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  1. I believe that you are the new walleye king of Stockton. Congrats.
  2. Just go slow and easy with the removal. It will probably come off in pieces.
  3. The first one that I heard about was a long time ago. A friend of mine caught it up in Flat Creek.
  4. I did put one on the bow unit. I got the antiglare. It works great and is much easier to clean than the regular screen. I plan to get one for the console unit.
  5. There has been an occasional one caught in Table Rock since the 70s.
  6. It is the building just south of Bass Pro. It used to be a bowling alley.
  7. These guys were at pulloffs really close to their cars. They weren’t doing any brush beatin’.
  8. You might call Clear Cast Marine and ask David if he has any parts that would work.
  9. Dutch

    Long Creek

    Sounds good to me. I haven’t been for a while but that is fixing to change.
  10. So do you think most of these were tourists waving their rods around in their waders trying to look the part instead of serious guys who knew what they were doing? I must have seen hundreds of them and not once did any have a fish on.
  11. I didn’t understand a thing either one of you said but I do wish you would play nice.
  12. They looked a little ridiculous in ankle deep water wearing chest waders.
  13. I’ve been doing scenic by ways for the last week in the Colorado Springs area. I’ve seen lots of people standing in ankle deep water wearing chest waders and using fly rods. There were few if any holes for them to fish. Would they have been fishing for brook trout. If that is the case what size fish could they expect to catch?
  14. I’ve seen that when they were gorging themselves on shad in warm water. Did you try a single hook bait to see if it caused them less stress?
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