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  1. Hey guys, gonna shop near home.
  2. Yes. The put in is probably 20 river miles downstream. There is one or two creeks that come in there, but nothing truly sizeable. Yes, it was such a good float at that level we only drug maybe twice on a small river.
  3. I understand what you're saying. Just going off of the info from the gauge on the dates in question. I can't answer though.
  4. I pulled the numbers off the USGS gauge site. That river fishes well when it is about 4.5 and the flow around 35 cfs or so.
  5. June 9-10 2015 flow ranged from 40 cfs to 25 cfs and height from 4.77 to 4.60. Easy floating. Very good fishing on the Little Niangua.
  6. Wow, just wow. Some of these pictures are almost frameworthy!
  7. It is closer indeed. I'll be on it this year as well.
  8. Man, I'm fishing, not modelling the latest and greatest.
  9. I need to get on the Meramec more. It's a beautiful river and holds nice fish.
  10. What's the amperage rating for the pre-installed wiring?
  11. I like my Korkers, guess I'll wear them this year with some neoprene socks. I got the Simms socks 2 years ago and they're really nice for my wading boots.
  12. I've been looking at these, but I was curious how feasible they are for use on creeks and rivers, obviously with a trolling motor and what not for propulsion through pools.
  13. Al, I can't say I'd fault you for staying out west and fishing those rivers. They're gorgeous.
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