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  1. What's Brewing?

    The Pale Ale I just brewed is definitely a Winner! Real bright hoppy flavor on the tongue, and smoothes out on midpalate with a great finish. Low ABV of 5.2 and low bitters of 44. this one will be brewed again!
  2. Stupid otters!

  3. Stupid otters!

    Raided my cage, took my walleye. 😡😡😡😡 only had them in there for a couple hrs this afternoon.
  4. What's Brewing?

    Pale Ale in the fermenter last night. Should be a good drink. ABV should come in low 5's, and IBU around 44. Late edition El Dorado Hops should give it a tropical fruit characteristic, and low bitters. I'll dry hop with US Delta the last 3 days to give it a little hop punch. Should be a good beer for people that don't like a hoppy beer.
  5. Haven't been down for a few weeks. Anyone seeing whites surfacing?
  6. What's Brewing?

    either you are really smart, or I just make the quiz too easy! lol
  7. What's Brewing?

    IBU will be only 44
  8. What's Brewing?

    New Brew. What am I? Malts 10lb Golden Promise - 1lb of Honey Malt - 1lb of Oats Hops .5 oz Magnum @ 30min - 1oz Eldorado @ 10 min - 1oz Eldorado @ 5 min - 1oz Fuggles Dry hop for last 3 - 4 days Yeast 1056 American ale OG 1.062 FG 1.014 ABV 6.5%
  9. Accidents

    WOW! Just seems like every weekend, there's been a couple of reports. It's not going to get any better.
  10. Accidents

    Is it me or does it seem like there are a bunch more accidents on the lake this year?
  11. What's Brewing?

    Good summer Kolsch is doing its thing in the Fermenter. In fact, so active, had to take out the airlock and put in a blowoff tube. 10lbs of German Pilsner, 1lb of Maris Otter, 8oz of Vienna. Combined 3 oz of Czech Saaz hops, used a technique of First Wort Hopping, which if I did it correctly, added the hops to the wort as it came out of my mash tun, and heated up to a boil. First time I did this, normally I add at intervals of the boil. 60 minute boil, the only hiccup was my chiller could only chill it down to 82. Wound up running to the store to get ice for an ice bath. Finally got it below 70 and pitched Wyeast 1007, and within 3 hrs, it was eating the sugars. Cheers!
  12. Couple Hours Thursday Night

    Very nice
  13. What's Brewing?

    Time is a big word! I haven't had much of it lately. My last brew date was middle of May. To me the worst part is bottling day. You got to wash the bottles, sanitize the bottles, fill the bottles, cap the bottles, then let them condition for 2-3 weeks. Bottling day is as long as brew day but not as fun. Brew day really isn't too bad, approx 3 - 3 1/2 hrs for partial grain/extract kits and thats with clean up. All grain is closer to 5-6 hours. I like that part, but you do have to set aside time for the process. I hope next Saturday to brew. Had one grandchild end of May, and my next one is probably due around the 20th of this month. So by the time this is ready, my daughter in law will be ready for a treat. She likes lighter beer, so I'm thinking of a all grain Kolsch. But she does like Cream Ale and she wasn't able to enjoy the one I made earlier this year, so who knows. TIME!
  14. What's Brewing?

    Sad news. The Double IPA was a pour out. Everything looked great, was going to be a little high on ABV, but still should have been fine. It was like there was absolutely no hops added, and I think there was at least 3 oz of hops added during the boil alone. Oh well, first pour out in 2 yrs, but it still hurts to see it all go down the drain!
  15. May the four winds blow you safely home my friend!

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