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  1. I agree, steering is life and death do not skimp. Sea Star system I installed was straight forward and easy to install. I love it. It does require regular checking and inspections.
  3. TRRANGER First letter of my first and last name, T for Timmy R for Reaka, Ranger Boat
  4. Wrench, One of these times when I am in the LOZ area I would like to sit down buy you and your lopheaded dog Orion a beer and solve the worlds problems. I truly believe it would be a dam good time. Timmy

    My wife

    So sorry for your loss, Prayers for you and your family will be said.
  6. It is a shame that these people were injured, but why did they have kill the cougar for being a cougar. It was just hanging out looking for dinner, they are not even sure they killed the correct one.
  7. Plateau Fly shop in Springfield, go see Ty Ingram he will fix you up.
  8. So do you slide the red collar up to keep it on the spinnerbait hook?
  9. Trailer hooks, how do you guys attach and keep them on your spinnerbaits? I have cut a small piece of tubing a 1/4 inch or so and placed it at a 90 deg to the hook eye for years. I saw on a package of hooks that they suggested putting the tubing over the eye and then piercing the tubing. So how do the experts do it?
  10. It is a sad day when we loose the fury family that means so much to us. I feel your pain. Hardest thing I have ever had to do, but all the while knowing it was for the best for the companion I so dearly loved.
  11. If the area is depleted of quality fish then why are tournament guys going there, they must be catching fish that will weight. I also want to know if fish wont repopulate an area or make there way back why do we spend money for GPS and mark locations, because we caught quality fish and go back to catch quality fish again .
  12. Direct quotes from 176Champ, google search. At Lake Martin, Alabama (2005), bass moved an average of 5 miles from the release site after 10 weeks. After 2 months, no fish were in close proximity to the release site, and all fish tracked over 3 months returned to within the same general area of capture. In general, it appears that if largemouth bass are released after tournaments in good shape, only short-term stockpiling occurs at release sites, as most fish disperse from release sites within 2-3 months and up to 40% of these fish may return to original capture sites. Although fish displaced up to 13 miles have demonstrated homing abilities, few make it back to original areas if displaced over 6 miles. Most importantly, a study we conducted at Sam Rayburn in 2003-2004 indicates that population-level impacts of tournament-related bass relocation and concentration are likely low. No question, stockpiling at release sites does occur, as we estimated that 31,050 bass were transported to weigh-in sites during the one-year study. But, we also estimated that tournament anglers transport only 5% of the total largemouth bass population of legal-length (31,050 of the 621,000 available bass) in one year. Simply put, only 1 out of 20 bass are subjected to relocation and potential crowding at release sites per year. Bass can and do work there way " HOME"
  14. TFO Temple Fork Outfitters, $100 to $200 can get them at fin and feather in Springfield. Lifetime warranty. Support is usually quick and easy to deal with.
  15. Wrench is spot on, I am a die hard Mercury guy always have been. Chevrolet is the same way always will be. But there are things the huge corporations screw up and they know it. I Drive Chevy trucks, but if you ask me what if I have to turn a wrench on a vehicle what manufacture I want to work on I promise you it wont be Chevrolet or American for that matter. I apprenticed under a Multi Manufacture Master Mechanic and he taught me Jap engineering. They have it figured out and need to learn us dumb Americans a thing or three. I think that this drive to first is killing us, rather than make a good product from the start get it out on the market and fix it later It happens in all industries today, equipment, cars, boats. I think we would be better off if we tested and actually did tests in actual real world situations with people that use it test them, then the government is involved making everything " safe " and " idiot proof " is no wonder we are suffering in sales and design. You have to put a tag on a hairdryer, Warning do not use in the shower. It is no wonder we aren't building the best anymore.
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