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  1. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but it contains a lot of great information and I'd like to add to that. I brought my float tube and fished the main pit at Catawissa last weekend. Water was extremely silty, with visibility of less than a foot. I did not try to explore some of the other pits in the area, but maybe I should have. I ended up landing a half dozen longnose gar stripping streamers near the surface, but did see lots of carp and an alligator gar about 4ft long. I'm still looking for that perfect float tube/flyfishing pond near STL. It may not exist. From what I've gathered
  2. I end up doing a couple of trips to Northern Michigan every year and have seen some pretty good examples of the canoe liveries working with the general public to create a better experience for everyone. Some of the common examples I've run across are: -limiting the amount of alcohol allowed on the trips to a 6 pack per person or craft -No kegs, no glas, no Styrofoam. -no portable radios -limiting the number of large groups -Ensuring that every craft goes out with a mesh orange bag for trash -and most importantly to wading fisherman -educating all canoeists to navigate behind, not in
  3. Glad to hear that worked out for you in that spot. It was nice to meeting you on stream as I've always enjoyed your trip reports. Matt
  4. Below is a link to what I've been using this season. While not exactly a waist pack, this does have loops that can be easily fastened onto a belt. It's big enough for me to pack a days worth of fishing gear in along with a water bottle and lunch. For the price it's tough to beat as well. https://www.armynavydeals.com/asp/products_...20Fishing%20Bag Matt
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