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  1. As a general rule 1.4 times the focal length equals the slowest hand held shutter speed in the denominator (as in 1/x). My tripod converts to a monopod so I will be using one or the other depending what I'm going for that day. For wildlife I'll use the monopod and for landscapes the tripod. Maybe handheld with a higher ISO for handheld birds, ambient light permitting. This is a relatively slow lens with an f8 sweet spot.
  2. Njardar


    Oliva Connecticut wrapper, La Fleur de Los Antillis (spelling) and Carrrilo are nice cigars, but I prefer Grand Marnier.
  3. I was surprised to see several in Wisconsin today...I guess they didn't get the migration memo. They were going to town on whatever they could find, but that will be over with the frost tonight. Sad. Maybe they are to old to migrate.
  4. I prefer not taking a chance for the camera to get wet. Plus the Tammy has a lot of reach, so wading should not be necessary.
  5. Njardar

    Messin' With Sourdough

    The quality of the flour and the ability to incorporate naturally occurring yeast in the air will also make a difference on proof time. With time it should get better.
  6. If I get any worthwhile shots I will definitely share them. - Charlie
  7. I have one located in Springfield, IL, but you will need to take the Force 5 sailboat (similar to a laser) with it. If you are interested I can take a picture. - Charlie
  8. It is, I read a lot of good reviews on it and have seen some photos taken with it, so I decided to get one.
  9. Sounds like there might be some good opportunities to observe wildlife from the trail. I have a 150-600mm arriving this week and I'm looking forward spending some time with it. - Charlie
  10. That's my plan, I'll be looking for places to observe the natural wildlife and hopefully get some good shots.
  11. Njardar

    We Be Jamming

    My favorite is peach habanero, not as hot as you might expect, and perfect for a cold morning.
  12. I'm headed to Montauk on the 15th and would appreciate any recommended locations for scenic or wildlife photo opportunities when we're not fishing. For example are there any hiking trails along the river with good access for viewing waterfowl and the like? Thanks in advance! - Charlie
  13. Taking a CPR/First Aid course is so worthwhile. Hopefully you will never need to use it, but there is satisfaction in knowing that you have the knowledge. Phil and Marty, it is with sadness that you had to apply your knowledge. If I am ever in need, I hope there are people of your caliber around.
  14. Njardar

    Pepperd Duck

    Is it to early to place an order for a signed copy of the BilletHead family cookbook? You guys KNOW how to live!
  15. What a great adventure, thanks for sharing it.
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