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  1. Poor man is always an adventure and definately a show, especially on opening weekend! IIRC, they only hunted 24 spots last year with almost a foot less water. Been hard work, but, we are working birds. Had commitment problems today, we'll see what tomorrow brings. Looking forward to Thursday!
  2. semble

    What's Cooking?

    Tis the season! Tuscan duck over couscous.
  3. Glad to hear to you got some chances! Been a while since I've hunted one of the duck parks, but, the agents were always helpful in pointing you in the right direction as to where to setup if you didn't know the area. We shot a mixed bag. Lots of little and big ducks around. Woodies seemed to have had a banner year with all the high water!
  4. If hiking in, I can carry more dekes in a good backpack bag. The slotted bags stack great in the boat and save the paint on the dekes. Tangles aren't much of an issue either way, T-rigs slove that problem.
  5. Texas rigs and slotted bags are the way to go for shallow water.
  6. Saw a bunch of birds today while getting stuff setup. Mostly big ducks. Shanks is advertising 60k birds. Should have a good chance at seeing ducks. Good luck!
  7. semble

    What's Cooking?

    Duck season is almost here. Pulled the last of the ducks and geese from the freezer for jerky today. Always makes for a good snack in the blind!
  8. Be happy to save some feathers for you!
  9. Lots of water up there, supposed to still be above flood stage opening weekend! Going to be an interesting season. Except for the occasional bean field, no crops on the east side of 79 along the river.
  10. My favorite time of the year! Cleaned all our dekes a couple weeks ago and working on getting all our ducks in a row. Blind is currently underwater with a rotten floor and no way to fix it until the water comes down. Plans B, C and D are all in the works.
  11. When I purchased my current boat in 2010 the dealer had a motor in stock with a mfg date of 2009. Gave me the option of the '09 with a few bucks knocked off or waiting an additional week for a '10. The motor was titled as a '09 and warrenty started on day of purchase. Had a buddy buy a used trailer a few years back from a trailer mfg. When he arrived to pick it up, they couldn't track down the title. They just generated a new VIN, printed a new sticker and titled the trailer as new.
  12. semble

    What's Cooking?

    Salad for us last night, too. Had some leftover duck breast I smoked Monday.
  13. I'd much rather fish Wappapello than Twain.
  14. X2 I fished it a lot in the late 80s and early 90s and did well on crappie and largemouth. Chased ducks in the 2000s. Guy in the group I used to hunt with still fishes the lake regularly for bass and does well but says it is very "spot specific".
  15. If I catch an eye while fishing for smallies, more often then not, it seems they strike at the boat. Try fishing further down the current structure, channel side. Stay in contact with the bottom. I'd love to have a discussion on river Walleye, not specific to watershed. The past few years, I've been poking around for them a little more. I find it fascinating how different species relate to current.
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