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  1. I would say park at baptist and walk down. It is a pretty easy walk and lots of good water. the walk back up steam is not so easy.
  2. I would go to mt. home area so you can fish white and Norfolk. lots of wadeable water to fish.
  3. That was awesome. always entertaining videos, looking forward to watching the other four.
  4. agree with born to fish, people are taking alot of >18" fish out of the river. fished river right after they stocked it this year, there was a TON of fish from BC - past ashley creek. Still a fair amount of fish but all those fish don"t just disapear.
  5. Thanks, I will try the full turn at the back and at the head and see if that helps.
  6. I have been fishing cracklebacks alot lately and have found that swinging them in faster water or on the pick up they twist my leader up usually at the point where I tie on my tippet. Is there anything I can do when I tie them to keep them from spinning. If it helps for the discussion i tie the hackle on with the bottom facing forward ( I think that is how it is supposed to be).
  7. albright breathable $139. I have had my pair for a few years and have done alot of walking/bushwacking in them. For the price I have got alot out of them.
  8. I would like to know what you found. I think baptist to parker would be interesting to see, lots of good deep water in that stretch.
  9. I just got back from a week long trip to the mt. home area and floated the norfork three times. I caught 2 brookies just below the start of the catch and area, if you want a little more of a challenge. It is fun to catch one, they are pretty fish.
  10. Looking for a little help from people that have fished alaska. I am planning a trip for next year and looking do do it for a reasonable price, don't need all the fancy stuff just going for the fishing. I have read this board and looked at Naknek and epic angeling adventure. I really like the outpost at Epic, love the idea of getting away from everything and wade fishing smaller streams. We would like to go earlier in the year and throw streamers and dries for rainbows and grayling. I have looked on the internet at some places just figured I would check on this board to get feedback about place
  11. How well would a pontoon boat work on the nfotw? I have floated the local tailwaters and really enjoy using it. not that great to fish and float at the same time but could stop and get out and wade. love the look of the river and would really like to fish it.
  12. Went down last weekend and walked down past Ashley creek on friday, the walk down is gravy and with the low water the walk back is pretty easy also. there is a trail that leads from the S curve to the horseshoe but in the summer is overgrown plus the floods knocked trees down across it making it a pain to use. I did walk from baptist to parker on saturday I don't recommend that it is a long SOB. started at 7am ended at 7pm plus my friend left the keys to is truck in my truck at baptist, it made for a long wornout day, but everything worked out. We did catch alot of fish most on hopper/cicada p
  13. I went back down saturday, got there at about 6:30 till 3:00, fished down to the backside of the horseshoe. I can,t belive you crossed there, I tryed and almost got swept down river. Got about 1/3 of the way across, water was waist high and gravel was giving way, water started to push me down steam into the deep hole. I thought I was in no mans land but managed to turn around and get back. It seemed like it would be even harder to get back across. I really wanted to fish that stretch to. only saw one person all day besides canoeist and that was early on, I was fishing (old tire hole) and somon
  14. I did see four different people floating the river when I was down. They ranged from middle aged guys to two older couples w/dogs and a young couple, it seemed crazy to me with all the new debris down but I am not much of a canoeist.
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