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  1. Yep, Fellows Lake SUCKS. Would not fish there, the one in the white coat is very close to a state record, released to swim and be caught again. Other 3 pictures are less than 30 days old. I would not fish there if I were you. This is my fishing partners fish catches not mine, he is way better than I am.
  2. Friday 11-3-2017. 10:30 to 3:30 eagle rock

    I was in the same situation with State Farm. Had a boat stolen in 2007 and filed claim on bent prop shaft in 2010 and they dropped me not notice either, bad business if you ask me. but what can you do you have to have them.
  3. Fire extinguisher Recall

  4. 2018 Big Bass Tour Registration Now Open!

    Day of the tournament, put your boat in at any location you like and go to where you want to fish. At a specified time you will get a text that it is ok to fish and you fish, if you catch a fish you think is one of the biggest of the hour, and you will get updates as the day goes on, you take it to Long Creek marina and weight it in. Go back out fishing and repeat till the end of the day. Repeat on Sunday and at the end of the day Sunday you either have the biggest fish of the weekend and a new boat, or a paycheck, or just had a really nice time fishing. They have in the past had a really nice BBQ to feed you after fishing. Worst case you have a good time fishing and get fed well for trying.
  5. 2018 Big Bass Tour Registration Now Open!

    Then I have to agree, these are great people and run a great tournament. Have not fished it in a few years but am really looking forward to fishing it again. Thanks for doing a great job, see you in March.
  6. 2018 Big Bass Tour Registration Now Open!

    It is a lot of fun, Mark are the same gentleman that used to run the Oakley Big Bass??
  7. 2018 Big Bass Tour Registration Now Open!

    Started my registration there was 199 rods left, by the time I finished my registration there was only 115 left. With only 2 hours of registration open there was only 92 left. the other lakes are not moving as fast as Table Rock. See yall in March, fun times cant wait.
  8. I recently had a lower unit failure, Mercury 175hp. I found a brand new complete lower unit as cheap as I could buy parts. It came with a 3 year warranty. They sell parts also might try them. I have nothing bad to say so far. Super friendly and very helpful in making sure I got exactly the correct parts to get me up and running. SEI Marine 813-925-7127
  9. Anybody make any money today?

    Did they ever say who many anglers were fishing? Nice fish guys glad ya'll did well. My new lower unit is in transit and should arrive tomorrow or I would have joined you guys in the festivities.
  10. New play toy's

    I would be willing to bet if you threw it, you would catch something. As a matter of fact if you do throw it and catch a fish on it I will buy you a package of the spoons you like. Post a picture of the fish on it and I will send you the spoons.
  11. Ok, the second video the officer said the guys were wasting the resource cause the fishing was good. Does anyone think that those fish he tossed in the bed of his truck on a nice sunny day are going to be eaten??? At least the guys that caught them were going to eat them. I am ok if you ticket them, take pictures of the multiple fish for evidence and then leave the guys with the fish so they don't waste the fish. That office should be charged with wanton waste of a game fish. Is he going to keep them and haul them into court to show the judge, At that point he has just 2 fish, the other fish, what other fish, I was well within my limit, that office took my only 2 fish, no pictures no proof. I think a good lawyer could argue and win.
  12. Limits on fish and game harvest

    I understand your point, but as many have said context is important. The picture of the deer, 3 years ago I very easily and legally could have killed that many deer. I did not for 2 reasons, 1 lazy I hunt more to relax and enjoy the outdoors and dressing that many deer is a lot of work. 2 I don't need that much deer meat. I also now many people who have several kids that can and do use that many deer, as that is there primary source of meat for the year. I cannot tell them they cant kill them if legally they are allowed by the state and they buy the proper tags.
  13. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    I was thinking this was the case, But I wanted to make sure I was not missing something. I will avoid this petition.
  14. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    Ok, here is my question? Yall have talked about the save Table Rock website, but no body has really said yes or no to whether they are trying to hurt or help. I value the opinions of those of you around the lake and will do what I can to support the worthy causes. I will write to our senators and congress people to tell them my thoughts, but should this petition they are sending be trusted to uphold what we as fisherman and conservation minded individuals be supported. Thanks

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