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  1. Either tie a smaller pattern or just use what you're accustomed to. A smallie is a smallie.
  2. I'm glad you could get out. It's refreshing to escape. Keep on them!
  3. I had a similar experience in that I flipped my Ziggy under the bridge I accessed at and hooked one right after it landed and as the fish ran around, all 12" of it, a 10" smallie latched on the other hook and I almost caught my first double. I always love walking the bait back in and seeing the wakes come after the bait and then kersploosh, it's gone.
  4. Until this year, topwater wasn't my thing. I never used it for lake fish at home, nothing. After trying it in earnest, it's now the first (second and third) option out of my tackle bag. I've really fallen in love with the 80 to 95mm baits in creeks.
  5. Haha, you know it. I've been having too much fun lately.
  6. I did it again, 2 2#+ largemouth, 1 16" smallie and several from 8 to 14. 25 to 30 fish total in about 5 hours of fishing. Really, this walk the dog thing is fun. I was always skeptical, but I walk on spinning gear and now have baits from a Sammy 65 up to Zara Spooks and Dog-X Diamante. It's becoming my favorite way to catch fish in the warmer weather.
  7. Looks like a great day to me buddy.
  8. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the hooks cost me at least a couple big fish. I'll get them next time.
  9. I ordered 2 more Ziggies yesterday. I'll be changing the hooks to #6 ST36 Owners.
  10. It's not terribly skinny, but definitely has the skinny spots.
  11. Guys, I drove to a northern Ozark stream in search of smallies and was not disappointed. I waded 1.5 miles up and back dowmstream and my body is a little achy today (back pain from surgery almost 3 years ago). To say the fish cooperated was an understatement. I caught over 60 fish, 35 or so smallies, 18 or so largemouth and the rest sunfish of some persuasion. I lost the 2 biggest smallmouth, one of which would have been a PB I believe, and biggest largemouth due to my own error. I used one bait all day.
  12. I'd like to be able to say that you understand where I'm coming from. I hope that those of us conservation-minded individuals are all on the same page and desire the same thing, improved smallmouth fishing for size and numbers.
  13. @ollie was referencing the Elk, just FYI. The data was gathered over the course of nearly a decade, if I remember correctly, stream sections were surveyed, albeit not always in the most thorough manner or means and excluded for various reasons. The end result was a step towards creating better smallmouth fishing for our kids and grandkids. Did the regulations change to suit our desires? In nearly all situations, the answer is a resounding no. In this state, in the current time, with the current obstacles in front of all of us, did they make a stride? Yes. You're incorrect. Kevin Meneau was and is a vehement supporter of river smallie fishing and was instrumental in this program. MDC, as long as I can recall, has had creel surveys and other means of surveying the population in effect instead of simply shocking them up. Have you fished smallmouth bass on rivers elsewhere? We don't touch world class quality fishing and our rivers are capable of being much better. This paper was to analyze, expand or enact new SMAs. It has done that, again, not to everyone's desires. Catch and keep fishing will always be allowed in Missouri whether we like it or not. We will have to try and get more stringent regulations through in some way, shape or form as a gift to future generations of outdoorsmen and women. I guess I'm dense as I do not get the forest fire equivalency here. A deity isn't the answer here. We are dealing with science and scientific data. I'd like to see results from a shocking survey before new regs on the SMAs and now to see if there's been a change in the population density or the frequency of big smallmouth.
  14. Did you read the document when it was first released? I am asking because, in my experience, outside of SMAs, numbers are still good, even on some of these streams they excluded for various reasons. In fact, a few of those, the fishing has improved a bit. These stretches were excluded because of a species of conservation concern, lack of access, lack of regulatory support or whatever they decided.
  15. I haven't fished an SMA in years. When wading, give me the smaller creeks and I'm happy. I believe my catch rate has improved due to education and skill improvements, but I cannot prove this.
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