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  1. right place, right time, right conditions and right baits. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. Couldn't repeat the same thing on sunday morning, had a thunderstorm blow through and the fish weren't on any of the points i fished saturday.
  2. Fished from 6-9 am. Had lots of top water activity this morning. Fishing a spook and 3.8 keitech on a 1/4 oz head. Had close to 30 fish with only 5 or 6 keepers. Had the trifecta this morning but mostly spots. Lost a real nice smallie at the boat that almost made me cry, biggest smallmouth I have ever seen. Fished mainly deep points with timber. Boat was in 30-50 feet of water the whole time and the graph was completely lit up the whole time. They were just flat out feeding this morning and it was an absolute blast. Got lucky and picked the right spot and the right baits.
  3. We've caught several walleye at stockton with that humpback shape, a few would have been keepers if you could have straightened them out. never kept one to eat so don't know if they are worth eating or not.
  4. No size, all were between 15-16 inches. I have had Musky try to take fish away from me at Pomme but never had a bass do it. Would love to have seen that! We have fished Stockton all my life and I have never seen the lake as busy as it was Saturday. Everything from 30+ foot Cigarette boats blasting by at high speed to the slow lumbering big houseboats. We agreed we would try avoid the weekends and fish during the week now that dad is retired.
  5. Put in a Roark about 7 am and started trolling the flats, nothing, not even a bite. Headed up around old state park and trolled the main lake points and some shollower bluffs. Caught 3 walleye, 2 drum and white bass. All in about 20-22 fow on shad colored cranks. The walleye bite was weird, never had one just hit the crank, all three that we caught came when we would hang the crankbait up on something and then as soon as we would get it unhung the fish would hit it. Usually can't keep the 12-14 inch spots off the trolled cranks but we didn't catch a single bass all day. Left around 2 when the pleasure craft completely took over the lake. It looked like Table Rock on a holiday weekend so we headed for the truck.
  6. Go to the Missouri State Highway patrol website, click on the water patrol link and then click on the regatta permits. You can enter the lake, month and year and see all the permits issued for a specific day. For this Friday it looks like tourney going out of Indian Point, Chateau on the Lake, Campbell Point, Cape Fair and Mill Creek. Here's the link to regatta permit webpage https://www.mshp.dps.missouri.gov/WP04Web/app/searchRegattaWeb?action=Search+Again
  7. I use that same minnow bucket. It works really well. we also buy the 1 oz bottle of G Juice and put about 8-10 drops of in with minnows. we have been able to keep minnows alive for 3-4 days with the G juice and changing the water out a couple times times per day.
  8. Just make sure the person you are selling to is able to own a gun, don't sell to minor or convicted felon. Its a good idea to print off a bill of sale and have them sign it so you can prove the sale was made and you no longer own the gun.
  9. Never had 4 big ones on the same day, usually a limit of 15-18 inchers. This is my biggest, just fooling around on the dock by working an inline spinner like a spoon while waiting to take the kids swimming .
  10. Good Luck. Won't be the same around here without your posts. Thanks for all the advice on catching walleye.
  11. I was thinking the same thing Wrench. I thought you could only shoot rough fish, carp, gar, etc. I didn't think game fish were legal to shoot. Are bluegill not game fish? You can use perch and bluegill for bait so maybe they aren't game fish.
  12. Was wanting to look for crappie tomorrow, anyone been up there recently? With all the rain was wondering if it’s even worth the trip? Corps site shows it up 6.5 feet. Water was really clear last weekend but I bet it’s pretty muddy now.
  13. I am still partial to the old green shimano curado cu 200s. I have several and still use them all on a regular basis. Most of their parts have been discontinued and are extremely hard to get. I am looking for any of them in any condition to use for parts. If you have any just sitting around, especially broken ones, please let me know.
  14. Finally! We had been going 2-3 times a week the last 2 weeks and hadn't caught any. Got back out there today as well and we managed 10 keepers. Doing the same thing except we were using minnows. Had several 12"-16" bass eat the minnows too, its fun catching bass on ultralights.
  15. Hunter75

    4-10 morning

    We fished from Ruark Bluff to Greaser Friday and never found a water temp above 53. It was windy and cold and we never found any crappie. Going back Monday to see if we can do any better.
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