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  1. We have 5 inches in the gauge on Aunt's Creek!
  2. Thanks Bill; Heading down Monday for a month! Hope I can find a few.
  3. Congratulations Bill!
  4. Have fun Bill; How do we find the Alaska Forum? Is it on this site?
  5. JerryK


    I took my boat to Aaron Kyle in Kimberling City. His business is Pro Polish Detailing. His number is 417-294-4162. The price depends on the length of your boat. He does a nice job on the hull as well as the interior.
  6. Is there a thermocline established?
  7. If you go to Pete Wenners site, he has a video on how to fish it from Bill Beck.
  8. Thanks Bill; You are the best!
  9. Branson Upholstery did a great job on my seats and matched the vinyl perfectly.
  10. Thanks that's what I was looking for.
  11. Hello All; I have been out on my boat a lot this year and thought I would have it all cleaned up before I have to put it away in storage. I usually do it myself but thought about getting it done. I live near Kimberling City. Does anyone have the name of a good person who I could hire. As always, thanks for the information
  12. I just saw KY3 reporting that Sen. Blount has called for a stop to the Corp. shoreline plan. This isn't over yet I hope.
  13. Conditions are very bad. Lot's of debris. It looks like the water is receding a little. The lake is up 20 feet in about a week.
  14. I went by the King's River on Thursday before the rain and it was very muddy. Must be worse now.
  15. There are guys out fishing this morning. It is hard to believe. I have been here since the 80's and have never seen conditions any worse than they are now. I am sure debris is everywhere on the water.
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