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  1. Carry Lite 30’. with 2 slides Air, heat, all season insulation, storm windows, ready to roll Less than 500 miles on the tires Also included king pin jack, slide jacks, portable gray water tank. $10,250
  2. I would talk to Brian Hayter down at Ulrich Marine. He is a good wrench.
  3. Dutch


    Only in 1 cove. We must have fished a mile of banks, points and coves catching nothing.
  4. Dutch


    I hope so but it won’t be any thing like when we could average 200 whites per day at Pom before the die off.
  5. Dutch


    We started fishing for blacks today with spinner baits. Later we switched to swim baits. We wound up catching 17 but only 4 were keepers. When the wind picked up I decided to go have a look for whites. We wound up catching 85 of them. Starting Sunday I will be there for 10 days. The water temperature was about 64°.
  6. Looks like a trifecta to me. Way to go. If my fencing project goes well I plan to go tomorrow.
  7. The blades are 41/2 and 4 on that particular one. I do use a 5 and 4 on some. I don’t use a trailer hook unless I miss a few. It interferes with the regular trailer. I keep some rigged with and some without trailer hooks.
  8. This is my usual cloudy choice.
  9. Those tree rats like the sun flower seeds in my wife’s bird feeders. So far I have discouraged 8 of them.
  10. It was a 1/2 ounce home made luminescent white with silver holographic willow leaf blades a red head and a white with red flake split tail trailer. My partner was using a lighter weight chartreuse with chartreuse twin tail trailer. We caught about the same number of bass but the larger ones seemed to favor the larger flashier bait. I plan to try it again on Tuesday.
  11. It’s finally picking up for me also. Yesterday we had 28 with 9 keepers in 5 hours on my favorite (spinner baits) though my color of choice didn’t work. I had to change to what I thought didn’t have a chance which was fortunate for me.
  12. Glad you had a good day.
  13. Dutch


    You do what you want, but if it were me, with a 17’ boat I’d be looking at Stockton State Park and fishing in the Little Sac.
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