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  1. Don't forget about Allenton. Allenton to Rte. 66 is a nice morning or evening float. Bridge over the railroad is one way at 6 flags, have to come down Main from Eureka to access. Was just at the Palisades ramp. Water looks good!
  2. Didn't mean to knock it, or imply it was unsafe. I agree with Seth that it would be awesome setup.
  3. I was able to find shipping weights for the Ultrex in their FAQ. Site searches didn't yield any info regarding other models. When I purchased my Maxxum a few years back I was unable to come up with any weights by searching either.
  4. To call her fickled is one of the best compliments I've heard! Tough fishing in any conditions. Mississippi has the river backed up well past VP right now. IMO, these conditions really scatter the fish and they don't know what to do without the current telling them. If it stays backed up long enough, they seem to settle in to a little more predictability. Regardless, they still relate to the same pools and ditches. To be honest, I haven't been below Unger since they started constuction. Been fishing from where the backup starts and up this spring. Spent most of my time last summer fishing above Eureka. I was looking forward to that strech last fall but, due to flooding where I hunt, spent my fishing time scouting for alternate duck plans.
  5. That's a lot of weight on the front of that yak! Anybody know the weight difference between a fortrex and ultrex?
  6. yep. @jfrith A few days back, a buddy of mine was back there in an older tracker and saw a guy bank fishing your spot. Water levels look about right, maybe you?
  7. Here today, gone tomorrow! Was able to find a few the week before.
  8. Thanks, Al. We had similar temps down river when I was out last week.
  9. What kind of temps you have up your way?
  10. Fished the lower mac this afternoon with nothing but a slice of humble pie to show for it. Had one solid bite on a spinnerbait that, of course, the fish just plain missed. Covered around 15 river miles. Looked for prespawn fish in areas they tend to stack up as they are moving up. Fished banks with shoreline eddies where I can usually pickup a few fish here and there as they are moving. Even probed around a couple spawning areas. Nothing, nada, zilch. Temps were 54-55. Water had a little more color from the rain the other day. Still, any day on the river is a good one and I had it to myself, only saw one tandem yak.
  11. Got a buddy that opens the eye with a punch enough to slide the blade in. I've got them with and without the split rings; seems to hunt a little more with the ring. Omega's Rapture has a swivel.
  12. Nice looking jigs! How heavy? What's the overall length?
  13. Been a long time since I've hunted Shanks. They still get some ducks. Not what it used to before, though.
  14. A couple shots from a recent hunt
  15. Yep, north zone. How do you like the split season? Been dealing with ice all week, hope the birds don't blow by us.
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