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  1. Dutch

    Come on consistent wind

    I am wanting to get on a good fall while bite but the wind will come out of the south then west then north then east. It makes it so hard to get a pattern. I located some Thursday (14) took Friday off for business then with a good north wind (42) Saturday. Now the wind is changing again. I have my best days on the 3rd day that the wind is out of the same direction.
  2. Dutch

    Crappie Bite

    Did not mean to offend you man. Just reporting. I catch a lot of fish between 30 and 60 feet deep down on Stockton. I saw a lot of bait fish out to 40 feet but could not get bites that deep yet. Where I was fishing there was no visible thermocline.
  3. Dutch

    Crappie Bite

    The ones I had a few days ago were 19 to 22 feet deep. Today they were 27 to 28 feet deep.
  4. Dutch

    Too many do dads

    I have added so many things on my boat that my engine battery is not big enough. It is an Optima blue top that cost me $302 in May. I will take $200 for it.
  5. Dutch

    Looking for fall bass

    I threw all of that Wed. It was tough for me. Chatter jig was all that produced. Not sure about the east wind today.
  6. Dutch

    Polar Bear Tournament Series

    Not sure what is happening here. I am camping at State park. Just before 7 an ambulance with flashing lights went down to the ramp.
  7. Dutch

    Where have they gone?

    I am still struggling to find quality fish. I fished Tuesday in mid lake and only caught 4 with no keepers. I fished again on Friday up the Sac to CC and up the Sons. I caught 10 blacks with no keepers and found a small pocket with whites in it. I got 24 of them and they were mostly small. All of my fish are coming on plastics. It is starting to get depressing not being able to find good fish. Maybe when the water cools. It was 74° to 76° with the river being warmer than the main lake.
  8. Dutch

    Brush piles GPS

    Some of them are and some of them aren't you will just have to see. You may not be able to get closer than 20' then have to look around. Also some of them are several piles in a general area. Have you downloaded them to an sd card then uploaded them to your unit?
  9. Dutch

    Where have they gone?

    I got to go during the middle of the day on Sunday. I fished between Hartley and Mutton. I had a tough time. I only had 5 shorts. 1 on a buzz bait, 2 on a Ned and 2 on a worm. No other bait produced. 5 fish in 5 hours is pretty slow as far as I am concerned. I fished from the bank to 30' deep. I never had a bite deeper than about 18'. The deeper fish came while fishing parallel. The fish were near but not on the points (both main lake and secondary).
  10. Dutch

    Where have they gone?

    I have been away for a week and looking now I can't find any reports on Stockton and very few on the Rock. There used to be several bass reports on the forums. Have guys quit reporting or left the site?
  11. Dutch

    Spinnerbait Rod

    Royal Blue I hope you like your rod. If not just let me know.
  12. Dutch

    AGM Batteries

    I've only used Optima. The ones in my old boat were over 4 years old when I traded it off and were doing fine. The ones in my current boat are into year 3 and showing no signs of weakening.
  13. Dutch

    Stockton 10/11

    Thanks for the report. I hope to be there Thursday.
  14. Dutch

    Lowrance stuff

    Sorry I did not see the non in your post. Yes non touch needed it but as far as I know all of the touch units have them built in.
  15. Dutch

    Lowrance stuff

    Are you sure? I've got a pretty old Gen 2 9 that doesn't need it.

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