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  1. Great job guiding us to the fish as always, Brian! Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the info. We'll be taking two cars to shuttle our kayaks. Unless you know of anyone that would provide shutting services?
  3. My dad and are floating between Competition and Falcon and spending one night on the river. Could someone please tell me where the access points are near Competition and Falcon?
  4. I fly fish and used dries on Mill Creek.
  5. I've fished Mill Creek a few times. Beautiful little creek with wild rainbows. The fish are mostly the size of fingerlings. Lots of overhanging tree branches.
  6. The pickerel is beautiful and big! Nice catch! That's the first real stonefly I've every seen on the EPR, and I have looked for the often. How did you locate it, under a rock?
  7. Thanks again, everyone, for the tips.
  8. http://www.sliderfishing.com/Whirly-Bee-Hardware-Kit-HK4-HK4.htm
  9. Thanks for all the tips! Can't wait to hunt down my first walleye.
  10. Ahhh. I see! I'll definitely try that then.
  11. I'm looking for sub-surface flies most likely.
  12. I'm looking for a couple of suggestions on effective flies for fly fishing for walleye in late Feb. early Mar. I'll either tie them if they're easy enough or buy them.
  13. Our troop is using Two River Canoe Rental for our 50-mile float trip. They are putting us in at Baptist on Monday, and we're taking out at Two Rivers Friday night. What are the attractions along the way that we should stop and visit? Are there any places along that part of the river to restock ice, water, and use the bathrooms and empty trash?
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