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  1. I use a lead ball with an eye screw in it then add a paper clip.
  2. I just checked usgs it showed Taneycomo tail race at 702.56.
  3. I had heard that they were level.
  4. People can learn how to take a gut hook out then it has more than a chance.
  5. What kind of changes? I make lots when I am developing a load, amount of powder, grain of bullet, type of primer, etc until I find out what works best. Then I get the scope zeroed in and leave it alone.
  6. I just saw on Facebook that Taney and Bull are the same level. Do you think the stripers will move on up?
  7. Dutch

    Thinking Again

    There already are. Just look at Facebook Market Place.
  8. Dutch

    Thinking Again

    I am glad for people buying campers. That helped me sell mine.
  9. There is also elevation. From my house I go down to Table Rock and down to Stockton because both are down hill from me.
  10. I fished out of State park today from 10:30-3:30. I fished between there and Orleans Trail. I caught 14 bass all on Zeros. They were in coves in about 6 fow. I couldn't get a bite deeper than that. I weighed my best 5. They ranged from 4.75 pounds to 2 pounds for a total of 14.5 pounds.
  11. I am surprised that they have lasted this long.
  12. If you were referring to me, I was answering the ops question.
  13. I will give those ideas some thought and see what I can do. Thanks fo the suggestions.
  14. I had coons getting into pallets of range cubes. They would literally rip the sacks apart. I tossed some Bar Bait on the floor and wala no more torn sacks. I am no feeding it to ground hogs.
  15. That is why I am into several revisions. Drilling with my smallest bit and putting the stainless steel wires in with Gorilla epoxy. It did not hold very long. I switched to JBWeld marine epoxy. It held better but no more than a few hours. So now I am using only 1 wire, through over and back. It can’t fall out now. I have also switched from a drill bit to a finish nail because my lead contains antimony and is quite hard and I keep breaking bits off in the jigs.
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