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  1. Bait lot sold

    Added items
  2. Floated a new river last year

    That's a good point, but in April, I'm concerned with high water. March, might be a winner due to the activity picking up, crankbait weather... They weren't easy that day either with the apocalyptic rain, but they were right on cover for the most part.
  3. Floated a new river last year

    The little lady and I floated down to Boiling Spring from Piney Beach back in August. The day left a lot to be desired as it was cold and ended up rainy. We put in about 1030 and for the first half hour, we floated peacefully with the current, me directing, her riding, and I caught fish decently, 5 in the first half hour, one on a fluke and the rest for the day on soft craws (yes, the HiDef Craw accounted for two). I had my first follow on a Twin Spin. After about the first 45 minutes, it started raining. I don't mean drizzling, I mean biblical rain. The river came up feet overnight after we got off the water. I paddled my posterior off for the rest of the float, stopping just long enough to catch one smallie from the Gasconade and then paddle. Those two rivers are polar opposites right there, but both support jetboats. Those wakes are pretty exciting to have to cross. I'm typing all of this to say that I will be back down there in May to see what the prespawn looks like. I was intrigued by the rivers and they are calling me back now...in January. It's surely a bad idea.
  4. Baits and reels for sale/trade MAKE OFFER

    Added a few other things.
  5. Baits and reels for sale/trade MAKE OFFER

    Stradic sold, make me an offer on the rest.
  6. Baits and reels for sale/trade MAKE OFFER

    For the rest, I would be open to trades, ad updated.
  7. In search of waders for my son

    That would be an easily circumvented issue Mitch, let me know. Thanks!
  8. In search of waders for my son

    That's in Springfield though, our retail stores are high.
  9. In search of waders for my son

    Awesome. Thanks.
  10. Baits and reels for sale/trade MAKE OFFER

    Pics of the Stradic and some of the baits added.
  11. Hey all, I'm in search of bootfoot waders for my ten year old son. He hasn't had any yet and it's time. If you have some old youth waders (he wears a 12 jeans and a 6 shoe) you'd wanna get rid of cheap, I would trade some Japanese hard baits for them (Megabass, Lucky Craft, etc.) I can ship baits asap if need be. Thanks and please PM me and comment here.
  12. 7 rods and a couple reels (tri-lakes area)

    PM sent re: Compre 6'3
  13. Bait lot SOLD

    Outside Kansas City, but i ship to your door. I should add that a lot of these are new. I pulled them from their packages. The frog, buzzbaits, all three XCalibur baits, LC1.5 Spin and Sammy 85 are all new and have not seen water.

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