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  1. Had a couple of pins break off on the transducer receptacle on my fishfinder on the pontoon boat. Anyone have an old 240 they want to get rid of? Might be able to take the receptacle off of a nonworking one And put it on mine? Or, does anyone know if the transducer plug for the 240 fits other Garmin models? Would prefer her not to have to buy another type and run the transducer wire again
  2. That's my Brother and his family. He's a Marine, and she's from Denmark! So, not a big deal for them?
  3. The kids caught several nice fish! Spots, LM, a flathead and a channel cat. Bass were hanging between 22-26' on points. They had a blast!
  4. Thanks, Bill! You still recommend 'fizzing' , if necessary? I've done it several times, but don't fish deep as much as I used to.
  5. We are up the James right by Hideaway Marina. Point 11 is probably a good place to start.
  6. I haven’t been out in a while, but have my two young nephews coming in this weekend to fish. Thought I would get a few boxes of nightcrawlers and let them have some fun? Was planning on sitting on some gravel points and rolloffs in 20 to 25 feet or maybe some bluff ends? Does that sound about right? Any help or ideas would be appreciated!
  7. There are 2 things that every man wishes was bigger! His garage is one of them (The other one could also be the name brand of his Outboard Motor?)
  8. gitnby


    I like it! The guys with power poles could mount them on a pivot, and flip em up in the air with advertising flags on the tip when they're runnin down the lake!
  9. gitnby


    Great idea! Take a set of power poles, turn them upside down and stick them in the ground! Then you can raise or lower them to get the best placement for the birds or the wind?
  10. I have Century Link DSL (phone line) up here by Hideaway Marina. No issues with streaming movies on Amazon firestick, and solid service so far. Never tested the speed, but listed as 40MB. Very happy with it. $55/month including their modem/router.
  11. Loved when that salt would collect around the lid, and then you needed vise grips to get it off. And, yes, some of the older original glass jars will bring a few bucks. Anyone else remember the days that a jig and eel was the "go-to" bait on Table Rock? Really, not much different than the wobblehead a lot of guys use these days?
  12. latest report says 17 dead, 14 survivors including the Captain.
  13. by "whipers", do you mean the white bass/striper hybrid? Didn't know we had those in TRL?
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