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  1. Took 2nd place first hour weigh in on Sunday 4.54# on jig flipped in a dock
  2. He is building a new house up by cape fair
  3. Champ & Jeremy are you 2 fishing the Central Pro Am @ bull shoals in 2 weeks? If so I would really like to meet up with you and talk I really enjoy this forum and do not post much as I member I really appreciate the info that is shared here.I respect you 2 for your knowledge and experience and that is why i sarted fishing pro-ams. Have learned so much and 95% of the boaters I have been paired with have really been super. Was not intending for the post I started to swell like this I was just sharing an experience .
  4. yes I did. First thing we talked about. He requested an amount that totally shocked me. Was prepared to give him $50 but had to dig deeper in the wallet for almost twice that amount . I guess celebrity status doesn't pay well. with sponsers,tackle with name on it,tv show,probably boat from his buddy Johnny Morris can't make ends meet
  5. mY Mother taught me if you can't saY SOMETHING good don't say anything at all. His ego is to big to fit through a door.
  6. Fished the Bassmasters open as a co-angler. Bite was tough. Friday we fished baxter area what out of state boaters call drop shotting is not what was taught to me by Bill Beck. They tie on the drop shot rig and go to an area and cast it out and bounce it back on the bottom. More like a split shot approach. We did get on a pattern of texas rig finese worm pitched into submerged cedars 15'to 30' deep. Tough on a co-angler but the boater did catch a limit. Fished with Roland Martin on thursday and called my wife to tell her I would have a tough day on thursday was not excited at all for the draw. Did weigh in one for that day and one for the next. What an experience with Roland would not wish that on anyone not even for an enemy.
  7. co-angler


    have u heard any results from the Central pro am @ bull shoals today? I paid but they did not have enough boaters for me to fish.was 1 boater out . May not have been too bad for me with the weather change & such high water.
  8. Thanks for the detailed report Bill. I talked to Beck the other night & he reaffimed what a great day u 2 had
  9. Anyone know results of yesterdays AIA tourney. Thought Bill Babs & Bill Beck were fishing as a team in it but can't find any results.
  10. co-angler


    I am still trying to hook up with a boater to sign up with for the FLW tourney on Tablerock end of september. Have posted note on 2 forums , any suggestions from group here? Our prayers go up for Donna G. & Champ.Keep us updated on his recovery.
  11. co-angler


    Looking for a boater to sign up with for the FLW tourney on Tablerock 9/25 & 9/26 . First time posting topic,frequent reader here ,excellent forum and discussions. Not sure how to post personal E-mail for response.
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