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  1. Shutdown

    State Park won't be closed or Rice's camp. The last shut down they did not block the complete roads at Stockton ramps but made us vacate the campgrounds.
  2. I've sold my truck and don't need my soft Tonneau cover that fits Chevy short beds. I also don't need my Reese hitch. The cover is $350 and the hitch is $375. I can provide pics if anyone is interested.
  3. Ice?

    I talked with State Park and the COE this morning. They said maybe down by the dam a ramp would be open but everything South of the Hwy 215 bridge is frozen in on both arms.
  4. Bridgeport Ramp Cape Fair

    Is the river open at Bridgeport? I figured it would be iced up.
  5. Sportsman Outlet this wknd

    Been there several times. They carry a lot more colors of a couple of my favorite of baits than BPS. They also give members of high school fishing teams a discount.
  6. Deep winter bass

    Maybe that explains the success with the A rig in the winter.
  7. Where do you think...

    How much snow did you guys get down there in Barry County bo?
  8. Where do you think...

    that the launch and ramp and parking lot will be clean by the weekend. I know it is only Wednesday but we haven't had much of our 4" of snow go away. I've heard that it was heavier down toward the Rock but don't know for sure. All I know is I'm bustin' a gut to get on the water and unlimber some new stuff that I have made.
  9. Shad Kill

    No I am not positive. I got my information from an MDC research biologist who was doing a 10 year study on white bass. We were discussing how fast the growth rate was on Table Rock and Bull Shoals compared to Stockton. He said it all had to do with groceries. He said threadfin can not survive in the waters north of Springfield because they get too cold in the winter.
  10. Shad Kill

    Table Rock is about as far north as threadfin can survive. We don't even have them in Stockton, Pomme de Terre, or Truman Lakes.
  11. I wouldn't want one for a few years. It just might be like the first Optis that they put out;
  12. Flies for whites?

    I am not a fly fisherman but I do a lot of white bass fishing. Over the years fishing Table Rock, Stockton, Pomme de Terre and Bull Shoals for whites I have used a lot of color combinations. I am using jigs but I imagine that the color schemes should be close. I carry at least 20 different color combinations when I am strictly fishing for whites. Any color can work on a given day. For example, I put together a lime and lavender jig one day and nearly puked looking at that ugly beast. I fished it at Pom for 2 hours with narry a smell. I put it down and didn't use it the rest of the day. The second day I started out with it and after an hour the guy in the front of the boat was asking if I had any extra as I was giving him a severe beat down that it. My theory is show them something that they haven't seen before and you may get a pleasant surprise.
  13. Three Crappie Day

    I crossed Turkey and Maize creeks Friday. As far north as I could see there was no open water but like dan stated no ice anywhere else though I heard that Mutton has ice in the back.
  14. Three Crappie Day

    That is about how we found it on Friday. We fished from 35-50' using spoons and plastics. I caught 2 crappie and 1 smallie. My partner had 1 crappie and 1 spot. It wasn't windy on Friday but it was plenty chilly. When we put in it was 27° and 33° when we left. All of our fish came in about 40 fow right on the bottom.
  15. Fish Finders Again....

    I run Lowrance and my friend runs Birds. After lots of time in both boats my opinion is Lowrance 2d sonar is better than Birds but their down and side scans are better than Lowrance's.

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