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  1. This makes sense. I enjoy watching people paddle and observing how they manage currents and other things of that nature.
  2. This is something I have discovered. The more I kayak fish, the more power fishing I do. When I stop to wade or rest is when the jigs or finesse stuff comes out. I can fish a fluke decently from a drifting kayak, as long as the current isn't too swift.
  3. Knowing where that was caught is still awesome. Nice fish!
  4. Those rivers in the southeast are on my to-do list. Topwater is a blast on moving water, and if given the opportunity, it's all I will throw. When they won't hit those, I will grab a Super Fluke or Jr, depending on the conditions. I've had great days on both.
  5. For years on here, I didn't think there was merit to your method of moving, moving, moving and simply tossing a fluke, squarebill or Plopper to all visible structure, but this year I did just that and had my best year for overall size and numbers while floating. The Super Fluke and I became one over the late summer and it's going to remain a big time player for me.
  6. Like it asks, do you prefer wading small creeks to floating bigger water? Im 50/50. I floated a pretty popular 5 mile stretch of the Gasconade this summer and lost the biggest smallie I've ever had on, but those days where you can sneak up on those 15 to 17" fish in 2 feet of water on waters too small to float, those are special days. I've become a huge fan of a couple rivers that I won't dare speak of here, but that you can normally cast across with even a gentle cast on a good, short casting rod. These are the types of rivers that, although called rivers, are best suited with the creek monik
  7. Gotta bring this thread back. My son and I were wading a mid-Mo creek and he caught his new PB, just over 15, but lost one that I estimated at 16-17. The kiddo is hopelessly hooked. We just picked him up a kayak to hit some more water with, too.
  8. Do I fish a jig and craw? Is water wet?
  9. My current light bait casting reel is a JDM Shimano SLX 70 DC. It's super smooth, handles fish well and I've settled on it for baits from about 3/16oz to 1/2oz, wade fishing stuff. I have it on a Scheels 6' M casting rod, forget the model, rates for 1/8-3/8. It's stuck 3lb river fish and 3" longears.
  10. I happen to have one of the old, gold, Prolites Al mentioned. I would part with it pretty reasonably. They're nice little reels.
  11. At Paydown, there are countless good areas close, but again, nobody will publicize them. Many of the older heads on here have spent decades exploring and refining the lists of wading accesses and keep these lists super close to the vest. I have several in that area that are special to me.
  12. I'm selling one of the good Bass Pro Prolites, the old gold ones, PRL05H, used, but in good shape with scratches and the BPS logo on the sidecover release button is gone. This reel casts amazing and is spooled with new 10# fluorocarbon. $50 shipped 2-Falcon FC-4-16 6' casting rods, the perfect small water rod or great for finesse topwaters up to 1/2oz. These are also used, in good shape, some scratches, etc. All guides are present and in good shape. I'd like $100 shipped for the pair. I'm open to offers on both.
  13. Yes. The put in is probably 20 river miles downstream. There is one or two creeks that come in there, but nothing truly sizeable. Yes, it was such a good float at that level we only drug maybe twice on a small river.
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