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  1. jeb

    Heads Up!

    About time. Beaver is really full right now, and we're coming into a traditionally wet time of the year. They need to add capacity to the lake.
  2. Wife and I went into Cablea's in Rogers today. Very sad. Had some gift cards to use, and need some reloading supplies. They have torn all the Cabela's signs off the building, save one, and replaced them with Bass Pro Outdoor World signs. Selection in the store is getting to be more and more BP brands. Prices are BP also. I buy a lot of primers, so keep an good eye on prices. BP in Springfield was always wildly high at $50 a thousand for small pistol. Cabela's normal price was $33, and they'd have them on sale often. And that's about the going national rate for them online. Guess what the price of the primers was today. $50. I'll be mail ordering primers from now on, it seems. Even with hazmat fees, they're way cheaper than BP. darn shame what they've done here. I wish no ill will toward JM or BP, but they sure are not going to see as much of my money as they have in the past.
  3. Went into Cabela's for some reloading supplies yesterday. The Cave is closed. Big white tarp over the entrance. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, but we will not be darkening their door nearly as often now.
  4. I saw that on the news last night. They said everyone swam to shore safely, and that the fire started in the engine. Not much more than that for details, though.
  5. I sent an email to Cabela's saying I think closing the caves is bad move, if getting visitors into the store is their goal. They responded with a nice note, saying they'd pass my opinion on to their management. It'll probably die there in the round file, but it's worth a shot.
  6. We found the same thing the other day. Talked to an associate about it, and it looks like they are taking another run at closing the Bargain Cave, at least here in Rogers. He said JM "did not like the Bargain Cave". Seems kind of odd, given he has a big outlet store next to the BP in Springfield. You'd think he'd understand the allure of the treasure hunt to bringing in shoppers. If it closes, it will certainly cut back dramatically on our visits to the store. It's unfortunate that we have the closest Cabela's to Springfield. They are messing with this store a lot to see how stuff flies. There are often BP staff from Springfield in the store, watching the lab rats.
  7. jeb

    Weekend report

    16 year old Bentonville HS student drowned in the swim area at the PC park: http://5newsonline.com/2018/05/13/sheriffs-office-teenager-drowns-at-prairie-creek-marina/
  8. Thanks. That makes sense, except for that dock laying there with 2 boats in it for that long. No insurance, I'd guess. You'd think the COE would get after them.
  9. Yep, fishing was pretty good up in there. Thanks for the tips, Jeff. Great to run into you out there. We didn't catch any smallies or whites of any kind. Spots and LM's only. My recently repaired rotator cuff is finally feeling good enough to fish a few hours, so hopefully getting back into a lot more. Does anyone know the story of this flipped over dock in the cove just to the west of the dam? Docks next to it seemed fine. I've never seen anything like this on Beaver before.
  10. Almost all impoundments are at their best fishing early in their lives, before a lot of the newly flooded cover rots away.
  11. jeb

    Indian Creek 4/14

    Yeah, it's still muddy here around the PC area.
  12. Thanks for the report, Jeff. I enjoy watching the loons too. They are always on the lakes in Wisc I fish in the summer. But they can get to be pests, too. Had one grab a small bass just after I released it. I knew the loon was close by, so I was careful to let the bass go on the other side of the boat from it. Darn loon swam right under the boat and snagged it. Too big for it to swallow, though. I assume it found a way to eat it.
  13. jeb

    Going to get muddy?

    PC cove is milkshake brown.
  14. jeb

    Going to get muddy?

    Up about 5 feet already, and more heavy rain predicted for today. Looks like it's going to muddy water fishing this spring.
  15. jeb

    Going to get muddy?

    Still not a fan of stained/muddy water, but you guys that like it should be happy. Prairie Creek is running pretty brown. The back part of the cove is all stained, and there is a mud streak down the middle at mid-cove. News this morning said another 3" or so before it clears off on Sunday.
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