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  1. mrgungho

    114 today

    Care to say what the water clarity was in Sons?
  2. Yeah that had to be the one. Thanks!
  3. Anybody know the results of the larger tournament yesterday? I'm not sure which one it was.. I just heard someone saying 150-200 boats when I was at the gas station yesterday morning. Be interesting to see how we stacked up against the weights. Our best 5 weighed right at 13. We fished Shell Knob area all day. (Spinnerbait, Jigs, Shakey, Cranks)
  4. Never launched here and wondering if the lake at current level will be ok for my bass boat. I have heard it's shallow but not sure about the ramp angle etc for putting in and taking out. Any advice would be appreciated!
  5. I've been working on them last night and some today.. I'll try to post some pics when completed. Gonna try to get out on the water tomorrow and fish some possibly tough post frontal conditions!
  6. Hey guys I just got in a few suspending wiggle Wart blanks. I can't decide if I want to paint them in craw or shad or a couple of each. Any suggestions on 2 or 3 color paint schemes I could do??
  7. Definitely..gave the larger black and blue a try night fishing last year and caught a lot of fish..now I own both sizes in 4-5 different colors. The small one is perfect for lighter jigs and like all zman products they last forever.
  8. Extremely effective. They can be fished year round with some slight variations in the way you fish it and the types of areas you fish. Very versatile. I'm partial to the 3.3" and they also make another little swimbait called the Easy Shiner that is excellent as well. Colors: pro blue magic, electric shad, rainbow shad, silver flash minnow.
  9. Thanks y'all.. I appreciate the confirmation!!
  10. Good evening... I have never put in at Baxter so I'm wondering how the ramp is. 2wd truck.. coming from Springfield. I plan on fising Baxter area.... Is it better to put in at Mill and run the lake or is the baxter launch good? Thanks for any advice guys Wart
  11. Always thought the sunfish and perch family were one in the same for some reason. I also just learned a walleye is classified as a perch
  12. Learned something new
  13. Bluegill, longear sunfish, green sunfish
  14. I may have missed this somewhere in one of the reports but are the Perch spawning yet? Thanks for any info! Wart
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