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  1. Just so everyone knows, Gatorjet is the GRAND MASTER OAF JAMBALAYA chef and is responsible for making it every year from now on!!! Not that anything there was not good to eat... Oh... and whomever made the jalapeno cornbread... I need a delivery about once a week! Great time seeing everyone and meeting a few new folks. I've had to bow out the past few years, but was glad to make it this time. Hopefully, next year I'll actually have time to fish!
  2. Glad I could make it in time to eat and see a few old friends and meet a couple of new ones. Good times... Just like old times... but a little less windy than the last time I made the NYD feast... LOL
  3. I've goose-egged the last two Sundays on Fellows fishing for mainly for Crappie. I fished from the handicap dock the first time and there was a couple there who left just after I got there who had a nice stringer of slabs they had caught that morning early, but the bite was done by the time I got there. Yesterday, I rented a boat at the marina and spent 4 hours trying to get a nibble on jigs, minnows, worms, and even bottom fished with some shad. An hour each in the cove across from the marina, at the point of the middle of the lake, the upper end of the south finger, and a cove just south of the cable. Did not get a bite. I think it's just been too cold for them to be too active yet, but they should start soon. If the weather holds, you might try it next weekend. By the way, I was fishing from 6 to 25 feet and everything in between...
  4. Planning on being there... Have my flies ready when I come by, Tim...
  5. I won't be making it down this year... Cindy is off and we are headed to Downstream to bring in 2013 there... Ya'll have a good one though! I'm sure the weather will be great this year since I won't be there... LOL
  6. So, Snaggy... How 'bout that BBQ shrimp recipe?....
  7. D... You are surrounded by great water. What do you want to fish for? You're less than an hour from it all except trout and maybe Walleye. But you live minutes from great bass fishing for sure in Lake Dardenelle. Streams, rivers, lakes, and even some farm ponds if you ask are all in your backyard.
  8. Women... sheesh.... LOL Great shots...
  9. Well, I've got to add the Hendrix Outdoors brand to the list...
  10. I refuse to eat tofu because I think it is inhumane to kill all those soybean plants then kill all their embryos just to make me a veggie burger... Plants have feelings too, you know...
  11. is staying warm and dry...

  12. Hendrix Outdoors CBR 9' 8wt is $210 and a great rod. The CGR rod is a bit softer and only $150. I think you would be impressed once you put either rod in your hands. Hendrix Website click here
  13. Yep, I noticed the free godaddy website hosting myself. I'll pass your suggestions along to the folks at Hendrix. This is a family owned and operated business, pretty small compared to some others, so this is a first pass if you will. They will like the feedback to make improvements.
  14. Finally, Hendrix Outdoors has put up their website. Click here Tell me what you think....
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