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  1. Dutch

    Am I the only one?

    I fished again on Monday. I only saw 2 other boats fishing. I fished from Hartley to Rouark and back and from Hartley to State Park and back. Only had 8 fish with maybe 1 keeper. I can not find a consistent depth or pattern. I've not been able to get fish from any of the brush piles where they normally hang out in the summer. Ned's not even working or I just haven't found fish. Are any of you guys fishing Stockton? Have you found a depth where they are hanging out?
  2. Dutch


    There is a big flat just up river from Birch's branch. There is also a flat just north of Googer Creek. Guys walleye fish on both of them.
  3. Dutch


    There is a big flat west of the 245 bridge on the north side of the lake before you get to Adams Branch. It normally has walleye, crappie and whites in it.
  4. Have you considered a deck boat? My wife had one for a few years. It fished fairly well except in the wind. If you can improve your balance you might consider a Bosu ball. Because of some medical conditions I have had balance issues and keep one handy. When I feel a little off I drag it out and spend several periods per day working on my balance until it get better.
  5. Dutch

    Thougher than a boot

    I have spent some time looking around for off shore places where schools of fish could be hanging out. So far I have not found anything. Stockton may not be deep enough for the setup like the Rock is.
  6. Dutch

    Thougher than a boot

    It is officially tougher than tougher than a boot. I worked my butt off today for 1 spot, 1 smallie and 1 spec. 19-34' deep. Water temp 85-87. Anyone want to buy a good boat and 30 some setups.😈
  7. Dutch

    Shaws Bluff

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope you don't have a 3rd shoe to fall. I sure hope some are around standing timber as I am taking a guy long polling on Monday. Of course we will be fishing shallow standing timber and shallow brush piles.
  8. Dutch

    7-5 fishing report (kinda)

    Glad to see that you made it back on the water. It has been brutal for quite a while. I hope it cools down so I can spend Sunday morning down by the dam. And thanks for your service guys.
  9. Dutch

    Underwater drone?

    I hope it show up things better than the Aqua View camera that I bought. It was a total waste of money.
  10. Dutch

    Thougher than a boot

    We fished hard today. Went up the river early looking for a top water bite. NADA, tried some flats with spinner and buzz baits, NADA, worked bluff ends and pockets to 30' NADA. We finally found a place where we could slow roll a spinnerbait and get a hit now and then. We wound up with 11 bass only 2 of them keepers. Most of them were caught in the afternoon. Hot, muggy and tough. I think I'll go to Colorado or Wyoming and find a cool spot for a while.
  11. Dutch

    So Ketchup...

    How did your tournament go?
  12. Dutch

    Just wondering...

    So is there anyone fishing right now?
  13. Dutch

    Just wondering...

    Anyone fishing in this heat? I haven't been able to muster up the will to go when it is going to be above 90°, especially as tough as it was my last few trips.
  14. I don't think that they will let you put that boat in any of those 3 lakes. The last that I heard was Springfield lake has a 6 horse limit and Fellows a 40. I don't know if they even allow boats on McDaniel. You probably should look at one of the other surrounding lakes.
  15. Dutch

    American Eel in Bull Shoals Lake

    I've caught fish with eels on them in Bull but none even close to being that size.

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