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  1. thanks sfly, we will check them out sun night
  2. Saw all your great campsites for below Greer. Can you guys give us any spots 2-3 miles above Greer? Thank you!
  3. 3 lb maxima can be purchased at Paul's in St louis Denny Dennis in Fenton and Gateway in St Charles try to carry it also. They both have Trilene xl 3lb also. We all finally made the downsize to 2lb from 3lb&4lb for jigs and even lures now after fishing side by side with a 2lb diehard on the pontoon using maxima line for all mono purposes
  4. Phil, have you already been to the Keys? If not let me know where the houseboat will be docked (Mile marker)and i can send you the florida bay and offfshore chart for Islamorada. bill
  5. Stone- i've been offline since july. Three of us went back down to the Oakland area and managed to boat 8 eyes one day with 4 keepers. We fished 33 feet of water near the deep breaks. We pulled bottom bouncers all day with crawlers and leeches. Wilderness trails gives a great fish report every Monday. We probably won't get back to Bull till Spring with hunting season going now. Caught 76 crappie at Kentucky Lake last week-3 guys, 2 days. 10-14 inchers- no hogs this fall trip-still a little too early. Trying to fish the PWT in June at Bull. willie
  6. Way to bust them Stone. Thanks for the report
  7. Mike, this is 'willie O'. I'm new to forums. What is a PM? I heard the Stockton bite is on too.
  8. Stone, We had all the equipment to night fish but no energy after 10 hours of running the trolling motor. The locals down lake like to troll cranks at night instead of fishing crawlers. We tried but without knowing the contours of the deep points they suggested and without a moon it was a lost cause. We learned a lot and are ready to try some leadcore in front of glass raps and reef runners when we go back. They were talking 30-35' channel bend bluffs when the fish go deep. I was lucky enough to fish in the PWT with a pro that won in 1999 at Quachita. He trolled bottom bouncers along
  9. 3 of us chased walleye from June 17-24th with 58 fish coming to the net. 24 keepers including a 28.5", 7.75lb fish. Early in the week we found them in 18-25'. Later in the week they had moved to 25-33'. All were caught bottom bouncing crawler rigs on main lake points. We were not able to night fish as the eyes bit all day-shallower early and late- deeper under the full sun. This was toward the dark of the moon-i'd like to go back and fish the full moon to see if they are feeding more at night then.
  10. Fishing the Theo arm next week. Any reports from walleye fisherman would be appreciated. Thank you.
  11. sounds good-i'll try your techniques and will let you know how we do. Thank you. willie
  12. I've read your posts and will follow your guidelines. Headed to Bass Pro for submersible lights-how deep do you place them? Guess you need them up top at first to net shad? I've spotted a few points in middle Theo-Big boy and the point across from it, point 13 and the 2 flat points just downlake. Would like to fish the saddle but it's a little far with my 50hp at night. Looking at points with flats that also may have a bluff or a channel drop next to the flat. Are any of the fish attractors placed in 30-40' at 654 elevation? Just looking to find a few spots in Theo that i can fish once or twic
  13. Thanks Stone, I haven't fished Bull S. in 8 years so any help is appreciated and have never fished under the lights. Is it neccessary to use 6lb green line at night or will my 8-10lb do? Hook shad thru nose with 'red' bait hooks for best action or just experiment? Do you walleye fish Bull S. much? The reports coming in look good for bottom bouncing early and late and trolling cranks after 9:00am.
  14. stone, I'm heading to Bull S. next week-family vacation in the Theo arm and want to learn more about night fishing. I'm trying to find your t-rock reply to Lilley. CAn you help me with a approximate date of that post- i'll look it up. Thanks. willie
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