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  1. Ranger Z22

    Wiggle Warts

    If you give them a call at Sportsmen Factory Outlet they will send you what you order. I have been told that several times. z22
  2. Ranger Z22

    Anyone Know A Reasonable Custom Lure Painter??

    You cannot beat the work Tim does, you get a quality workmanship, along with a price I think is very much in line.
  3. I put an ultrex on my boat the beginning of the year, for my use it has been great. Holds the spot, can change or retie without going over the fish. This motor has me really spoiled.
  4. Ranger Z22

    Table Rock Lake Guides

    Don't forget our own Champ 188....James Gilzow.
  5. Ranger Z22

    Tournaments galore

    Sounds like a good weekend to do some work around the house. Was out a couple of Saturdays ago, thought I needed a checker flag for the boys running up the lake, the guy I was with wanted to know if was always this busy on a Saturday Z22
  6. Ranger Z22

    Lake View?

    Aunts creek view. Really good view in winter, but a view is a view. Sorry no pics. z22
  7. Ranger Z22

    True Pioneer and My Friend

    Our prayers are with the Beck family. I have never met him, to show you what kind of a person he was, I was scheduled to fish with Mr. Babler, his boat broke down, of course Bill Beck gave him his boat to use. Not a finer person in my eyes. z22
  8. Ranger Z22

    Crickets in Kimberling City?

    Ozark Thunder Marine Bait Shop across the street from Ma's carries them. small shop crickets sound like a chain saw running. z22
  9. Ranger Z22

    Blacks and Brownies Mid-Lake

    Enjoy each and every day with that expert fisherman. You will always remember those great times you had together. Getting ready to take my daughter in law out this morning, hope we can snag a few. z22
  10. Ranger Z22

    Aunts Creek

    upper or North End open. Parking is close and limited, but you can launch. z22
  11. Ranger Z22

    Aunts creek Ramp??

    I am not Bill but live 3 minutes from the ramp, both can be used.
  12. Ranger Z22

    TV Show Promo

    I usually don't have much to say......Anyone have a shovel?
  13. Ranger Z22

    OA One Bass Tourney 2017 3/11

    You got me rolling on the floor with this one. My wife is wondering what I can be laughing at this early in the morning. z22
  14. Ranger Z22

    line choice

    Seaguar for jigs, worms etc Suffix Elite or Siege, in green or smoke for the rest.
  15. Ranger Z22

    Quillback on the mend

    All the best for a speedy recovery Jeff. Hope you are back on the water as soon as possible!! Don H

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