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  1. RogueAgent

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    Had one over 5 in practice on Friday, caught lots of 2-2.5lbers Saturday and Sunday. #ShouldaBeenHereYesterday Lost a fat 4+ on a dock cable Saturday afternoon. She was in the bottom of the net and jumped/shook the Bull Shad and waved goodbye all in a split second 🤮 Weighed a 3.7 during the last time slot Sunday and put it on the trailer between monsoon rains and lightning. Props to Oliver Ngy, love his channel. Every boater we met was pleasant despite the weather and stingy bite near the dam and it was good to see so many kids fishing with their parents.
  2. RogueAgent

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    I'm in, staying at Point Randall fishing with my uncle. I think it's been since before Memorial day that I've fished at LOZ. Ready to get back. Be safe and good luck to all you OAF's fishing this weekend.
  3. RogueAgent

    Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    I think we need supplemental stocking of those great lakes Gobies. Not sure if their introduction in the 90s has hurt the ecosystem but it doesn't seem to have hurt the gamefish.
  4. RogueAgent

    Official Ozark Anglers Fantasy Fishing League 2018

    Sadly, except for my team. BASSTrakk be like...
  5. RogueAgent

    A word about Kayaks

    I've been in a pedal fishing yak since May (Native Propel 10') It's ~34" wide and plenty stable to stand and fish from. I've switched from tournament co-angling the BFL, Costa, Bassmaster Opens to tournament kayak bass fishing and have loved it. I'm getting to fish some new (to me) water and live and die by my own choices. The sport is exploding in popularity and after being a part of it for a few months, I see why. Not only is it an active, positive, welcoming community, you have the chance to win some serious JACK! The Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) national championship qualifiers compete for $100,000. The River Bassin' Trail series will hold their national championship near Waynesville this year with a prize purse of $75k! Jeff Mellencamp, (Osage Beach firefighter) is the face behind Lake of the Ozarks Kayak Bass Fishing and was a huge help to me when I started to think about getting into the sport. He's also plum crazy for fishing the big bass bash out of his kayak 🤪 Here are some local clubs if you have the urge to get into the sport competitively... Mo-Yak KAMO O.R.A.T.T. MKFS Several local kayak anglers have YouTube channels as well; Weekend Warrior Fisherman Brian Hillman - Ozarks Yak Angler MoFishYaker Ozark Smallmouth Alliance Tight lines! PM me if you have any questions about kayak derby fishing. I'm a noob at this but I'll try my best to help. RogueAgent
  6. RogueAgent

    Big Bass Bash

    I cooked Rock N Ribs in Springfield Saturday and stayed at Point Randall that night. Got up at 4:30 Sunday morning just as the rain began... it didn't stop. all. day. long. I weighed a 3.04 and a 4.08. The 3 came on a black n blue chatterbait with a blue flake zako trailer burning it in front of dock slip openings in McCoy Branch Cove. The 4 came on a French Pearl Megabass in Lick Branch Cove. I don't have any fish pics but here is a pic of our 3rd place ribs.
  7. RogueAgent

    Webb Elite Results

    There were three more over 20lbs on Saturday in the AiA tourney - 3/24 Rank Name Weight 1 Marcus Sykora - Bill Davenport 26.75 2 Steve Wilson - Brad Sayre 22.65 3 Ben Verhoef - Rob Bueltmann 20.53
  8. RogueAgent

    First time fishing LOTO

    Look through the history of this forum for that time frame. Also, go to bassresource.com and enter the word "ozarks" in the search box, then look at all the tournament reports for late April-May. Some of these reports will help you get general ideas on what the fish were doing at that time of year. There will be several large tournaments each weekend leading up to yours, watch for those reports as well. (Big Bass Bash, FLW Central BFL, etc.) . Fish your springtime confidence baits and have fun! Good luck!
  9. RogueAgent

    Power pro braid Yellow slick cheaper

    Crud, it's back up to $29 today.
  10. RogueAgent

    LOZ Water Temps ANYWHERE???

    We threw the tackle box at them and found a decent bite on squarebills, wiggle warts and Spro Rock Crawlers. Nothing over 3lbs, sadly. Shad colors, anything with orange belly, dark red seemed to work. We caught some 3-4" gizzard shad that were stacked up on the warmest banks in Indian. You could feel them hitting your line as you pulled through the school and there would be one snagged on a treble when you lifted the crankbait out of the water. The bass bite was light. Felt like a wet sock or clump of leaves and then it would load up. Good luck! Post pics for us poor fools who have to "work". Cabin Fever! #StruggleIsReal
  11. RogueAgent

    LOZ Water Temps ANYWHERE???

    @Riverbound, I was in the Gravois all day Sunday. It was 39 in the main channel near Jolly Rogers at 9am and 46.5 up Indian Creek in the mud around 3pm. Visibility was fine until around the 6mm. That said, we didn't get any bites (bass) unless we were in the dirty water.
  12. RogueAgent

    LOZ report

    We fooled a few yesterday (Sunday) up Indian Creek just past the mudline on sunny banks after noon. Shad colored squarebills and dark red Spro Rock Crawler was the deal for us. Nothing over 3lbs. Had to be ticking rocks with as slow a retrieve as possible. Saw lots of bird and topwater activity in the mouths of the creeks. I probably should have tried a spoon where we saw them busting.
  13. RogueAgent

    Anybody make any money today?

    Fished near the dam both days. I had a 4.24 on Saturday but it took a 4.26 in the 1-3 slot to get a check. Caught it near McCoy Branch Cove on a GP Yum Dinger rigged on a shakey head right on the bank after the sun came out. Outside of that fish, we caught six small keepers each day on the shakey head, one on the plopper and three on a DD14 chartreuse blue back. Headed to fish out of the back of the boat during the Costa this Thursday & Friday. Looks like back to back post-frontal blue bird days. Everyone we fished around were pleasant including the residents.
  14. RogueAgent

    BBB role call.

    I've got to cook at Rock N Ribs in Springfield Friday and Saturday but I'll be there Sunday. Good luck!
  15. RogueAgent

    Bassmaster Open report

    Awesome report, @Mike jones. I feel your pain. I fished it as well. Came in 45th. 5oz from a check and 3lbs from fishing Saturday. Are you going to fish the whole series? Sabine and Grand?

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