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  1. I am a physical therapy student and fishing maniac here at MU. From looking at your seat I have some suggestions. Rather than going out and buying somthing expensive that may or may not work try to make some simple adjustments in hope you can find something that relieves your pain and keeps you on the water longer. First try adding some lumbar support to your seat. You can try rolling up a towel width wise and placing that in the small of your low back. Vary the size and location of the roll. If that seems to work you can buy a lumbar roll from office depot or a similar store...walmart might even have them. Aside from that take a look at your posture. Slouching in a seat with a small seat depth will put a lot of strain on your back causing you to call it quits early. Also try to adjust the hieght of your seat so that your thighs are level/parallel with the boat deck. If you can't adjust the seat height place a crate under your feet to get the same effect. Feel free to try this or just delete this message, but I hope what I said gives you some relief. Happp fishing.


  2. I live in Columbia, MO. Looking for a quite place somewhat close to home to do some fishing; lakes, rivers, creeks. I just want to find a place that will consistently produce fish, preferably cat and bass. If you have any pointers or tips please let me know. I go to Bagnell when I dont want to be disappointed, but would like something closer to Columbia.


  3. I fished Bagnell this morning (3-19-09) at sunrise. Water is cold ~ 40 degrees. Cat were slow on stinkbait, cut shad, worms, and bluegill. Striped and largemouth bass were great on slow moving hair jigs, roster tails, and minnow jerk bait. Minimal poeple in the morning, but more showed up after noon. Turbines were running roughly every 30-45 minutes. Great fishing day overall.


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