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  1. Waterpossum, I am kind of surprised he did not have someones fish basket in his mouth .................. Walcrabass
  2. Lifes2short, Please send picture of your "fish catching" jig................. Walcrabass
  3. Ryan, All my information has come from the biologists that I have questioned on the matter. The 4% of them reaching 15 inches in the lake was a figure given to me by one of them. This information has been acquired over a period of about the last 4 years. I agree with you entirely that our lakes are managed well. Especially the ones with the 12" rule for Kentuckies. Walcrabass
  4. Archdale, You may be thinking of a post I made a couple (?) of years ago. A biologist told me that IF a Kentucky makes it to 15" in Table Rock that it is within the last 6 months of it's life. Yes, they live to be around 6 years old. I like the comment made by the Biologist concerning the Kentuckies in Stockton Lake, something like, the 15" length limit on Kentuckies is actually a catch and release regulation. The same is true for Table Rock. Only a teeny tiny percentage of them ever reach 15". One of the biologist I emailed has told me that they spoke to the tournament guys and they were happy with the 15" rule. One has to remember here that money is involved in their decision. The Kentuckies bite readily and if you know a spot where the ancient ones hang out it can be a way to put that 5th fish in the livewell. Keep in mind that the "Money thing" comes into play with the guides also. Once again, the Kentuckies bite readily and make the guides prosper. They too want as many of them as possible in the lake, even if they never reach a harvestable length............... Walcrabass
  5. 3DHusker, Yep I believe that wholistically !!!! From what a biologist told me I know that it is all 4% of the total lake population............ Walcrabass
  6. Olfishhead, From what I have seen and what my buddies tell me the Growth rate is: TERRIBLE !!!! AND the density is: one Kentucky per 1 cubic inch of water. Nearly all of them under 15"..... ( occasionally there is a freak of nature that makes it....) ( Sorry, as I know this is the Stockton Forum. Phil, please feel free to post my comments on the Table Rock Forum.. ) Walcrabass
  7. Phil and others, Thank you for pointing out my oversight............. kind of................... just letting my opinion be known about my JOY concerning the ruling for Stockton and supporting this regulation by showing it now falls in line with so many other lakes. I would be happy for this to go to the Table Rock Forum even though I don't read that one. AND, as long as it will be going there................... with the "invention" of tournaments that "weigh in" small bass ( like the Kentuckies at Table Rock) there is a new name I have heard applied to Table Rock. "Guppy Lake". When I was a young man I never would have dreamed anything like this .................... Walcrabass
  8. Ok Guys, We made some progress last year on the Kentuckies with the new 12" length for Stockton. Let's Review some facts..................for lakes with the 12 " Kentucky length............... Bull Shoals----------12" Lake of the Ozarks---------12" Montrose Lake---------- 18" Oops !!!!! Oh Yeah, they have Florida strain. yeah for them !!!!!!!!!! Norfork Lake------------------- 12" Pomme De Terre----------------- 13" Stockton-------12" Truman---------- 12" Table Rock.............. I am ashamed to print this........................ 15" Do you get my point??? Walcrabass
  9. Walleyed Mike, I will be sure to hit my knees when I am at that ramp !!!! Walcrabass
  10. To All, Interesting reading on the OPEC oil embargo................ One theory I have always had is this............... Along with all the other stuff like oil prices etc. that are mentioned in the article, it also mentions the reduction in speed on our highways from 70 to 55 MPH. In my opinion for an economy that is supplied and moves largely by trucks this reduction in speed made a directly correlated/ directly proportional slow down in our economy........... Thus we got double, triple, quadruple ( depends on how you look at the big picture ) whammy-ed during this time !!! No wonder my teen years were so tough !!!! Walcrabass
  11. To All, I definitely remember the Gas Wars !!! I also remember asking my Dad what the little 4 meant on the gas pump. He replied that is was 4 tenths of a penny and explained it to me. Gas that day was 12.4 cents per gallon. In the wars as I remember they would cut 1/10 th of a cent at a time to fight the competition. Just for something to do................. Look up the price of gas in Venezuela right now.......... Don't cry too much................... Walcrabass
  12. Walcrabass


    Olfishhead, Your reply definitely helps !! Looks like we could expect 5 to 6 years of age for a Crappie if it did not get caught and end up in the oil !! I am kind of the old farmer type of guy. If the hog will live long enough and you keep feeding it the hog will get bigger. I think bumping the length limit on the Crappie to 11 inches might be a good idea. We could deal with a bad year or two if we had to do that. As for the Bass........ I am so grateful for the 12" length on the Kentuckies and I tout the Biologist that instituted it the highest !!!! Smart person !!! I do believe there is room for a slot on the Largemouth though. Something like cannot keep anything ( for tournaments either) from 17" to 19". My opinion is these are prime spawning size/age Bass. And of course nothing under 15" either. Thanks for the information. Hugely appreciated. Walcrabass
  13. Walcrabass


    Olfishhead, You are obviously a person with a great deal of knowledge on this topic. I greatly appreciate you contributing to the post. What is the expected life span of a Crappie in Stockton Lake? 6 Years?? Maybe they could withstand a couple of bad years to reach the 11" or 12" Length limit?? I remember when the Crappie length was 8" on Stockton and the Bass were 11" ????? Somewhere along the way we bumped it up a little?? Walcrabass
  14. Walcrabass


    Rootman, I am so glad you sent the picture of the 13" and the 11" Crappie. This shows exactly why I have been asking for a 12" length limit on Stockton for the Crappie. Just LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE in SIZE ? !!? !!!!! 1. Stockton has a good supply of Crappie. Black and White both.................... 2. Stockton has a great supply of Shad.................... 3. Stockton is obviously deep enough to hold these type of fish, even through the worst winters and hottest summers. Fish Biologist please answer me.................. Why don't we have a 12" length limit on the Crappie in Stockton Lake??? You helped us out greatly with the lowered length limit for the Kentucky Bass please help us out with this one too !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Walcrabass
  15. Lifes2short, I see on your posts that you like Fly fishing in Colorado. Have you ever been to Westcliff or Silvercliff? I have fished there a couple of times and it was really good. PM me and I can give you some details. Walcrabass
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