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  1. Kramr

    9/2/18 Crappie

    Just wondering how you found them. Did they show up on side scan or did your past experience tell you they might be there? Reason I'm asking is I would likely pass on such a spot thinking they would be on deeper structure or even out in the open water by this time of year.
  2. Kramr

    First Walleye Post

    Great info!
  3. Kramr

    Trolled for Crappie

    Good report, good info.
  4. Kramr

    Okay, someone remind me

    Thanks Skeeter. Water temp is no where near 65, be lucky if it hits 55 degrees. Looks like it will mostly be a pre-spawn type fishing so your advice on moving around is certainly good advice. We will be staying at Bucksaw so I have been looking at all of the arms in the area that have constant water running into them figuring those should have the warmest water.
  5. Kramr

    Okay, someone remind me

    If I'm looking for spawning crappie (not pre-spawn) next week what should I be looking for? 1. Find an arm with water flowing into it or just any arm? Arms that come in from the north or south? 2. Gravel banks with a 45' angle or less? 3. Banks facing north or south?
  6. Kramr

    Truman Walleye

    Remember when my wife and I first started walleye fishing. We used a painted jig head and added a minnow. We would find a hump or the edge of a flat and start shallow then slowly work out into deeper water bouncing the jig off the bottom on the way. Same method would work with a spoon. I'm always leery using a spoon especially around timber. Be sure to bring a reliable plug knocker along.
  7. Kramr

    Where to stay at Truman

    Thanks oneshot! Your post is both scary and reassuring at the same time. Plan on using my gps and maps to find the channels and then use the trails created to keep me safely away from as many stumps as possible while on plane. Also need to order a spar prop just in case. Just got this boat last year and haven't bought one yet.
  8. Kramr

    Where to stay at Truman

    I hope you had your brown pants on.
  9. Kramr

    Where to stay at Truman

    We are booked at Bucksaw in mid April. I have a question. Is it safe for your prop as long as you stay in the lane? Guess what I'm asking, is it fairly easy to move around as long as you don't stray from the channel?
  10. Kramr

    Truman Walleye

    That puts you near the KK point which has a huge flat. It's a great place to start. Just be careful with shallow water but the areas are marked so you shouldn't have a problem. Try across points in 10 - 20 fow, especially if there is a river bend nearby with a flat on one side. Are you new to walleye fishing? What is your preferred method? Oh, and talk to Jason Reynolds, the guy that runs the marina, I'm sure he can put you on some walleye.
  11. Kramr

    Where to stay at Truman

    Almost forgot, which arm tends to be the clearest in April?
  12. Kramr

    Where to stay at Truman

    Thanks! April can be a crap shoot weather-wise but as I remember it was May last year that we had all of the rain.
  13. Kramr

    Where to stay at Truman

    Thanks for the quick replies, this is great info for me. As far as places, once I pick the area to fish, I'll start looking at places to stay. Thanks again guys!
  14. Kramr

    Where to stay at Truman

    Hi Everyone, Wife and I are planning a trip to Truman in mid-April. Wondering which arm will offer the best opportunity to catch spawning crappie and how far up that arm we should plan on going. Thanks for any and all replies.
  15. Kramr

    Love fishing Stockton in the Fall....#whitesgalore

    That's awesome! Never give up, never surrender.

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