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    What's Brewing?

    kegged the cream ale, you know the one I added the turkey stock to. Fantastic beer, and since I added the stock so early in the boil, it really didn't give it any off flavors. I did use flaked oats instead of flaked corn. Gave it a richer flavor than the one my friend did with corn. This ale came in a little over 4%.

    What's Brewing?

    Nice! Do you save and wash your yeast?

    What's Brewing?

    I never heard of it before either, that's why I did it. Since it was so early in the boil, I really doubt it will impact anything. But, since it was turkey day, why not. I know that I did hit my gravity numbers spot on! Should be drinking right around Christmas. I'll let you know. I'm now drinking what is suppose to be a "blonde ale", though for some reason its almost the color of an amber ale. Wasn't good two to three weeks after conditioning, but turned out pretty good after 6-7 weeks of conditioning. Kind of has the characteristics of a lighter stout, that is slightly fruity.

    What's Brewing?

    brewed a thanksgiving ale yesterday. got a little crazy and added around a quart of nice clear turkey stock to the boil. don't know if it will actually add any flavor to the brew, but whatever.
  5. I've had both, I have the fortrex now, and would probably buy it again. Both are pretty good motors, but to me the Fortrex seems sturdier and and a bit more stable. I went from a 65# maxxum to a 80# Fortrex. I do like the lift assist feature, but probably could do without. The best thing about the Maxxum is it is half the price of the Fortrex. So keep that in mind. Only issue I had with Maxxum was the steering cable (it was 6 or 7 yrs). The only issue with the Fortrex was the pull rope. (in 3rd yr)

    What's Brewing?

    The Pale Ale I just brewed is definitely a Winner! Real bright hoppy flavor on the tongue, and smoothes out on midpalate with a great finish. Low ABV of 5.2 and low bitters of 44. this one will be brewed again!
  7. Raided my cage, took my walleye. 😡😡😡😡 only had them in there for a couple hrs this afternoon.

    What's Brewing?

    Pale Ale in the fermenter last night. Should be a good drink. ABV should come in low 5's, and IBU around 44. Late edition El Dorado Hops should give it a tropical fruit characteristic, and low bitters. I'll dry hop with US Delta the last 3 days to give it a little hop punch. Should be a good beer for people that don't like a hoppy beer.
  9. Haven't been down for a few weeks. Anyone seeing whites surfacing?

    What's Brewing?

    either you are really smart, or I just make the quiz too easy! lol

    What's Brewing?

    IBU will be only 44

    What's Brewing?

    New Brew. What am I? Malts 10lb Golden Promise - 1lb of Honey Malt - 1lb of Oats Hops .5 oz Magnum @ 30min - 1oz Eldorado @ 10 min - 1oz Eldorado @ 5 min - 1oz Fuggles Dry hop for last 3 - 4 days Yeast 1056 American ale OG 1.062 FG 1.014 ABV 6.5%
  13. WOW! Just seems like every weekend, there's been a couple of reports. It's not going to get any better.
  14. Is it me or does it seem like there are a bunch more accidents on the lake this year?
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