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  1. Walcrabass


    Dutch, Awesome !!!!!!!!! That is 5 that won't turn into 50,000 in 5 years. Good Job !!!!! Walcrabass
  2. Dutch, Must be City Folk........................ want to get it at the counter in the store, take it home, eat it............... no problem-o. Walcrabass
  3. Dutch, Please ice them down, give them to someone else ( neighbor??) and they can clean them at dark. Gotta get them out of the lake............. Walcrabass
  4. Dutch, Very nice job on the Bass for this time of year. Hope the Greenies went back in the lake and the Spots went home with you. Walcrabass
  5. Mhyde, Glad you put some of those Kentuckies in the livewell for your weigh in.......... I know the tournaments are catch and release and I think that is great................... but................ in the case of the Kentuckies I believe they should be allowed to go home with the Angler or be given to others. This would greatly help the awesome Biologist that instituted the 12" rule in his effort to control the Kentuckies in the lake. I am asking all of you tournament guys to ask for this to be instituted in your tournament rules. I hope this can be legally accomplished ................................... Walcrabass P.S. I also hope that the Biologist for Stockton and the Biologist for Table Rock are good buddies. Maybe the Stockton guy can influence him with the same 12" rule for Kentuckies on Table Rock. Actually I would take a 10 or 11" rule as they spawn at such a small size !!!!
  6. J Creek, Yuuuuuuppppp !!!!!!!!!! You are right, it is better now by a long shot. I have often said that if it weren't for foot control trolling motors I seriously do not know if I would Bass fish or not. Some of my Great Grandpa's, Great Aunts, etc were born back in the 1800's, the stories they told were not something to give you desire for those times. Walcrabass
  7. Mocarp, You are correct.....and so will Largies, Flatheadies, Crappies, White Bassies, and any other fish that swims in the lake and needs food. I honestly cannot believe that the MDC has ignored the fact that the Kentuckies need to have their own regulations in ALL lakes and rivers within our state. Now that it looks like we have the ball rolling.............. I hope they dig deeply into stocking some of the various Largemouth species/Largemouth crosses in our lakes. We have the food, we have the habitat, we just need the genetics to go with it. Please believe me when I say that our waters are not too cold for these other Bass. They are not going to try to swim South to save themselves. Walcrabass
  8. Fishing people, My thanks to everyone that is pulling these Kentuckies out of the lake LEGALLY !!! You have no idea how much you are helping the fishing in Stockton by doing so.......... Walcrabass
  9. Luvn2fish, You are cool, Awesome, and a friend for life.......................... Walcrabass
  10. Jordan Green, If I am thinking of the same bluff.................... good place to catch Smallies............... I used to fish there several years ago. 1/2 Oz Jigs, Green Pumpkin Black/Brown or Brown Jigs with Orange belly, Matching Craws and Craw oil. One of my favorite places for Smallmouth on Stockton. Great big Rocks when the water is down , right? Walcrabass
  11. Dutch, You should be buying Lottery tickets ??!! ?? I honestly cannot tell you as I do not fish Stockton very much anymore. Maybe some of the others on the Forum can help out. In the past I caught several in the Son's Creek arm, especially the bridge area under the highway to Mutton Creek ( around the piers), along the bluff across from Hawker, and in the mouth of Hawker itself around the peninsula that is by the boat ramp. I have however caught them in all parts of the lake. Good luck to you and thanks for wanting to help out. Walcrabass
  12. Brother Fishermen and Women, Thank you for your input. Myself and straw Hat have been giving information in a polite, Scientific, and truthful way on this subject for many years now. I am glad to see that the general "fishing population" is seeing that I was not a lunatic. Missouri has the potential to be a great Bass fishing state again. But with the amount of people fishing today, the fish finders we have, and these little bass in the lake we are fighting a losing battle without removing them. I am also of the opinion that we will need to stock some of the Largemouth species as other states nearby have done. They have had huge results. Just remember, it is all about MONEY and PUBLIC OPINION. If those two items are entered into this problem it can be conquered in nothing flat. For now, do your part by removing them in a legal manner in the lakes that have the special regulations for Kentucky Bass. For the Future, let your voice be heard on Forums like this one and when a Creel Checker or Game Warden comes your way. It is the future of Bass Fishing here in our states and others. The One and Only, Walcrabass
  13. Fisherpeople, Fishing season is upon us and getting better every day. Very heartwarming after enduring another winter. I was looking through the internet last night and found something else that is very heartwarming. An article by Outdoor News on Mar. 17, 2019, concerning the new regulations for Spotted ( Kentucky) Bass in Stockton Lake. It said, Increasing angling opportunity and potentially improving conditions for other sport fish are the Missouri Department of Conservation's goals for Stockton Lake's newest Spotted Bass regulation. This regulation if utilized by the fisherpeople on this lake will definitely make a difference in the future Bass fishing for Stockton. It is " an answer to prayer" to keep Stockton from becoming Table Rock Part 2. If you do not want these Bass for yourself please remove all of them that are legal in length and quantity to give to someone else and do your part to help MDC do theirs. I found very interesting the remark by Ben Parnell, biologist for Stockton Lake, ( you gotta love the truthfulness in his statement), when he said the 15" limit was essentially acting as a CATCH AND RELEASE regulation rather than a minimum length regulation. If you study about these fish in Missouri you will find that nearly "none" of them percentage wise ever reach 15" and probably zero percent of the males. I believe this to be poor farming. Why waste feed on livestock that will never reach a size to take to market? Especially when that feed can be used by other fish who have historically proven to definitely reach market size? Also interesting was that Norfork, Bullshoals, Lake of the Ozarks, and Truman already have special regulations in existence for the Spotted Bass. But then we have good Ole Table Rock. Nationally famous Bass fishing lake. Clear waters. Chock full of Kentucky Bass that will as statistics have proven never reach a harvestable size. I have to ask myself "WHY"? They are literally rampant in the lake. Something definitely needs to be looked into/done about this or in 5 more years it will just be another hole of water with a bunch of little tiny Bass in it. I am going to stop typing now. I just can't do it with my head bowed and my hands folded. That is what I am going to do right now. Concerned for our fishing future, Walcrabass
  14. Fatbass, Just reading through some old posts. Hope those 14" Kentuckies all came out of the lake and into the frying pan......... 12" rule on Stockton now you know.......................... Walcrabass
  15. Lifes2short, Undoubtedly you are my kind of person................. Walcrabass
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