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  1. I have caught 6 over 20 one of those were from Table Rock lake. I use hand made Jigs with gami’s or black nickel Matzou’s for hooks I dress the streamer with a mixture of grey craft fur and SLF I swing this fly on a sage 9.6 5 wt z axis that I built with single foot Titanium guide. The trick is to fish like your nymphing you must use a system that composes a castable system of strike indicators After the initial drift throw some slack in the line which turns it from a horizontal presentation to a vertical one The jig allows a more accurate presentation as it slowly meanders along the current seams and holes I have a jet so it’s a simple matter to go up and run back up for a do over. Well I’ve just condensed 35 yrs of fly fishing for smallie’s BTW I also use spinning gear with 2 Legend Elites I built I’m never too proud to pick up a Ned rig when necessary Using jigs and strike indicators will add a new level to your game
  2. Do you ever use the big ones I have good times with them on stripers fewer bad ones with the larger sizes
  3. In my area (Nixa) Home’s with 3 car garages are bringing a 35 k premium . When we bought 13 yr ago it was at the top of my list. I’m able to squeeze in a boat, truck,Mom’s suv, workbench ,2 bikes , a Ztr mower and a wall dedicated to rods and tackle. It also has hot/cold water and a central vac port in the garage. We don’t have a mansion it’s just 2200 sq ft but I stood by my guns and have never regretted it
  4. 20 yrs ago I landed this 52 lb monster on a 1 oz dbl willow spinner in the early spring. Until I see different I have to assume it’s the record for lure caught on table rock. They are the apex predator
  5. rogerdodger


    I doubt if the eagle rock area has advanced to the higher septic standards of stone and Branson areas....heavy rain causing excess runoff of “nutrients “ which dumped into already hot lake created a dead zone.... in that area I can smell banks that smell of sh?? When was the last time septic systems were ever tested.... only when they’re put up for sale but no one wants to admit their systems are causing algae blooms and fish kills.
  6. Haven’t been since spring then the wretched heat all summer but my son and I got lucky with the weather yesterday and ended up doing the top water deal it was sporadic but we had fun pics of two of our better ones......
  7. I can only imagine what this might catch
  8. Try as I may I can no longer post photos on this forum ,many have complained but there doesn’t seem to be much action around it. Like the previous post pointed out photos are a nice addition to a report to make it believable.
  9. Well I hate to say it but baby it’s Walmart ever - starts for me all the way l get 4.5 yrs if I maintain them properly. I keep em. Charged and topped of w distilled water. I have learned to buy new ones at the start of the fifth yr. when they go they go hard and you’ll know it. With these you are guaranteed to get the freshest factory to store it’s just simple math with the number they sell. I’ve seen batteries at boat dealers that were two yrs old!!
  10. Last year green craw was the ticket but I’ve had to drive into BPS and sort through a dozen bags to find a bag made right mail order won’t cut it they have poor quality control on that color. I started this topic to let folks know not to waste their money on the pre cut turds the best heads are made by Drt5keepers but I didn’t want to bother him with a jig order....anybody else having trouble posting pics?
  11. This used to be an easy site to upload photos I don't know if they loaded or not. Well anyway my assessment of the TRD neds that let you skip the cutting of the Zinker Z IMHO are a flop. Hardly any salt, plastic is very hard and can never replicate that super soft feel you get from the traditional Ned also the shape is odd, with these 2 changes they have fundamentally got it wrong. The Z Tech hooks on the other hand are very well made. They were easier to thread than I thought they would be , the heavy wireguard can easily be split and trimmed to a more finesse thickness and also you can completely bend the wireguard out of the way for threading and it will stay put, after threading just bend it back to its normal position, BUT YOU STILL NEED THE GEL SUPERGLUE........
  12. Every one was stuck with your Jigheads. Credit where credit is due.........Roger
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