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  1. D&B in Tulsa is a good place. I've bought stuff from here: http://www.hookhack.com/ and had real good luck. They're knowledgeable and will take the time to answer your questions when you call.
  2. Zackroe is right. My friend owns a few hundred feet of shoreline on the Baron Fork and public access is quite limited and public parking is non-existent. A lot of people float it, though, especially during the summer. We generally put the canoe in at the bridge on Hwy 51 east of Tahlequah and float down about 4 miles to my friends place. Lots of smallies there and some pretty big ones, too, in the deeper holes although getting the big ones to bite is tough. Too bad there's not more access. It's a good fishery. Tons of deer, too. I've only fished there a few times and it seems MOST landowners are pretty good about letting you walk or float through if you can find access.
  3. has not set their status

  4. I read somewhere, I think on the Daily Oklahoman web site in a story on trout fishing in Oklahoma - that the plan is still on the books but currently on hold. ODWC had to do a ton of repair work at Beaver's Bend this year due to a whole lot of very high water this spring. It washed out several areas, took out roads as well as habitat. No date for work on Illinois was given, though.
  5. Just been browsing lately but maybe someday soon I have time to actually go fishing!!!
  6. I'm new to the Illinois River as well and asked the same question a few weeks ago. As I understand it, any generation makes it pretty tough fishing, mostly because access is very limited. The water runs fast, rises and falls quickly and can be dangerous with rising water. If you've fished the White in Arkansas, sounds like about the same routine. Wait for no generation, watch the water level and if it starts rising, time to head to the truck.
  7. Thanks a lot, guys. Does the river drop fast enough to make it worthwhile late in the evening, say an hour or so after they shut the generators off?
  8. I've fly fished the lower Illinois only once but intend on fishing there a lot this summer and fall. In regard to water level and generation flow, can anyone tell me at what point fishing gets tough and wading difficult in terms of turbines open and CFS flow? I live in Owasso and don't want to waste too many hour and half drives after work. Thanks in advance. Davo
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