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  1. Can I borrow a helicopter? I am not going into the ticks and copperheads to look for fungi.
  2. I have to fish one for a while from March to November. It wouldn’t be like fishing if I didn’t. It should be getting about Ned time down there. For several years I camped on Stockton from April 16 to early May but we sold our 5th wheeler and don’t plan to replace it.
  3. Good looking fish. I wanted to be there but circumstances prohibited it. I plan to put in at Stockton Park Sunday. Did you throw a spinner bait any?
  4. Dutch

    What's Cooking?

    That’s hotter than my lead pot.
  5. Don’t you have chickens? That should be all the fertilizer that you need.
  6. Since when? I’ll play my BS card now.
  7. What is a worm casing? Is that something you put around a worm? Or do you mean worm casting as in worm poop?
  8. Especially if you go up river from High Point. I had an $800 trip up the river one day.
  9. Ned a little. Swim baits and I are not on speaking terms.
  10. Yes twice. One trip 16 on crank baits. The next trip 1 on an Arig. Not making me want to go back down there right now.
  11. I have my console Solix set to show voltage from the cranking battery. It goes to near 14 as soon as the Verado starts up.
  12. I planted strawberries in a raised bed today. I haven’t done this before but my back won’t let me pick them off the ground. I am also planning to put tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets which I haven’t done before either.
  13. I didn’t notice that when I was there. I didn’t even know that Cobras were still being made. I thought the guys who bought Charlie Luna out went belly up and it was shut down.
  14. I don’t have a clue, but I sure do like your terminology. I’ll bet it is jill flirted.
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