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  1. I'm using Pro Guide AGMs which have a higher amp hour rating than Optima and are considerably less expensive. They have a 24 month free replacement, plus 24 month pro-rated warranty and are available from Battery Outfitters in Golden MO.
  2. HarryJ

    Old Maps

    Similar detailed topographic lake maps were produced by Structure Graphics Company in the seventies. However, their maps displayed the lake area only. The maps were very detailed, showing topographic elevation, trees, old roads, cemeteries, etc. Separate maps were made for several sections of the lakes and each map had several pages displayed in large scale. They have not been produced for many years and are quite valuable. Here is an example for sale on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Vintage-Bull-Shoals-Lower-Lake-Missouri-Topo-Map-Structure-Graphics-Co/163173893688?hash=item25fdec0638:g:uW8AAOSwNSxUzYn2:rk:1:pf:0
  3. The duck side curtains are on a top mounted power roller, but the entire curtain rollers can be jettisoned by release levers located near the driver. Whether or not they were released, to my knowledge has not be disclosed. There is adequate openings for the average size person to escape without the side curtains.
  4. Being a retired electrical controls designer, I did a lot of searching for the best trolling motor power connector for my boat. The Battery Tender connector is the most rugged and highest current rated (100 amps) that I found. However, it is fairly expensive at $45 and may require some modification to your existing connector mounting holes. http://products.batterytender.com/Accessories/Power-Connect-Battery-Connector-Plug-Black.html
  5. If the leak is at or near a riveted joint, the rivets can be reset using a 5 lb. hammer and bucking bar. Unfortunately, the rivet must be accessible from both exterior and interior of the hull. It's a two person job, one person holds the bucking bar on the rivet and the other person hammers the rivet from the opposite side.
  6. I live near Indian Point, a little closer to the dam.
  7. The water is a little dingy for this area (about 4-5 ft. visibility). Lots of bass staging under my dock now. You should be able to catch them from the bank.
  8. I have a friend that needs a reasonable self-employed marine mechanic in the Springfield/Republic area to fix a fuel problem on an old Ranger boat.
  9. Check with Port of Kimberling. They have campsites close to the water, if you want to beach your boat near your campsite. http://www.mypok.com/campground/index.php
  10. Pete Wenners gives the water temp at various places on TR in his weekly fishing report. http://www.hookedonbass.com/FISHREPORT.htm
  11. Post your question on this BBC forum, these guys are Legend owners. Some may have the same rig as you and have tried several props and setups. http://www.bbcboards.net/legend-boats/
  12. I had a jumpy tach reading, so I switched to the alternate rectifier tach output. After several hours of running, the tach again started to get jumpy, the engine lost rpm, I looked back and saw smoke coming from the motor cowling. Grabbed the fire extinguisher, but luckily the gasoline didn't ignite. The boat orginally had a two battery setup, sharing the starting battery as one of the 24v trolling motor batteries. I changed to a three battery setup shortly before the fire, but the rectifiers were probably already damaged.
  13. Danny is the man when it comes to fixing outboards, especially Mercs.
  14. I can vouch for the voltage regulator failure. My 2000 model 200 EFI regulator caught fire and burned everything on the outside of the engine block. The only good thing was it was covered by insurance since it was damaged by fire. I put the insurance money on a new Pro XS 200. Boy do I see a difference in hole shot (3 liter vs. 2.5 liter) and fuel economy now.
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