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  1. Stein, do you have room for (3)? We have gear to hit floor.
  2. Is there any camping near? My crew are cheap and well equipped.
  3. Good chance there will be (3) Tulsa boys in my crew. We usually camp, regardless of weather. We have boat and just looking to meet you guys and talk shop. We had an awesome weekend this last. Rainbows were cooperative on most colors (had to change often to keep bite going) Carroll side between Copper Johns and Cane Island. Mostly on flats in +/- 2ft. Of water. Had a few browns under 3lbs. Up in State park. White jigs early. Be on river at daybreak if you want a Brown
  4. Yes. I am sorry that was unclear. That lake has crawfish everywhere there is rocks. Super fun though
  5. I have dived on Beaver a few times. LOL. Anyhow in a month or so the crawfish will be anywhere there is rocks. 5" to 50' We like catching them at bottom then swimming up ten feet of so above my buddies and watching Smallies come out of nowhere to nail the craws. The lateral lines and eye sight are amazing. Visibility at 15-20ft, and the bass show up so fast when there was nothing around.
  6. Camped at State Park and beautiful conditions...for camping. Saturday 7am in SP, First off, my buddy nails a 4lb. Brown on trout x-rap before we even got off the ramp. Fishing was a little slow for what I am used to on the white. Same buddy gets another slightly smaller Brown on same x-rap and i was picking away at rainbows on every color jig I had. Never got a consistent bite going in morning . By lunch we had a really light box of fish, and took a break from 11:00-3:30 since the sun was so bright. Afternoon was slightly better and we did good with jigs on the stretch just above Cane island
  7. Ham, let us know how you do if you get out. We are heading for State Park to HUK stickbaits and jigs on sat.&sun. Been dreaming of big water all year
  8. brown and burnt orange when white slows down
  9. Okay, now it is legal to wrestle and stomp
  10. Swinging emerger patterns has worked well for me down there.
  11. Thanks for the help guys. My good buddy ended up buying a New Topwater, so problem has been solved. Just need to wait for the water now.
  12. Lots of blood on the concrete for jig fishing.
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