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  1. Question on Distance

    Thanks for the advise, and help will let you know. I not really interested in running that far, I was just trying to confirm the information I had figured. I understand the mental aspect. I just need to learn the area. I need to put my head down and concentrate and shut up and fish.
  2. Question on Distance

    No March 10.
  3. Question on Distance

    I just have no experience up there, I have not spent time up there to know where the good brushpiles and docks are located. I have never been able to catch fish in muddy water. and that is all I have ever found up there. I will take suggestions and am willing to learn.
  4. Question on Distance

    I have a tournament in March and for some reason they decided on Larry R Gale as a take off location. I hate fishing cold dirty water and that is all I have ever found up there. My question is this, how far in rough river miles is it to PB2. I am much more confident in my ability to locate a solid limit in the cleaner water up around Aohonna area and around PB2 but not sure how far it is by river. Thanks in advance. TR
  5. I agree with Wrench on this as being a load of BS, they have ruined small compact loaders with this emissions crap. A marine engine with this will be a horrible idea.
  6. Of all the audacity !

    We paid out the ars for this idiots arrogance, now we are gonna have to pay this out through the nose. This is a dam smart lawyer, getting his bills paid with the patrol higher ups being too blame. It seems like the old saying the truth will set you free, applies. They tried to cover there butts and exposed the tax payers to pay the bills. Government at its best.
  7. Prayer request

    Dave, I will gladly add your unspoken prayer request to my list and pray for whatever you and whoever you need it for is in need of. May God embrace your request and take all worry and fret from your mind as he is there to deal with what troubles us, if we can just give it over to him he will take care of all things in HIS NAME.
  8. Champ starter set

    Yall, need to check out through Bassmaster website for the "Man Caves", and check out G-mans boat storage garage and his peg boards.
  9. Which model of 898, side imaging down imaging???? C or CI ???? Can you add pictures of transducer and head unit????
  10. How tough are you?

    Fished Stockton one morning for club tourney, it was 16 deg at take off, my boat was in the garage as usual. Hooked and went to the lake, 1 1/4 hour drive to ramp and we took off at a slow pace. Got to a point I like and after about 10 minutes had a fish on, pulled my measure board to check length, he measured but he also stuck to the board like the tongue to the flag pole, got water in livewell and was able to get fish off the board. My buddy and I laugh about that to this day, been five or six year ago. It was sunny and calm that day got to about 40. Won that derby on a jerkbait caught fish all day it was a blast. My buddy will not longer fish with me when there is a jerkbait bite, I could not get him to get bit, gave him my rod, my jerkbait, front of the boat everything I could think of. Picked up his jerkbait rod and caught fish behind him. Fun time love winter basin.
  11. Drowning

    Once again sorry for the assumption. I just have dealt with both these type of individuals and was making judgements based on a biased opinion and my past history. My bad.
  12. Drowning

    My apologies, I misread article. I think he should be able to file wrongful termination lawsuit.
  13. Drowning

    What I think really sucks is the cop was getting paid for 2 years while they determined what everyone knew from the start, he screwed up and it was going to cost the state lots of money. Which it did, the complete situation sucks, the kids was probably belligerent, cocky and mouthy, the cop was probably the same, Training is not needed to know how to put on a lifejacket, you cannot fix stupid on either mans part. I cannot believe a lawyer was dumb enough to allow that to be said about the lifejackets. I also promise you had it been me, a poor guy with no really money the pay out would have been much less.
  14. Awesome day today (Falconry)

  15. Awesome day today (Falconry)

    That sounds like a super fun experience. That is a beautiful bird. Thanks for sharing.

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