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  1. lundone

    Annual Fall Camping/Fishing trip to Stockton 11/1-11/3

    Thanks for posting all the pics. Looks like a good time was had.
  2. lundone

    Stockton Bluegills?

    Thanks for the report. Bluegill is my favorite eating fish and I enjoy catching them but as Lmt Out says they come as a bonus when walleye fishing so I don't target them. It is good to know how to do so tho. Hope your father-in-law enjoys them.
  3. lundone

    7-5 fishing report (kinda)

    They look like they had a good time. Tell them we appreciate what they are doing for us.
  4. lundone

    Wind Chart

    I think this site could be very handy since wind seems to always be a factor when fishing Stockton and most other lakes. Click on map and hold to get local wind speed and click to zoom in. http://hint.fm/wind/
  5. lundone


    Three years ago there was a professional walleye tournament on Stockton on this March weekend. The morning temps for those two days was in the teens and windy with skim ice in the coves. The tournament was won by two local men (Stanton and Brown) who were trolling crankbaits. I have caught walleye and crappie every season of the year trolling crankbaits. I also fished with Brown today and we trolled crankbaits with no success so there are those days where things just don't work out. By the end of March trolling crankbaits in 15 to 25' of water should yield fish of some kind assuming water temps and other weather factors are favorable.
  6. lundone

    Creeks to Run

    Bassfisher2017, Waterpossum is right on.
  7. lundone

    Creeks to Run

    I put hundreds of hours in on Stockton every year and I won't run open in the creeks. A friend of mine who makes his living working on outboards near Stockton says he replaces a lot of lower units from hitting stumps. Especially slow on Sons where there is a very narrow channel.
  8. lundone

    Beautiful Day on Water....Even Without the Fish!

    A friend and I went out Sunday. I had been out 2 other days last week with no luck. We started with spoons and raps in 30' and got 3 crappie and then nothing. Tried a lot of places and ended up in the dam area in 80+ feet. Found shad on the bottom and ended up with an 18" walleye and 7 good whites. He and I have found them in that deep of water in years before but it has to have been cold for some time for them to go there.
  9. lundone

    fished saturday hunted sunday

    Also fished 2 afternoons this week and not only had no bites but could find no shad anywhere in the Mutton area and very few fish. In fact, I saw almost no fish eating birds. Since you were breaking ice Lmt out, I assume the ducks were up the creek arms. Maybe that is where the fish are?
  10. lundone

    What is this?

    I live not far from that hill of dirt and we have many mounds just like it and they all have ants crawling all over them.
  11. lundone

    Three Crappie Day

    A friend and I tried them on Sat. One 18" walleye and one short crappie. It was a tough bite! We found lots of ice in the backs of all the coves we tried and some floaters on the open water. Had a few other fishermen out but a lot of duck hunters back in the coves and they were having a lot of action.
  12. lundone

    Friday, 12/29

    Glad you got on the bass today. I and 3 others also took advantage of the beautiful weather and fished from about 10am to 4pm launching from the south Mutton ramp and we were the only boat on that ramp. We used minnows and jigs. Hit some brush piles in about 30 to 40'. Ended up with 4 keeper walleyes ( 17" to 19") and 12 keeper crappie all over 11". Had a great time but sometimes it was a good while between bites. Water was about 40 deg.
  13. lundone

    Are there Blue catfish in Stockton?

    I have caught a few over the years in Stockton. The last one was about 8 lbs this last summer. I met one fellow who liked to fish for them in late winter in deep water. I think if a person went after them using shad they would have some success.
  14. lundone

    Tough Crappie Wednesday

    PD taught me most of what I know about winter jig and spoon fishing. Do miss those days! I will never be the winter fisherman he is but I sure have fun trying.
  15. lundone

    Tough Couple Weeks

    Went out once last week and had one keeper walleye, a large white, and 5 large bluegill and there were 2 of us. It was a struggle! Did use a spoon for awhile at the end of the day with a lot of hits and caught some of the bluegill on it.

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