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  1. I love eating flatheads and blue catfish I just didn’t know what to do with it. I couldn’t get it in my live well in one piece maybe not in 2 pieces. I didn’t have a cooler. I wanted to continue fishing.
  2. Got to 107 ramp at 6:30am ran towards the dam fished points and some off shore structure. Caught a few small bass on magnum trick worm went to Indian creek marina had a really good bass on came off at the boat. Decided to take a ride to the south fork area it was muddy so I ran back to the main lake and fished all the way back into a small creek at the very back in really shallow water there was a bunch of baitfish getting chased around so I threw everything back there that resembled baitfish with no luck. I picked up a brush hog started pitching to some standing timber I felt a big thump then watched my line slowly start moving. When I set the hook I knew it wasn’t a bass I fought the thing for a good 10 minutes it kept wrapping around trees and trying to go under the boat when it finally came up I wasn’t bothered by not having my net in the boat because it wouldn’t fit in my net anyhow. This is my biggest fish I’ve caught on rod n reel. 39.84lbs Flathead. Released in good shape. It made the front deck of my boat into a slip n slide and I think it ruined a fresh spool of florocarbon line I think it’s been stretched to much now it has a ton of memory. Caught a couple more bass. 2 keepers on the day
  3. I fished up there last October we missed the good bite by a week. Still caught plenty of fish almost every fish we caught were out of Lawrence lake a backwater on the Minnesota side throwing chatterbaits. We stayed in Stoddard Wisconsin at Waters edge resort it is about 10 miles south of Lacrosse. It was a nice place to stay had there own boat ramp, restaurant and a bar within walking distance. Great view of the river and good prices.
  4. Thank you I’ll have those checked.
  5. When ideling the motor will die and I need to pump the primer bulb to restart. Then the motor will run great for a while then die again I’ll prime again. I’ve changed the gas cap this was Rangers idea the dealer had the boat they can’t find anything. Just recently I had a alarm for the fuel filter water seperater to be replaced since then this problem has been more frequent. This has been the most frustrating experience
  6. I’ve got a ranger aluminum boat it’s about a year old it has a 150 pro xs on it. The fuel line has a primer bulb I don’t see primer bulbs on the newer glass boats. Is this primer bulb nessasary. I’ve been having issues with fuel pressure since early summer the dealer and ranger have been no help.
  7. Thinking about coming down on Monday to fish Greer access hopefully for some smallmouth. Has anybody been down this way that can give me a river condition report and how the roads are. Looks like this area got more participation then where I’m from. Thanks for any info
  8. Bassholes Bass Club is looking for new members. Boaters or non boaters. No boat needed to fish tournaments. Very affordable and laid back tournaments. We fish several lakes in Missouri and a couple in Arkansas and Illinois. If interested call Gerry at 314-609-9872
  9. I know my oil is kinda low in the tank I got about 3" in the resevoir could it be telling me it's low
  10. Last Saturday I fished lake of the ozarks. I ran from Coffman up to Indian creek motor ran great fished awhile then went back to Coffman so my partner could the bathroom. Just after starting the motor I got 6 beeps from the motor. I checked the pisser it was good the motor never shut down so I ran nice and easy back to the ramp the motor ran great no more beeps so after the bathroom break I started the motor up again and got 6 more beeps the motor seemed fine the rest of the day but always got the beeps just after starting the motor. I called the dealer Monday the service guy said its a low voltage issue starting battery is weak. The motor starts fine I'm running helix 9s I keep the console unit on standby while not running the battery is less then a year old I keep the batteries on a Minn Kota charger. Anybody have experience with this issue? Thanks for any info
  11. Hi Mike I think I passed you while fishing across from Hawaiian island if that was you in the Crestliner I was in the silver aluminum Ranger. It was a beautiful day out there caught a bunch of bass nothing big biggest was 17" largemouth. Most fish were on a small brown jig and a shaky head tight to steeper banks. Now I'm wishing I would have tried a swim bait.
  12. Thanks for the info. I'll report how it goes tomorrow.
  13. I'm coming down tomorrow to fish for the day I was wondering if it is to cold for a top water bite.. Thanks in advance for any info.
