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  1. Yeah hit mill creek on our trip on 4-25-09 but no luck there. I know there are fish there but nothing was hitting that day.
  2. Well I am not very fimilar with the area but we walked about 2 miles down from the park entrance. She wanted to do some mushroom hunting for some Morells, so we went pretty far down. Didn't find any mushrooms but saw alot of big turkeys. Yeah the creek was up a bit so fishing was not so easy. I think if it dont rain for a week or two it would be much easier to catch a nice one.
  3. Little Piney, great day for fishing caught 2 small bows but still had a great time. Seem to be hitting on olive woolie buggers not much luck on anything else.
  4. We didnt have alot of luck there. Only caught 2 small about 14 inch Rainbows. I first tried some Nymphs for awhile and nothing. Then switched to elk hair, had a couple of hits but only a few. Then went with a olive woolie. Bingo. Had the best luck with the woolie out there. The streams around the area are up from all the info that the park rangers have given me. So that made fishing a bit tuff. By far my favorite stream. Although in my opinoin not as many fish as in current. Tan Vat and baptist was one of the best spots I have found out of the 3 streams that we visited. They were hitting on elkhair flies.
  5. Well we made it through the weekend. Thank you to everyone that was so helpful. We had a blast and will be back! A special thanks to everyone that helped out on this trip. A special thanks to Reed's bait shop! We did all of our shopping there. Very very good service and warm welcomes. Deffiantlly going to order online some hackle and odds and ins. I think that anyone staying in Montauk should deffenatlly buy stuff there and not at the lodge (alot cheaper). We fished a couple of streams and loved every min. Fished in Montauk and caught a couple of Rainbows not bad fishing. Next day we went to Mill Creek and Little Piney. All I can say is AWSOME!! Beautiful area. Probably my favorite would be Little Piney. It was not busy at all and not to bad fishing. All though we didnt catch any big ones still had a Blast. More Photos soon.
  6. Yeah I will have to give them a call. Defenantly OTF we will be locking everything down. I thought I saw some where on one of the sites that it was a $20 fee for shuttle service but I dont remember which one it was. I think it was Akers C.R. I will give them a call to find out.
  7. Yes in the prime. We have a couple of spots that we like but looking for new spots.
  8. That is the problem we are only taking one truck. I guess we could walk up then canoe down.
  9. oh yeah and bought the wife a new set of waders She is wearing them around the house and is not takeing them off
  10. Getting everything ready for Wednesday ! Looking at all the tips and helpful hints. Have a question though. If I take the canoe out on Tan Vat is there a service or canoe rental place that could take us back to the truck?
  11. Yes ozark trout fish. I am going to Montana some time in August. I am always looking for good helpful hints. I getting really excitted I have the fever so bad I loaded my canoe on my truck and drove around town .
  12. Thanks Ozark trout fisher and KCRiver. both great insight....You guys are the best!! Looking forward to getting some good stories for everyone. Any insight and help is always taken in great appreciation.
  13. One more thing.. We are both great outdoors people. A great Sceinic Creek or River.... There is nothing like it (we think) in this world..
  14. Its good to see everyones taste's. i am a big fan of current the 4 times i have been there. I have a map of all the areas in Missouri for trout parks and seen alot of youtube clips of trips. I hope to have a good photo shoot with a nice brown or rambio on this trip. Getting everything packed up and ready to GO! I need to tye more flyies !!! Looking forward to going to different spots for next weekend.(NEED A GOOD PHOTO) Dont get me wrong I love a good trout for dinner, But i have a great respect for trout management. I am not one of those bucket brigdas. Just want to a couple of trout over a camp side grill. I know alot of people can reliate. Anyway. I Love all the help that everyone has given me.
  15. That is the only fly I have not tyed yet. I will have to make some for next week. I am looking at going April 23-26 just camping out and enjoying (hopefully) a nice weekend. I tyed some crawfish the last couple of days any luck with this pattern out there? I am going to bring a lot of different flies to see what works out the best. I am defenatlly trying everything that was suggested first. Looks like I am going to try out Little piney also.
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