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  1. Just want to contribute since everyone has always been so helpful. Spent a couple hours several days around Big Cedar cove from the bridge to about the Branson Belle. Bite was slow and mostly deep. Caught a few fish everyday split about in half with keepers to short fish, all 3 species. The majority of the fish came on pb&j ned. Couple on green pumpkin shakey head. These fish were in the 25ish depth range. And lastly caught a few on a sexy shad square bill; these fellas were right on the bank. All the fish seemed to be relatively near the points, nothing towards the back of coves. Beautiful weekend to have been on the water.
  2. Just got to the lake for the weekend. Fished for a couple hours from about 4:30 to 6:30 this evening towards the Hwy 86 bridge. Caught a half dozen; 3 spots, 2 large mouths, and 1 small mouth. Split between ½ oz watermelon candy football jig and PB&J Ned. 25-35 feet deep. Saw a lot of bait and surface activity; never could get bit throwing in and/or around any of it. Looking forward to a beautiful weekend if the pleasure boaters don’t knock me off the bow… they were already getting thick (I usually avoid the lake in the summer). This forum has helped me out tremendously over the years… thanks to all the regular posters
  3. That's the first thing I thought when I heard the news... it won't be long before BPS is a symbol on the NYSE.
  4. http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20161003005766/en/ I read about this in our local news, thought you guys would be all over it. What is everyones thoughts?
  5. I've enjoyed reading everyone's reports and they have been useful for me, so to not just be a "taker" here is my report from yesterday. I don't know the lake real well, but I launched from Big Cedar and fished south of Hwy 86 all day, not quite into Arkansas. After reading all month about the top water bite I threw a buzz bait for a couple hours and never had a bite. Winded up throwing everything until about 11 and finally got first bite; short spot on ned. A hour later caught only keeper 16 1/2" LM on rock crawler. The rest of the afternoon was a little better, we were at least getting bit, just few and far between. Caught several short LM and spots on a shaky head. 1 SM that just missed being 15" on ned. One thing I did find and caught 4 short LM on was a school of bait fish in one of those long 200 yard wide coves, 30 FOW. Threw a lipless out into the middle of them and sink to the bottom and then rip and yo-yo it back through them. So nice to be on the water, but had to really work for everything we caught. Hoping for a good day today.
  6. I will be making my annual trip to table rock at the end of the month and I see that that the RkCrawler is a new favorite. I would like to pick up a couple for my trip. What are everybody's favorite colors?
  7. Quillback, would you mind sending me the info also. I had sent him a PM a couple weeks ago inquiring about his ned heads I hear so much about, but have not heard back from him. The message shows that he has not read it. Thank you.
  8. Had a very similar day yesterday (12-9), that could front really changed them up. I got to Table Rock Monday about 1, fished till dark. I had them pinned down to bluff walls with a jig and main lake points with a crank. I got up yesterday and the pattern I thought I had established was gone. Fished all day yesterday and manged to scrap 3 keeper spots, a short spot and a 3.0 lb rainbow trout. Which I wanted to ask you guys about... both Monday and Tuesday we caught a 3 lb trout off our "bass" crank baits (1 on a lip less the other on a medium diver). I don't have a lot of experience on this lake but I do make a few day trip up every year and this is a first for me... two days in row. And these were personal best trout for my brother and I; we trout fish in Oklahoma but only catch the standard "stocked" size fish. Anyhow, we are going out of big cedar today and tomorrow, hope the fishing turns on a bit more.
  9. What flies/ jigs are you guys finding to be the most productive on Table Rock?
  10. I will be arriving tomorrow about noon. I will be staying/ putting in at Big Cedar. This is my third trip to the lake; my most productive techniques on my previous trips were: dragging a jig, cranking a 5XD, and a shaky head. I am wandering with the front that came through last night, what you guys think the prevailing pattern will be. I saw on a previous post that the winning pattern this past weekend was hitting the docks with a jig; do you think this will hold up through the next few days? Thanks in advance for any help you guys and provide.
  11. tley

    1st Time @ Beaver

    Thanks for all the help guys. I had a very productive day yesterday. I caught about a dozen fish; all spots and only a few keepers. I had a blast though! I caught them all on a shaky head (spot remover jig head w/ zoom watermelon seed finesse worm w/ tail dipped in yellow spike it). I had several strikes on my chatter bait rigged w/ lake fork magic shad, but no hook-ups... dull hook??? All were caught around the rocky branch area. Thanks again!
  12. tley

    1st Time @ Beaver

    Ok, I have located Rock Branch on the map. is there a gate there? is there a use fee?
  13. Hey guys, heading to the rock for the first time starting thur (10-15). I will be staying at Big Cedar. Where to from there? from the boards, it sounds like fishing should be good. Anything I need to make sure I bring as far as lures? What colors are mainstays on this lake? thanks for all the help.
  14. I am heading to beaver for the first time wed (10-14) . I am looking for advice on where to put in at and where to start. What is working right now to catch them? I see that people are using jigs... color wise are you guys throwing the greens (pumpkin, watermelon, etc)? I am only going to be there one day so I don't have a lot of time to figure it out . I am really looking forward to coming to this fishery! thanks for everybody's input
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