  14. Was it common to catch pike while bass fishing or do I need to fish for pike to catch them I've never caught one
  15. I'm taking a trip up to Stoddard Wisconsin just south of Lacrosse the first week of October to bass and pike fish. I've never been up there I've watched the Bassmasters tournament videos out of Lacrosse they were more mid summer. I can't find any recent fishing reports. Does anyone have any experience fishing up there in the fall. I'm hoping the frog bites still good. Any info will be greatly appreciated
  16. Do you just punch a hole at the corner of the bag for the ring or zip tie. Sounds like a good idea.
  17. What's a good way to store spinnerbaits and buzzbaits I've been using a big square Plano spinnerbait box were they hang from notches. I don't like this because once you pull one out another comes with it then getting them back in place neatly is a pain. I've been looking at the Bass Mafia Blade box has anyone tried this box it $50 kinda pricey looks like a good idea.
  18. I was up there last Saturday fished from noon til dark caught 2 bass both around 2lbs. One up in Indian creek on a spinnerbait the other on a bluff end on a spinnerbait. My dad caught some small bass on shaky head worm. The lake was rough all the way til dark from boat traffic . I wish I would have got there at daybreak. It's hard to fish the points when the recreational boats will go between the boat and the bank when there's plenty of room behind me. I think there should be a common sense test to be allowed to operate a boat This was the worst trip I've had this year at Twain the lake was low and clear on the main lake up in the creeks the water was stained.
  19. I put in at the 107 bridge today at 6am ran almost to the dam. My plan for the day was to learn the lake and learn to use my electronics. The first stop was a ledge near a channel swing that I found brush on last week I didn't catch anything there last week but didn't hardly catch anything at all last week. I started throwing a spook with no bites next I picked up a deep diving crankbait it took a few cast to find the brush finally found it and slowly crawled it threw the brush then got snagged I popped it free then got bit. I thought it was a catfish or drum the way it fought finally landed it weighed it and released it was 7.31lbs the best I've caught on Mark Twain this was the only fish on a crankbait. I caught several 1.5-2lbers on a Carolina rig and 10" worm. It got rough with all the recreational boats so fishing the main lake was tough. I went west to stoutsville to get away from the ski boats there I found a bunch of crappie fishermen the Crappiemasters were doing a tournament out of Stoutesville. I caught a couple nice fish on a big white spinnerbait. I would of had maybe 4 or 5 keepers fishing was tough but that first fish made it worth it. The Minn Kota Ultrex has made fishing deep structure so much easier it's a game changer on windy lakes
  20. I did catch some nice fish up the little gravois had bass chasing baitfish near the last docks before getting into the creek we would catch a few then nothing for awhile then catch more then nothing. I think my dad caught 4 on 5 cast. Most around 2lbs had some long skinny fish. All on spinnerbaits. Caught a bunch after dark on 10" worm on the main lake area around Coffmen kinda rough water out there last night. I wonder if fireworks affect the fishing. I left all the fish.
  21. Ok thanks for the info. I do think it took more then 3 pumps
  22. I'll have to check. I was getting a low voltage warning on my hummingbird. Would that cause my fuel pump to not get the voltage to work properly? It did seemed to die after running awhile so the motor should have charged the battery. The low voltage warning would go away after it ran awhile. My boat was at the dealer for 3 weeks getting a jack plate installed when I picked it up I went straight to the lake so it was off the charger for 3 weeks but it was charged before it went to the dealer
  23. I bought a new boat in January I've got around 20-30 hours on the motor it's a 2018 150hp Mercury Opti Max. A couple weeks ago I took it out when I first started the motor it would run then die it seemed hard to get it in gear before it would die finally I got it to stay running never had anymore issues with the motor dying that day after it warmed up. I figured it was bad gas. Today I took it out to lake of the ozarks ran from Coffman up to the the little gravois while idling into the shallow water the motor started to sputter then it died it would start then die then it wouldn't even start. I pumped the bulb and it started up and ran good for about a hour then did the same thing. I'm thinking fuel pump it should be covered under warranty. Is there something I should check or am I overlooking something.
  24. I bass fished Muddy Twain lake yesterday got to the Allen ramp around 5:30am first boat to the ramp kinda surprised started fishing pigeon roost creek I was throwing a buzzbait the guy I was fishing with was throwing a small plopper the fishing started out slow then picked up as it got light. Got 2 keepers on top water when the sun got up went to plastics tight to the banks around secondary points caught a bunch of small fish with some keepers mixed in. When the sun got high had to start fishing off the bank about 4-6'. Caught around 8-10 keepers biggest around 3lbs most were 2lbs. Fished til 2pm got back to the ramp the main lot was full and the overflow lot was getting there. This was my best day bass fishing Twain. I was expecting it to be my yearly lesson to not fish this lake I guess I'll have to try again. The mid lake area was pretty muddy water temps in the 80s
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