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  1. I was wondering if anyone has fished this stretch and if it's floatable in a kayak. Thanks, Chris
  2. I’ve still got 5 weight line so I’ll give that a shot. Appreciate the advice. Chris
  3. I’ve never really fished anything other than a 5 weight, but my TFO was lost/ stolen during a recent move and I need a replacement. I see a closeout Sage Approach 490-4 on Amazon for $225. Seems like a good deal, but I was wondering how much different a 4 weight is going to be from the 5 weight. I mostly fish the trout parks/ rivers near them or the tail water at Taneycomo. I know I need a bigger rod for throwing streamers at night, but just looking for something to get me back onto the water. Is the 4 weight too light for the local streams and rivers? Thanks, Chris
  4. The San Juan river is only about an hour south of Durango (in New Mexico) if you're still thinking about heading to that area. I've never been but am going the first week of June to fish it while on the family vacation in the area. I've heard its very good.
  5. I have a double-barrel over/under Winchester Model 101 Field Model 12 gauge with 28 inch barrels I would like to sell. Bought new from Bass Pro around 3 years ago for $1,200 and some change. I shot a box of shells through it the weekend I bought it, and it has been sitting in the closet ever since. Asking $800.
  6. Hey I was just wondering if anyone knew of a place around the Springfield area where I could rent a space to store a boat. I don't have a garage and do not want to leave it outside. It's a Tahoe Q3 and is about 20ft long. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  7. Well that looks promising! I hope someone can confirm this and if its off it stays that way through the weekend.
  8. Thanks man, you just sold me. I can't afford SIMMS, I hope these are a reasonable alternative.
  9. Just wondering who was heading down for the last weekend of C&R?
  10. I'm pretty sure you can only use single hooks also. Like a rooster tail with a treble attached probably wouldn't be ok.
  11. A lot of the trails and back country sections are closed off early in the year because of bear activity. If you go in May/June your chances of running into one are much greater than if you take the trip in July/August. There are some sections that don't allow fishing until after July so make sure you check into it before you go. Yellowsotne is incredible though and you will have a great time no matter when you are there.
  12. How am I supposed to move all of my smut now!? But seriously, If I had a problem with what Brian was doing, I sure as heck wouldn't keep bumping this thread to the top by talking about it. Thats just helping him advertise.
  13. Hey Dave! It is amazing how many people from the forum you can meet without even knowing it. Yeah I lost my last brown pine squirrell in that tree across the river. I switched to black after that and didn't do any good. Have you fished the lower part much? It looks like really good water down there but that was my first time going past the first field.
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