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  1. So how did today go?
  2. Dutch

    Well Dang

    Glenn I am hoping for the best for you. Good luck.
  3. Don’t sore lip all of those green fish tomorrow. I can’t get there before Thursday. I have to sprat musk thistle tomorrow.
  4. Thanks. I was hoping you would see this and give me a report. Stockton is killing me and twice as far as Cape Fair.
  5. Ii may give Cape Fair a shot Thursday. Has the water cleared up any? I have some spinner baits and crank baits that need to get wet.
  6. When I planned to hunt with a particular caliber, I would buy a new rifle and a good Leupold scope. I’d bore sight it and head for the range. For the first 100 rounds I really didn’t care much about accuracy. I would shoot 5 rounds then clean the barrel. After each set of 3 5 shot rounds I would use Sweets to really clean the bore. After 100 rounds I would start developing a load. Normally 15 rounds of a particular load would give me enough data. As I got closer to good groups with a particular load I would tweak it by changing primers and amounts of powder. My goal was sub minute groups at 100 yards. When that was achieved, I would start zeroing in the scope. After that process was complete, I moved out to 200 yards and finalized my settings.
  7. I have always sighted mine in working on sub minute groups at 200 yds. It has taken months of experimenting with powder primers and bullets to get it right for some rifles. Then there is my grandson who has his sighted in at 650 yds. But that’s ok cause that’s what he does for a living.
  8. Congrats. It looks a lot heavier than that to me.
  9. I got out a world map put it on the kitchen wall, took out some darts and told my wife to throw a dart. I told her that we would go there no matter where it landed. Well it appears that we are spending a month behind the refrigerator.🤣
  10. Yep. That is why I don’t get off the side by side unless it’s below 40°.
  11. If you are talking about the MDC ones you should be able to download them from their site. It sounds like you need to get into the habit of backing up your waypoints every now and then.
  12. That is interesting. It was way out of the water Saturday.
  13. They were Saturday. State park was busy.
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