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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Cant wait for the water to get a little warmer!
  2. Excellent! I haven't fished there yet this year but need to soon. Great pics too!
  3. For sale here is a rod I built back in 2012 on a 6'9" 3wt 3 piece smooth medium action James Green original blank. It's like new with no signs of use. Casts a WF & DT3 406 line really well and is a very sweet small water rod. SOLD Please contact me via email or pm to inquire. Thanks for looking!
  4. NICE! Looks like the creek has moved around a little since the floods recently.
  5. For sale is my last available rod of the year. 6’4″ 4wt 4 piece semi parabolic glass rod. My own taper and a super sweet and accurate small water rod. Clear wraps over darkened Snake Brand and Mildrum guides with deep brown wraps at tip, ferrules and grip. Brass capped aluminum tube is included but not shown. $565 shipped anywhere
  6. Hey guys, thanks!! Ha! Yes, I think she has some otter in her somewhere. Or maybe she's digested it by now. mic, I was casting the soft hackles upstream and letting them drift as well as swinging & drifting them through riffles and tail outs.
  7. Friday I fished. It had been too long. I had a glazed look in my eyes and my wife said that I need to go fishing. So I took care of a few things and I did. I absolutely love that I'm able to build rods full time (dream come true!) but lately it's been a little slow so I've picked up some odd jobs to help fill the gaps - working 70+ hour weeks on several different projects while trying to run a business has a way of wearing a man down. I was reminded why I love to fish. It's the whole process. Like rod building. You can make it as simple or complex as you want. Every step of the way h
  8. I fished what I think is where you fished Friday for a couple hours and agree wholeheartedly. One of my favorite stretches of water around.
  9. Burton, what the others have said I agree with completely. It's a very special little creek and I know that you appreciate that. It's worth the time and effort to explore but it'll humble you. Small subsurface is the way to go. And be careful if it's any kind of hunting season. I've been shot at a few times. (by the way, it's good to see you over here!) Chris
  10. I agree with the guys above. You did the right thing and gunshots are a game changer. I've been run off LP at Vida a few times but not at gun point and I should have called the authorities but didn't. I've been run off BSC by an angry hunter via gun shots and didn't call the authorities then either but should have. I was just eager to get out of the way at the moment.
  11. Lightly used custom 7'10" 5wt added as well as a few others!
  12. OTF, that's exactly right! Best training grounds around for sure. Though last week when I went I was schooled in a big way, still a beautiful day for a walk in the woods.
  13. I have mentioned this rod before but I am pleased to officially introduce a new rod for C. Barclay Fly Rod Co. This rod is a semi-parabolic 6’4” 4 piece 4wt inspired by the venerable Paul Young Midge taper as well as the Mario Wojnicki 77p4. These are short but surprisingly capable rods and I wanted to add something similar to my lineup. I took my Limited Edition 75p taper and modified it to create my 64p. I chose to make this more of a semi-parabolic taper that is very user-friendly with ample feel and finesse at very short distance but also is capable of reaching out and a controlled men
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