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  1. drew03cmc


    Hey, do you all toss swimbaits in small waters, rivers or ponds , like a 6" Rising Son or WCZ Citizen, Shellcracker G2, etc? I'm getting into the game and was curious if smallies or river bass in general would indulge.
  2. drew03cmc

    Baits for sale

    Sent it @Ham
  3. drew03cmc

    Baits for sale

    Cash is always welcome.
  4. drew03cmc

    Baits for sale

    I'd trade for a used Ambassadeur 6000 size reel also. @Ham, that's what I thought too.
  5. drew03cmc

    Baits for sale

    TRD Drew's Craw, new TRD Mudbug, new TRD Coppertreuse, 3 used TRD PBJ, 3 used Zinkerz Mudbug, new RI Little Dipper Sexy Shad, 2 gone Zoom Super Fluke White, new Zoom Super Fluke Baby Bass, new Red Eye Shad 1/2oz, Chili Craw, new Red Eye Shad 1/2oz, chrome blue 2 Tap Red Eye Shad 1/2oz, chrome blue 6 jigs, one ea- brown and orange, black and blue, PBJ, chartreuse craw?, purple olive and blue, olive and blue 20 Ned heads, 10-1/32, 10-1/16 $40 shipped for all
  6. drew03cmc

    Fly gear for sale

    I no longer fly fish so I have some stuff for sale. St. Croix 6'9" 4/5wt glass rod, refinished by Andy Manchester of Old Yankee Rodsmiths. Makes an incredible trout or panfish rod. I'd like to get $80 shipped. Custom 6'6" 4/5 Tadpole, fiberglass, amazing bluegill rod. $50 shipped. Phillipson T80 8' 6wt, nice small stream bass rod, $65 shipped. J.W. Young 3.5" Pridex, fits the Phillipson perfectly and holds a WF6F with some backing. $50 shipped. Pflueger Medalist 1494.5 $22 shipped. The rods are in great shape, lightly used, the Young reel is beautiful, and the Pflueger is like new. I can provide pics for you, PM me your cell# or interest and I'll send them. Make me an offer on anything you're interested in. I will make a deal for a round reel in the Ambassadeur 6000 size range.
  7. drew03cmc

    1990 Nitro/Tracker 180FS

    LS engine...solid as a rock. Buddy has a 5.3 with almost 300k on it.
  8. drew03cmc

    Middle 80's Gem

    I'll take it.
  9. drew03cmc

    Father's Day Morning Quickie

    Awesome guys.
  10. drew03cmc

    Memorial Day quickie

    You could not be more right. I'm ready and the waters are getting about right. Memories don't make themselves. I can only hope my kids are that passionate about anything buddy...
  11. drew03cmc

    Memorial Day quickie

    Good on ya Scott. Passing the info and passion along is what it's all about.
  12. drew03cmc


    Looks like a nice fish. That tail clipping has to be sampling related I would think.
  13. drew03cmc


  14. drew03cmc

    Top Water Bonanza

    Nice work buddy. I'm envious!
  15. @Smalliebigs, I found a killer deal on the Fila Skeletoes the other day. They came in yesterday and I must say...they're pretty darn comfy for city *** shoes anyway. I'm digging them.

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