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  1. semble


    Big mature drake. Local bird, banded in Aug 2020, hatched 2019 or earlier. Also had a kingfisher snatch a fish from in front of the blind, land on some brush a few feet from my face and brag about it. Was a good morning to drink some coffee.
  2. semble


    Saw a few more birds today and got some new jewlery. Got high hopes for Monday's front.
  3. semble


    My wife would kill for one of those. They look amazing, what was your filling? I think they are the same thing?
  4. semble


    Still slow but the breakfast is still good. Biscuits and chorizo sausage gravy today.
  5. semble

    What's Cooking?

    Wood duck, broccoli and sweat potatoes.
  6. Right there with you at 20 and high 3s, never broken 21 or weighed one in the 4s. That white in the pic is a pig! Maybe you're catching a higher percentage of hybrids because your timing is getting better.@fishinwrenchalmost 22" WOW!
  7. I know a couple guys that have fished it. If you want to check it out, I'd be game. My boat or yours.
  8. @Masterbaiter399 I'm not on bookface, what's the limit on the arnold and/or fenton gauges that you cancel your tuesday night tourney? I heard a couple guys in your group had some prop damage last year.
  9. semble


    Off to the slowest start in years.. we need some weather! At least breakfast has been good.
  10. YUM! We have them behind our blind. Had a couple for a post breakfast snack this morning.
  11. Is that a persimmon in the upper left?
  12. It was a soggy morning but we had more birds working. Woodies and Mallards. Best part was my nephew dropping a drake on a single shot at 25 yds in front on the blind. Back at it in the morning. @luckycraft Agree! been feeling like stale late season birds. Weather got them stirred up a little today. High hopes for tomorrow, the wind is in our favor. @Gavingood luck on tomorrow's hunt!
  13. semble

    What's Cooking?

    Bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning.
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