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  1. That all depends on how many six packs you have.😁
  2. Rose Metal in Springfield MO 417 865 1676 They have all kinds of aluminum.
  3. I this does not sell please let me know, I am interested and have cash in hand.
  4. So you can pull the shaft and cut it down and use the same mounting and brackets all stay the same. Basically what I am asking is are the mount, bracket and hardware the same on a 45" Ultrex and a 60" Ultrex?
  5. Can you replace a 60" ultrex shaft with a 45" ultrex shaft.
  6. I recently tried the Nutech Jigs, I am very impressed with the quality of the heads, skirt and hooks. The jigs are a very good product and would recommend them, the claims of hooking in the rood of the mouth are very much true as well. I have caught around 30 fish all spots and largemouth and all hooked in the roof and were not coming unbuttoned. I even tried to get one to shake off due to being a short fish and I had to grab the little bugger and unhook him. I know the owner is a local guy and a frequent contributor to OAF and want to say thanks for a great product and encourage anyone lookin
  7. Here ya go, Wrench. She showed up when I watched the kid shoot his dad.
  8. Kid sure had nice shot placement, he didn't go 20.
  9. That technically would considered "Alternative Season"
  10. Heard that as well, I think it was Luke Dunkin mentioned it on one of his shows. Just as soon Ike retired I am tired of its a giant, and the running around the deck for 2lb largemouth. But those guys are all excellent sticks that can catch them anywhere.
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