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  1. I’m guessing that it came by train. It came with the place and the cellar behind the house is dated 1898 and the MOPAC line used to run through Hurley just a mile north.
  2. I’ve never seen one of those, but I did see a motor home pulling a double decker trailer with a Ford suv on the bottom and a Lund on top.
  3. It is a pretty good sized one maybe 14-16” in diameter. I will pass on your recommendation to him. I knew you would have some suggestions. Thanks Marty.
  4. We have a cast iron dinner bell that was used to call my wife’s family in from the fields. It is stamped 1886. It has been in disuse for 30 years or so. My son in law wants to restore it for my daughter. Neither he nor I have any idea what to do. It is rusty. He is thinks sand and paint. What should he do? It is going to be outdoors when he is done.
  5. Is it a fill pump or an aerator pump? Do you hear anything? If you don’t then you may have a blown fuse or something blocking the impeller.
  6. So are walking amongst the ticks and chiggers or getting ready to cut wood?
  7. Do you have a written power of attorney or an updated will?
  8. So give him tools for birthday and Christmas, then he will have them.
  9. I took some time to think about each of them and why I didn’t keep them. In all honesty I don’t miss any of them. I like bells, whistles, and do dads. Most of what I have now, wasn’t invented when I had those other boats.
  10. Super. Keep those pics coming. 7 more days to stitch removal then I will be beating the water.
  11. Mine says blocked on copy write grounds.
  12. JWM Trailer Sales in Reeds Spring is where I have gone for several years. They are very knowledgeable and do good work.
  13. With the current situation, my bet is a reservation is required. People beach boats there all the time but they will be subject to all of the boat wakes from traffic. Dam Site or Lightfoot would provide better protection for your boat.
  14. Great pics. Keep them coming. I had hand surgery this morning so all of my fishing for the next week or two will be vicarious.
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