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  1. Hey Boys and Girls ! It's that time of year again. Come join us at the 4th Annual Redington Waters Event in Lebanon Mo at Hidden Valley Outfitters on Oct 4-5. We would like to invite you to the Redington Home Waters event being held at Hidden Valley Outfitters in Lebanon Missouri on October 4th and 5th. This is your opportunity to try out all the new offerings from Sage, Redington, and RIO. We will be set up on the banks of the Niangua River which will give you the chance to demo the products on the water. Professionals will be available to answer any and all of your questions pertaining to equipment and techniques. We will also be joined by other vendors including, Blackstrap, Jackson, Hobie, Wilderness Systems, and NuCanoe Kayaks brought to you by Ozark Mountain Trading Company, Grundens, Terry and Roxanne Wilson, Artist Laura Wemhoener, Red Wheel Bike Shop among others. There will also be representatives from other clubs and organizations on hand to let you know what’s going on in the fly fishing, conservation and species specific world, around your home waters. Groups like Trout Unlimited, MDC, Capital City Fly Fishers, and Missouri Smallmouth Alliance will be available to answer any questions or let you know what you can do to get involved to better our local streams and waterways. Saturday evening at 7:00PM, the event will culminate with an outdoor showing of the popular Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T). This event is FREE to the public and everyone is invited. COME FISH WITH US! https://flyfilmtour.com 2019 One Fly Poster.pdf
  2. Only a few days away... This is your chance to check out all the new gear from Sage, Redington and RIO along with some other brands. Plenty of fun and good deals to be had. Hope to see some of you there.
  3. It will be here before we know it. Our Redington Home Waters Event is happening again this year on Oct 5-6. It is being held at Hidden Valley Outfitters in Lebanon Mo. The event will start on Friday and will culminate on Saturday with a free showing of the F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour. We will also be having a "One Fly" tournament on Saturday. There will be vendors, giveaways, manufacturer's reps, local clubs and organizations, and experts to answer any questions you have, from saltwater species to any of the fish that call the Ozarks home. The event is completely free including the F3T. Bring your family and enjoy a day or two on the banks of the Niangua River. I've attached 3 flyers with info on the event. We hope to see you there! NEW ONE FLY POSTER.pdf
  4. Actually Warren Bridge might still be there but the approach is messed up. Patrick Bridge the approach has washed out but they were cutting all the trees off if it today. i don't think anyone has really been on the river to know exactly what islands and gravel bars are still there. There are definitely zero trees left on the islands or along the bank. Where the current was strong there's not much silt but there is some sand. Where the current was slower or where it formed back eddies, there is a lot of silt left.
  5. James, Hammond, and Warren Bridges are gone. McKee and Patrick are still there but not sure of the damage to them.
  6. It looks like Patrick bridge might still be there. It's still tough to tell for sure. I was told that McKee bridge is still there.
  7. I'll have to disagree with you on the NFOW being in full swing by Memorial Day. I would love for that to happen but if you see all the damage, I don't think there is anyway it's going to be ready to go. Logistically you have at least 3 bridges gone and possibly 4. There's no telling how many low water slabs on the roads to the river are gone. I doubt that many of the outfitters will be up and going. Many lost some ,if not all of their cabins and some of their gear. Last but not least, I'm not sure where you're going to put in. Many of the accesses are gone. Now to the river. With at least 2 dozen homes gone and washed into the river along with countless number of barns, debris and trees, navigation is going to be very difficult. It's going to take some time to clear the river of all the obstacles. I hope Im wrong and I am not trying to start an argument with anyone. The river hit unprecedented heights and caused damage that no one could imagine.
  8. That's a very short float for 3 days. I don't think it will drop out by this weekend. It is currently over 21,000 CFS. It's dropping about 1300 cfs per hour right now. I would not attempt it at anything over 1500-2000cfs. There are several islands in that stretch that are prone to log jams. I would doubt that any of the outfitters will be out cutting trees by this weekend. I would probably reschedule if I were you. Just my 2 cents.
  9. There's no way to describe it other than its a mess. Hammond Bridge and James bridge are gone. Don't know about McKee or Patrick yet, the river is still too high to tell. The last reading on the gauge that I saw was 209,000 cfs at 35.6 ft. I would say 50ft was possibly hit. Sunburst Ranch campground lost everything. The fishermans cabins, river house etc. Their house at the Landing had water up to the second level.ROLF had water in the upper level suites in the lodge. I believe they also lost 8 of the tree houses. Dawt Mill lost several cabins. They had water in the Gravel Bar and restaurant. Not sure about the bridge just below them. Tecumseh bridge was covered but the water has receded. The bridge is still closed because the road buckled on the Gainsville side. It will be closed until inspectors check it out. We will have to wait until the water drops out to see all the damage. its anyone's guess to when the river will be floatable. ROLF James Bridge Tecumseh Bridge
  10. come see us at the Redington Home Waters event at Hidden Valley Outfitters on the Niangua River. Saturday from 9AM to 6PM. Check out all the new Redington fly rods and gear. There will be drawings and giveaways along with some free food. hope to see some of you there.
  11. Are you sure it wasn't a Towee? A Gheenoe doesn't handle a jet. You described my Towee to a tee.
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