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  1. We did some driving and looking yesterday afternoon. Eagle Rock was off color with debris. Big M had good color but the lower parking lot is covered. If you launch by yourself plan to get your feet wet. Kings at the 86 bridge is chocolate milk. Shell Knob looks ok. Flat Creek at the bridge is muddy. Did not drive to Cape Fair dock as the road is freshly oiled.
  2. Beaver dam yesterday afternoon.
  3. Quill's posts had me chomping at the bit until I heard the weather. So I guess it is back to Cape Fair Tuesday.
  4. I do have someone else who is interested and lives close by. I really don't want the hassle of packing up and shipping. That is why I said local pick up.
  5. I am just west of Springfield. Maybe we could meet some place like Buffalo.
  6. These were also my farm set. I don’t need them any longer because my daughter and her husband have moved to the farm and he has his own tools.
  7. I have some 18 volt Porter Cable tools that I am not using. I will take $100 for the lot. Local pick up. If shipped shipping will be extra.
  8. If it is a female I would like to see it prespawn.
  9. This was my best fish. I did not weigh or measure it but it sure was long.
  10. Last week Kyle and I caught 40 bass up in the James. We decided to try it out again this am. It was slower. We only managed 24 this morning. We have had trouble finding keepers.
  11. Thanks for the screen shot. Like lip stated I wasn’t looking for them to be that shallow. I did see millions of shad shallower than 10’. They were so thick they would change the reading on my depth finder.
  12. Went down this morning cruised around points and bluffs out to 90 feet from Carney to Piney. Never saw more than 1 fish here and there. I guess I was looking in the wrong places or don’t know what to look for.
  13. Probably though I have not heard it called that either. It is on the same side just before buzzard.
  14. Thanks. We always called it JL’s Hollow or Carney Branch. I‘ve never heard it called cool water cove. I’d be honored to be shown some tips on this technique, I have put new electronics on my rig hoping that I can find this bite that I have heard so much about over the years.
  15. That is a place that I do not know. How far down is it from Cape Fair?
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