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  1. My wife and I went camping last weekend. Went to an out of the way campground that outside of holiday weekends normally only has a couple groups camping. It was overflowing with people in trailers and side by sides. Talked to a local couple and they said it had been that way since march and if you aren't there Thursday morning you are not getting a spot that weekend. Hate to think about the water quality in the little creek nearby with a 100+ people camping there every weekend and no facilities.
  2. I've noticed and increase of pressure on the areas I fish. I usually only fish during the week and in a normal year can go weeks without seeing another boat. I haven't had the river to myself for months and I'm seeing limb lines in pools I've never seen them in before. Talked to a guy at a ramp a few weeks back that was headed out for catfish, said he normally fishes another river but hadn't been catching much and thought it was fished out due to all the pressure.
  3. @snagged in outlet 3 Looks like you picked up the same battery I replaced my cranking battery with. So far no issues. I throw a charger on mine almost everytime I get home. Its not unusual to read 12.6v after a morning on the water. I typically make a lot of short runs so, I don't believe the motor gets the chance to fully recharge the battery. @fishinwrench Agree with you on the exide. If I could have sourced one locally, I would not have looked elsewhere.
  4. semble

    What's Cooking?

    Thank you, you are too kind. For now, we are doing ok and I think my mother-in-law still has a good supply.
  5. semble

    What's Cooking?

    I've been out of yeast for months and have not seen any in stores since Feb. My mother-in-law was kind enough to share some yeast and her focaccia recipe with me.
  6. Bandits do really well in current, don't as blow out easy. They have a little tighter wobble, too. IIRC 1.5 runs 3-5ft.
  7. Looks like a fun afternoon! Nice to have the river to yourself with a great view from your afternoon office.
  8. I bought my wife one of these. https://go-girl.com/ #2 we just share the shovel. Makes a good tp holder, too.
  9. semble

    I Was Good

    At the time my wife was working for SSM at DePaul and from what I remeber there was a string of them through that area over a few years. Some of the damage was pretty impressive.
  10. Is this a just Schnucks thing or are other grocers in the area doing the same?
  11. semble

    I Was Good

    My wife had a couple co-workers in your area that had houses in their neighborhood leveled from that storm.
  12. Was in a local st. louis supermarket chain on Sunday. Was posted 2 packages of beef per customer. No limits on anything else. Picked up a couple strip steaks just cause they looked good. I was bummed they were sold out of whole chickens.
  13. semble

    I Was Good

    Lambert? I remeber pictures of a shuttle bus hanging off the parking garage from that one. My office was out at Spirit, I watched the one that hit Francis Howell years back from my parking lot. Had an employee take cover in the gas station at kisker and 94, that may have been the one that just missed you.
  14. @Terrierman, agree with Mitch. Seems like a pretty good analogy.
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