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  1. I did catch some nice fish up the little gravois had bass chasing baitfish near the last docks before getting into the creek we would catch a few then nothing for awhile then catch more then nothing. I think my dad caught 4 on 5 cast. Most around 2lbs had some long skinny fish. All on spinnerbaits. Caught a bunch after dark on 10" worm on the main lake area around Coffmen kinda rough water out there last night. I wonder if fireworks affect the fishing. I left all the fish.
  2. Ok thanks for the info. I do think it took more then 3 pumps
  3. I'll have to check. I was getting a low voltage warning on my hummingbird. Would that cause my fuel pump to not get the voltage to work properly? It did seemed to die after running awhile so the motor should have charged the battery. The low voltage warning would go away after it ran awhile. My boat was at the dealer for 3 weeks getting a jack plate installed when I picked it up I went straight to the lake so it was off the charger for 3 weeks but it was charged before it went to the dealer
  4. I bought a new boat in January I've got around 20-30 hours on the motor it's a 2018 150hp Mercury Opti Max. A couple weeks ago I took it out when I first started the motor it would run then die it seemed hard to get it in gear before it would die finally I got it to stay running never had anymore issues with the motor dying that day after it warmed up. I figured it was bad gas. Today I took it out to lake of the ozarks ran from Coffman up to the the little gravois while idling into the shallow water the motor started to sputter then it died it would start then die then it wouldn't even start. I pumped the bulb and it started up and ran good for about a hour then did the same thing. I'm thinking fuel pump it should be covered under warranty. Is there something I should check or am I overlooking something.
  5. PAT92B

    Anyone been bass fishing lately?

    I bass fished Muddy Twain lake yesterday got to the Allen ramp around 5:30am first boat to the ramp kinda surprised started fishing pigeon roost creek I was throwing a buzzbait the guy I was fishing with was throwing a small plopper the fishing started out slow then picked up as it got light. Got 2 keepers on top water when the sun got up went to plastics tight to the banks around secondary points caught a bunch of small fish with some keepers mixed in. When the sun got high had to start fishing off the bank about 4-6'. Caught around 8-10 keepers biggest around 3lbs most were 2lbs. Fished til 2pm got back to the ramp the main lot was full and the overflow lot was getting there. This was my best day bass fishing Twain. I was expecting it to be my yearly lesson to not fish this lake I guess I'll have to try again. The mid lake area was pretty muddy water temps in the 80s
  6. I got my tires balanced just drove from Ofallon mo to Stockton lake drove really smooth seemed to help with gas mileage too. Thanks for the advise.
  7. Can I have the tires balanced at a tire shop like you would a car
  8. I bought a new ranger aluminum boat back in January the trailer has surge brakes on it. Since I've got the boat I've used it about 10 times. Recently I've noticed the trailer becoming rough to pull nothing crazy just seemed a little different so today I checked all the lugs and the air pressure that all seemed good then I jacked the trailer up and spun the wheels and I could hear a slight grinding noise I'm guessing it's the brakes. Any suggestions on how to fix this. I'm going to call the dealer in the morning. Just figured someone may have had this same issue and knew of an easy fix I'm heading to table rock on Sunday and the dealer I got the boat from is a hour from home. Thanks for any advise
  9. A small tackle shop in Ofallon just seems odd that they r 2 different brands having the same problem I'll try to send them back
  10. Last weekend I bought 3 jerkbaits, 2 mega bass vision 110 and 1 6th sense. I used all 3 last weekend then today I used one mega bass and the 6th sense. After fishing about a hour I got snagged on the mega bass in about 12 ft when I freed it up I noticed that it would sink fast. Later I was using the 6th sense and I noticed it was sinking fast. I didn't cast them into anything both baits are kinda transparent and I can see water in them. what would cause this
  11. If there is a schedule for the Tin boats tournaments can someone post. Thanks
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    I'm selling my Benelli Super Black Eagle 2 it has a 26" barrel comes with 4 choke tubes that came with the gun plus a Carlson improved cylinder and a kicks highflyer modified choke tube. The stock has some camo coming off The gun is about 8 years old I haven't shot it in about 2 years. I'm asking $600 if interested call or text 636-544-5441 Thanks

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