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  1. Dutch


    Super Patrick congrats Now go Jimmy
  2. Dutch


    Go Patrick Go Jimmy
  3. Vernon what you really need is some white Power Pro 8/1 then you would have the bases covered.
  4. Dutch

    AFC Game

    Let’s see a pic of that boat.😎
  5. I learned the deep bite and braid when a crappie friend took me winter fishing several years ago. The fish were 30+ feet deep. All I had was mono. We caught 46. He caught 40 of them. I just could not feel the bite.
  6. When I tie marabou I lay down thread on the hook shank, cut about a third of what is needed, wrap it down with a couple of wraps, add another third, wrap it, then finish with what I need and place it where it needs to go, lay on a bunch of tight wraps, a few whips and call it good. I usr Danvil flat waxed line so I can pull it really tight and not break it.
  7. Congrats. I’m glad someone is getting out there. I’d really like to be pounding the water.
  8. When I started tying jigs I didn’t paint them either. I only started painting them when other people started wanting them.
  9. The rivers normally warm up first.
  10. Dutch


    I am sorry I am old I cannot do the hair.
  11. Dutch


    LSU that is.
  12. Anyone been down that way? If so hoe does it look?
  13. Dutch


    That was the most bizarre game I’ve ever seen.
  14. Dutch

    Anybody ?

    With all that I am hearing none of us may be fishing for a while. It has come up a couple of feet in the last 24 hours.
  15. I’ve seen them all winter long on the Big Sac on warm sunny days.
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