Jig n Pig pattern.  I've only been fly fishing for bass two seasons now and usually restrict myself to summertime top water action, love a largemouth smashing big bugs near sundown.  I've thrown a few big woolies and hackle flies in the spring but didn't really have anything in my tackle box.......I mean FLY BOX.... like this.  I tied up a half dozen in different colors and landed 8 nice little fatties Saturday, all on olive.  Nothing over 14" but all healthy.  This was in a lake so I was dragging and bouncing it across the bottom and the hits were monstrous.  I'm no good with dubbing so used flashy chenille, or estaz for the body, fish didn't seem to mind.  

    Thanks for sharing. 


    1. Flysmallie


      That's awesome. It has been a great little fly for me. So glad that someone else found some success with it. Thanks for sharing that with me, that's a good looking fish too. 

      PM me your address and I'll send you a couple of others to try. 

    2. XP 590
  6. Hot fishing on a cool day

    Now that's funny, I don't care who you are, and stated so much more politely than I could have.
  7. Middle meramec report

    If it happens, post video.
  8. Middle meramec report

    Dang, you guys all sound like you're actually buddies!?
  9. Video from the NFOW trip

    Beautiful video. Thank you for avoiding the obnoxious electronic and dubstep music that has become so prevalent in videos of this genre.
  10. How to the articulated worm/fluke

    Thanks a bunch, that's an awesome looking fly and just within my abilities.
  11. Todays pond visit.

    Can you share something about that articulated worm? I just started fly fishing for bass and am loving it. I googled it and am finding things like that Senko worm, is that it? If you feel like sharing, I'd be grateful.
  12. No explanation necessary

    Congratulations on your new business venture. That's good looking stuff. But 4 posts of the same thing? If I had started a business, for which I owed so much to OAF, maybe I'd consider taking out a paid ad to support Phil for all his work. Just a thought.
  13. Dredging going on.

    It looks you ended up posting a link to the live trout cam which refreshes every minute, so it will keep changing.
  14. Redfish video

    Sweet. I just took up kayak fly fishing and love it. Really enjoy your choice of music also. So many fly guys are using horrendous electronic dubstep that makes me want to vomit.
  15. Smallmouth

    Was that in Bennett? Picture looks like maybe the Bennett access on the Niangua? Beautiful fish.

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