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  1. I was wondering if there was any local fishing clubs around Stockton lake? I've never been in one thought it may be fun
  2. Hey guys I don't normally do this but I'd ask for prayers for me. I've been battling sciatica pain since February and had surgery last Thursday. Now that was a blessing!!! I just ask for your prayers on a quick recovery. I've only heard horror stories. I've never had surgery and so far it's not to bad. I had my L5 and S1 worked on. I really appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. I'm probably like everyone else. I love to work, fish, hunt and provide for my family. I'm a big chiefs fan. I am not an NFL fan. With all the the controversy and disrespect being shown by these morons I really am embarrassed by my choice of username. I was curious if their was a way to change it. Thanks
  4. Could anyone recommend a Stockton/greenfield area outboard mechanic? I've got a 1999 200 Mercury EFI and it's lost power. Neutral it'll throttle up fine. Under a load it won't get over 2000 RPM's. I'm suspecting power pack but outboards are a different animal. Thanks for any help.
  5. Your exactly right. Usually if it's my boat it's on me. It probably all works out in the end but I never pay any attention. Its about the fishing, fun and friends
  6. I'm right there with you. I like about 5 miles from the lake and all my buddies are an hour away.
  7. Would the crappie be biting under lights you think? As busy as Stocktons gonna be I may try it at night with the kids. Thanks
  8. Nomolites I think your right. Maybe Stockton and LOZ was clear enough at the time that light penetration made them bed deeper.
  9. Well I been fishing Stockton almost every weekend all spring. Usually I can catch shallow crappie about turkey season. I haven't found any shallow fish yet. I'd figure with almost 70 degree water they'd be spawn to post spawn and the bass would be prespawn to spawn. Are they behind or did I just miss it
  10. I do have another question. Do you guys trim the skirts or weed guards on your jigs?
  11. Man there's a lot of great advice here. I'm more confident now by far!!!! I got a little shopping to do though
  12. Thanks guys. Good info. I went out yesterday and the bite was good. Caught several 15-18" fish. Shakey head and crankbaits worked. I'd just like to get into the bigger females. With this info maybe I can. It's tough to leave fish that are biting to find bigger fish.
  13. Thanks for the tips. I'll sure give that a try
  14. I don't have a problem catching bass on Stockton, but can't get into the bigger bass. When I catch 12-15" bass I usually move out deeper but I just can't get into them. Should I fish a lot deeper? I'm lost here and it's my home lake.
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