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  1. Thanks for the response, I was thinking about getting out tomorrow morning to do a little fishing but sounds like it's still blown out pretty bad.
  2. Has the wind pushed a lot of it towards shore? Has anyone been from point 13 to Cape Fair boat dock in the past day?
  3. I grew up fishing on this lake with my grandpa 30+ years ago and he taught me everything I know about fishing and how to be a gentlemen helping others whenever you can. He has since passed away and needless to say the lake he lived on and loves for 30+ years has changed less fisherman and more wake/ski boaters. I can say with my time on the water the attitudes of the wake boaters is it's all about them you use to be able to fish on holiday weekends and the only noise would be from passing boat engines which I grew to like. I swear every wake boat with a sound bar comes with the stereo set on full blast concert mode. No one wants to hear your poor taste in music but everyone within a 2 mile radius has no choice. When I was a dumb teenager we would listen to music but we where respectful to others and that meant not running someone else's time on the lake by blaring our music so loud that others couldn't have a conversation. Selflessness has been replaced by selfishness and I hate that for my kids because the lake I grew up on and loved has changed along with the since of community that used to exist.
  4. That is a mean looking bait and should be deadly on the rock. I have had a lot of success with the rkcrawler but they aren't built to withstand that much of a beating against the rocks and stumps on the rock.
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