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  1. Kramr


    Hey, someone had to invent the Ned rig. Maybe they'll call it the Sam Rig.
  2. Awesome! Gonna be there next week to try my luck for crappie and walleye.
  3. I suspect there are 4 slips per circuit, maybe 6. So I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often. Maybe it is, they just don't say anything about other people having issues.
  4. This was what I thought was the most likely issue. I have asked several times if they are going to replace/upgrade the circuits. Always get a non-committal answer which means it is considered low priority. I guess when more than just a couple of us are complaining they will make the necessary changes. I know money is tight for them so they are only fixing things that have no work-around. Even when I am the only 440 charger on the circuit, there are always several other boats plugged in as well, so I guess it's pretty easy to hit the 80% mark.
  5. Hey everyone, Was reading the thread about batteries and made me think about the charger I'm using. I have a 36 volt Ultrex so I wanted the best 4 bank charger I could get. It has been an awesome charger for me and seems to be keeping the batteries in great condition. The problem I have been having is when I stay at Stockton Lake and keep my boat at the marina. I found that plugging the charger into the slip outlet would cause the breaker to shut off. I was able to plug into the marina outlet at the marina itself and it worked fine. I thought maybe there was something wrong with the
  6. darn! It doesn't get much better than that.
  7. ☺️ https://www.outdoorlife.com/blogs/gone-fishin’/3-reasons-you-need-jack-plate-your-fishing-boat
  8. Different conditions call for different levels. In calm water I will up it to maximize my speed and efficiency. In choppy water I will put it all the way down to maximize boat control when connecting with each wave. Heck, your boat dynamics will change depending on how much fuel you have or how much water you are carrying in your live well. Why pay more for hydraulic if you are only going to set it and forget it? 😦
  9. What 5bites said. Also, be sure to put it down after use so it won't get sticky.
  10. Gotta love having the lake to yourselves.
  11. Good job!! Had similar results with a 3-way with 1/2 crawler today for a limit of walleye. Will devote some time tomorrow to trolling flickers for crappie.
  12. yes, crappie sliders are designed to be weedless.
  13. Did catch a few crappie doing this but I'm like you, not much luck unless I'm trolling the thing. When I cast for crappie I usually a 1/32 to 1/8 oz jig with a 2 inch plastic bobbie garland grub. If there are a lot of hang-ups I will switch to crappie sliders.
  14. Caught this 24.5 inch and a 22.5 incher today. Wasn't actually targeting walleye, was trying to catch crappie.😒 Caught them throwing a #7 flicker shad up as close to the brush as I could.
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