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  1. We fished BS from the 70s. We caught large numbers of large whites in the winter and early spring. There were 6 of us and someone was there every day so we had current knowledge of where they were and what the best bait was. You can believe this or not in 2001 my bud and I had 2864 winter/spring and in the winter/spring of 2003 we had 34 total. The succeeding years of 04 and 05 weren't any better so I quit going down there until 2010.
  2. Ham, Pommy was the white bass spot to go a few years ago. If you couldn't catch 100 good fish per day you thought you had been robbed. We used to have several 200 fish days on our home made buck tail jigs. However, the lake came on hard times beginning in 08. Whites became harder and harder to find. We tried for 3 more years during the fall which was by far the most productive time. They had a major die off like Bull Shoals had in 02. I have not been back to Pommy looking for whites since then. I have been reading MOPanfisher's reports and they have not been good. It took Bull several years to recover. It looks like it is going to take Pommy a long time if it ever does. BTW: Some nice looking green fish.
  3. I've yet to catch anything on it this spring. I make my own and use 1/2 most of the time. It was my fall go to bait most days. I use a Curado E7 on a Falcon low rider 6.6 mh with 20# fluorocarbon line. I use a lot of different trailers as I haven't really settled on one being better than the other. I have them on old spinner bait heads, Arke heads, football heads and Troker swim jig heads. As it looks, I haven't settled on one head being bette than another. I'm leaving tomorrow for a 2 week trip. I've got a whole box of bladed jigs ready to go.
  4. Whites

    I've caught whites that had not spawned on the main lake on Stockton at night in May. I'm going to see if I can find some of those next week as the moon comes full.
  5. I've tried all those things listed. I have used the Purekleen a couple of times and it is all that it claims to be. Easy on and easy off removes all those white hard water spots on my Verado.
  6. boat without a title

    You might contact your sheriff's office or local police department. I once had a consigned boat that the vin # did not match the title. I got the necessary forms and had a local policeman come by. He looked at the trailer and the title then filled out the form and I applied for a new title.
  7. Graph Question

    You get pronounced arches when the boat is moving. If you are still and the fish are not moving you should see flat lines.
  8. Fishing in the wind

    According to my fishing log on April 12, 2017 the lake level was 862. When I got to the lake at 2 pm the water temp down by the dam was 61° and the air temp was 73°. There was a SE wind of around 10 mph. Evening and night fishing was extremely productive on black and orange buck tail jigs.
  9. Tough Day...

    I struggled in the Big M area. Only had 6 shorts on the little guy.
  10. Where to go ???

    I went to Big M today. I did not remember it at all. I struggled to get 6 shorts all of which came on the little guy. Lots of good looking stuff down that way just could not raise a bite on jig, square bill, rock crawler, shakey or spinner bait. Thanks Quill for the heads up on the courtesy dock. Coming in sideways could have caused some serious prop damage.
  11. Where to go ???

    Thanks Quill. Cape is so close to me that I rarely go over that way and I'm pretty sure I don't want to go below Cape in the James arm.
  12. Where to go ???

    With warm weather finally here for a bit, my wife has decided that Thursday would be a good day to be out in the boat. I'm trying to come up with a place where we could launch/load and fish with the 40-45 mph wind gusts that are supposed to be here. I'm thinking some where around Big M but I haven't been there in years so I really don't remember much about it. Where do any of you recommend. I'd like to keep her dry and sort of comfortable.
  13. That sounds like an accident looking for a place to happen.
  14. Once you get it off are you going to turn it over or get under it?
  15. I really haven't found out anything about this setup. I have no use for it and will gladly give it to anyone who wants it and will come get it.

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