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  1. Didn’t know that one that big exists. The largest one I have ever seen was a 400 on a custom pontoon.
  2. No. It is a polymer sealer.
  3. I agree. Hydrochloric acid is my go to chemical for hard water spot removal. I imagine that you are right about the wax. I don’t use wax on my boat. I use bow to stern instead.
  4. Dutch

    Green House?

    They always looked like a PITA to me. I’d rather be fishing than wondering if I needed to be home to open it up so stuff didn’t get too hot.
  5. Dutch

    What's Cooking?

    Fourth of July dinner. Lamb kabobs with onions, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, and pineapple. Washed down with some elderberry mead.
  6. We sold our fifth wheeler and my wife said surely you don’t need that big old 3/4 ton truck anymore. Why don’t you go get a new 1/2 ton. I love that woman.
  7. Maybe some of our local dealers and gang bangers will head up north.
  8. I see lots of them at Pom north of Nemo on the west side in the great big flat cove. Don’t throw them back.
  9. I have a rain check that is a couple of months old on a life jacket.
  10. That depends on what you are running besides the motor. If nothing or near nothing, then go with the CCAs recommended by your motor mfg. If you have serious electronics you may need a biggun.
  11. All you need to do is rig an Elaztech worm shaky and you witt find flatheads. I am getting one every trip.
  12. Those wouldn’t be Amish. There are several groups in SWMO who do some modern and some 1800s stuff. I’ve had several from Monett do work for me.
  13. A guy showed me a pic of a cat from the rock that they called a blue. I just smiled. It was a flat head.
  14. Personally I’d live in Bolivar. Then I could go to Pom or Stockton easily.
  15. That is a nice one. Congrats.
  16. If it were mine I would for sure have a charger for every battery in the boat, but not a fan of trickle chargers. 10-15 amps for me.
  17. Yep when I started golfing instead of fishing some time ago one of the guys commented about my buying a new set of clubs and a golf cart. I looked at him and replied, “ the prop on my boat cost more than this set of clubs”.
  18. Wow my bass fishing report took 2 lefts a right then fell in a hole.
  19. Thanks. I always have a jigging spoon on deck but I haven’t seen stuff to drop it on.
  20. A new sonar gps unit can do way more than a tv. Used units go for a lot less. Bass Boat Central and Bass Resource have listings all the time.
  21. Thanks for the compliment. I probably just got lucky. I hope to get back Wednesday or Thursday to see if I can find some more. I believe that the wind was the key.. The little guy hasn’t been productive for me lately but I’ve been using my new standup shaky jig a whole lot. Let me know how it goes with the frog. I believe that my weakest link is the off shore stuff. It may be a patience thing. Winter with a jigging spoon is about it for me.
  22. I haven’t been since Thursday. It was good at Stockton for us. We had 20 bass with 14 keepers. I am not able to go until Tuesday or Wednesday but if the wind is 10+ then I am on it.
  23. The hydrometer will show the specific gravity of each cell instead of the total battery.
  24. If you have flooded cell batteries, a hydrometer is a good thing to own.
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