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  1. Dutch

    another windy day!

    Good goin'. Are you having to fizz them when you catch them that deep?
  2. Dutch

    How many hours

    Do you put on your outboard motor per month. I'm just wondering how my usage compares. I've been 170 times since I bought my motor in Aug. of 2016 and have put 157 hours on it so I guess that is 50+ minutes per trip average but I did a lot more running in the initial 10 hour break in.
  3. That happened to me twice with my old Optimax. Both times it took a new top oil tank like wrench said.
  4. Dutch

    What do I have to do

    Thanks. I'll give it a try.
  5. Dutch

    What do I have to do

    to stop getting pm notifications in my email.? I see them when I am on this site. I don't need to see them some place else.
  6. Dutch

    Gun questions

    Did not know you were looking for a lady gun. The 40 might be a bit much.
  7. Dutch

    Gun questions

    What are you interested in owning? I have a Ruger stainless 40 cal that I'd part with. Comes with case, holster and 2 clips. If you are interested I'd let you test fire it at my farm.
  8. Dutch

    Went looking for specs today

    It is not difficult to do but it takes some equipment and can be pretty dangerous as you are working with temps around 350°. I'd be glad to show you some of the stuff it takes to get started. What town do you live in?
  9. Dutch

    Went looking for specs today

    Yes it will. A cup will make about 50. You can get it from a lot of places. Mine is the 2" one. Are you experienced in making baits with plastics?
  10. Dutch

    Heading down tomorrow

    Most places 44°. 46° was the warmest. That was north of Mutton Creek.
  11. Dutch

    Went looking for specs today

    All you have to do is google Jacobs baits molds then put stinger in the search at the top. If you have not done plastic making before there are several things you should know before you begin. The best place for this is www.tackleunderground.com soft plastics forum "don'ts for newbies". This mold is an injection mold so you will need at least one injector and an adapter for it to fit the mold. There are lots of places to buy plastisol. I get Calhoun medium in 5 gallon buckets from Bait Junkies.
  12. Dutch

    Anyone running a Lowrance Gen 2 unit?

    The utc thingy worked. I had time on my Gen 3s all day long.
  13. Dutch

    Heading down tomorrow

    We went to Rouark. All the lanes were ice covered from earlier launches. It was 30° and it was going to be a while so we went to Mutton Campground launch. We moved around trying several spots at several depths with no bites. I finally got a couple of bites and had shorts. We tired of the spot and moved on. We hit bluff banks, gravel banks, points, etc. After an hour or so of changing baits my partner caught some shorts on spring cricket. I caught some on baby bass but mostly shorts. Drug out electric chicken and began to catch enough that he quit changing colors and put one on. We wound up catching 30 crappie, 15 whites, and 1 keeper walleye. Only 8 of the crappie would measure. I brought them and the walleye home. The whites were here and there but we found a concentration at 35 to 40' on a point. After 10 in that many minutes we moved on because if there were any crappie the whites would not let them bite. I'm thinking a guy could catch a boat load of whites with a spoon if he wanted to have fun and the lake doesn't freeze over.
  14. Dutch

    Anyone running a Lowrance Gen 2 unit?

    That won't fix the time. It is a computer chip inside the gps. A third party made it. Lowrance is working with them to try to get an upgrade that will fix it. What I am trying to do is use my point 1 external gps antenna as a utc time source so I can have the time on my Gen 3 units.
  15. Dutch

    Anyone running a Lowrance Gen 2 unit?

    There is a gps chip that couldn't do some kind of clock change back in October. It seems to be very wide spread. Gen 2 units are all that I have heard about.

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