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  1. Dutch

    Pre-Rapala V63 Green Craw Wiggle Warts

    twenty bucks for the lot?
  2. Dutch

    Big M area 2/20

    Nice. I wish I could have been out today but was traveling back from Louisiana.
  3. Dutch

    Beaver Creek Ramp

    The ramp at Beaver is supposed to be looked after by MDC. The closest guy to do that is like in West Plains. He told me to feel free to hook a chain on it and pull it up or back into it hook up a chain and push it out as I saw fit. That was several years ago when I fished down there a lot. As for River Run the COE told me that it would never happen because it would be a night mare to care for.
  4. I used to fish with a guy who would go roaring down a bank pull up and fish back. He said that it would wake them up.
  5. Dutch

    Lake house rental

    What part of the lake?
  6. Dutch

    Cape Fair 2/2/19 removing the stink

    I have no idea. I quit using the electric fence wire because it had to be reshaped after every fish.
  7. I have 1 now paired with my MK trolling motor. I want to remove a Lowrance in the console and replace it with a second Solix. Are there any issues running 2 of them networked?
  8. Dutch

    Lowrance HDS 9 Gen 2 Touch/extras

    Money arrived and unit shipped.
  9. Dutch

    Dazed and Confused

    I have not been finding an early morning bite where I am fishing up the James. There is a little water color and there really isn't deep water. I am finding that I have to try a lot of water before I find a productive place. For example a friend and I caught 35 on 1 stretch a couple of weeks ago. The last two trips it has only given up 1 fish each trip. I had to keep moving to find fish and as the water has cooled each trip the fish are getting fewer and fewer.
  10. Dutch

    Dazed and Confused

    What part of the lake were you on? I am older than you and I just suck it up and throw the A. A couple of Tylenol before and after helps. This time of year I do better up in the rivers than main lake. I live close to Cape Fair. I was down there Saturday and Monday. The total count was 11 and 5 so not so great for me but it is still winter.
  11. Dutch

    Braid scissors?

    Go to the sewing department in Wal-Mart. They have some really good ones that are knife sharp.
  12. Dutch

    Looking to buy used transducer lowrance

    I'll get back with you when it is out.
  13. Dutch

    Cape Fair 2/2/19 removing the stink

    They aren't much. This is just some electric fencing wire with some Bondo poured into a mold and some blades and heads. Later I got some real wire forms when Battlefield Wire was in business.
  14. I got my flyer today and looked through it. That thing was about as exciting as the Super Bowl. I did not find anything that I would buy if I were in the store let alone drive to Springfield for it.
  15. When I fry fish I deep fry them. I cut them up into chunks or strips and soak them in a mixture of milk, egg, and mustard. When the oil is hot I drop them into a gallon zip lock bag that has yellow cornmeal in it. I wallow them around till all are coated then put them in the fryer. When using a large fryer I take them out as soon as they float. In the Fry Daddy I watch them and pull them out as soon as they are a golden yellow. I've never had anyone complain about my fish. I don't care much for them baked but I do like to blacken them on occasion. I watched my neighbor cook some. He pulled his out when they were the color brown of the circle to the left that has a D in it. They looked plumb nasty. I'm sure glad he did not invite me to dinner.😈

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