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  1. mikeak

    Found a couple walleye

    Thanks Dan
  2. mikeak

    Found a couple walleye

    good for you. If you don't mind,how deep were you and how fast were you trolling. Reason I ask is the fish I've found were in 20 to 28 ft. of water,wondering how you got that jig deep enough. I've gone to using dipsy divers and tadpoles to get the smaller baits deep. Thanks Mike
  3. mikeak

    Have a question

    For me it would be for the knowledge,but dealing with the public there will be those that will be unhappy if don't put them on fish.I had a guide service in Alaska fishing for Salmon and Trout on a couple of rivers and I always felt the pressure to perform,also I was responsible for their safety and that added a little pressure.Of course,fishing down here is a diff. situation,you won't have to worry about a bear eating your clients before you get paid. I started fishing for Walleyes on lake Erie and did what I thought was pretty good ,although I never had a 40 or 50 fish day. They were a lot easier to catch there. Fishing these corps lakes is a whole diff game from what I've done.As I'm getting older I would go just for the knowledge and would be picking your brain to take a shortcut learning how to fish these lakes.Also I'm not very bright and need all the help I can get. Thanks again for sharing with us here. Mike also what mocarp said
  4. mikeak


    Was wondering where you had been.Glad you got to go and catch some. I Just spent 3 days around Ruark Bluff.and the flats and points north of Mutton creek. 3 walleye 2 shorts and 1 -20" keeper. Caught all on #7 flickers in 15 feet of water between 12 and 2 o'clock,bright sun Fished all depths from 10 to 35 feet bottom bouncing and trolling.No joy. Tried about everything I could think of,fun but a little frustrating not being able to figure them out.You never fail to amaze me. Mike
  5. mikeak

    7/14 Walleye

    Nice,Thanks for sharing
  6. mikeak

    something different?

    Good for you. I'll prob. try Binks spoons ,I've had pretty good luck with them.I have a hard time keeping the jigging raps from tangling with the treble hook .Might take the treble off and try them. As always enjoy your reports,Thanks for sharing,Mike
  7. mikeak

    7/1 Walleye

    You're ARE the man----and woman. I just don't see how you get any fishing done with her in the boat. After following your tips I'm finally starting to get a few ,was around Ruark last week and got 5,biggest 22",and quite a few crappies bb in 22' ft. Heading up Sun. for a week,will be around Ruark again,I'll be in a older lowe with a Maroon top,would like to meet you.Stop and say hello if you get around that way. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. Mike
  8. mikeak

    Good day to be on the lake.

    If you don't mind ,how deep and how much line did you have out. Thanks
  9. mikeak

    Report from first visit ...

    nice report,glad you had a good time.
  10. mikeak


    nice report ,Thanks for sharing.
  11. mikeak

    Turner Jones micro jigs

    "What ever you have confidence in usually is the best deal '' . Have to agree,Thanks for your input.
  12. mikeak

    Taneycomo, May 30 fishing report

    Great report,Thanks Phil
  13. mikeak

    memorial day walleye

    Thanks for the report. Looks like you're enjoying the new boat.
  14. mikeak

    Stockton kicking my butt!

    maybe crawdad ?
  15. mikeak

    May 11 fishing report

    Thanks for the report.

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