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  1. Selling 3 Pointer 78SP. $30. Prices include shipping, paypal preferred. SPF
  2. @Jadesjigs killer report man. The kids make every catch better!
  3. Triple Surgeons knot for me...rarely fails and dead simple to tie.
  4. @Johnsfolly they're talking about you bud. I used to dabble with a 1wt fly rod myself.
  5. I'm planning the next trip for us now. He hasn't stopped talking about it and the excitement has me excited.
  6. Thanks guys. All B has talked about since is how acrobatic the smallies are and how he needs to go catch more. I laughed at him and said we will soon.
  7. The first access was deep right at the bank, so that was a no go, but we went upstream next, and waded up to the next bridge. We started slow, but fishing picked up about halfway. I caught 10 smallies and he caught 4. All of his were on either a grub or a Little Dipper in shiner. Mine were on a Jackall Dera Spin, 1/8oz buzzbait and Zoom Super Fluke Jr rigged on a Gamakatsu G Finesse 2/0 hybrid EWG. When we got to 42, the skies began looking ominous and a 2wd 4cyl Ranger on wet rocks going up that access did not sound like my idea of fun. We turned around and at this point, I'd only caught 4 smallies and he had 1. We decided to make time and hit the couple best pools again, which were in the upper half of that wade. I lost the big fish of the day that had to go 16+. It hit the Fluke Jr and immediately ran downstream yanking drag. My bait flew back at me as he only had the tail...drat. I caught 3 over 12, big fish at about 14. When he caught his first, the smile said it all. The rains ran us off the creek after about 4 hours, but a lifetime of memories were made and it's a creek I'll definitely be back to next month.
  8. It'll be the only rod I take wading. They're really a nice casting rod.
  9. The paddlers guide is on my bookshelf and it serves a good purpose. That makes this an exciting choice. I asked Braden and he wants to catch his first smallie where I did. Mule Shoe is a good starting point and then hit a few more bridges above. Thanks a bunch guys!
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking to acquire a couple more of these. I have one and it's the perfect creek rod. It's the older pistol grip 5'6" rod like in the picture. PM me if you have one available.
  11. I'm taking my 12 year old son after his first smallie on Monday. We want to wade, preferably within 3 hours of south Kansas City, but I'm not sure how high up a few rivers can be accessed or how high we are wasting our time. If anyone has any public suggestions, give us a hand, but if anyone has any quiet suggestions, please PM us and know that your creeks or rivers will be kept quiet. We were thinking of going above Mule Shoe on the Little Niangua, but it's small at MS, so who knows how far up is really feasible. I only ask to minimize time driving from creek to creek as we aren't really able to slip away all that often. Thanks for the help, any and all is appreciated.
  12. Nice fish guys! Looks like the kids had a blast.
  13. We have hashed this out on here before, but I've seen guys land big fish on UL spin gear in no time flat to no detriment of the fish. Saying that, I don't float or wade fish with less than a M powered rod because I prefer getting them in and releasing as quickly as possible, not to mention, I throw baits that often weigh 1/2oz or better. Now, with regards to UL smallie tactics, even a 1/32oz head and half a Zero is 3/8oz. You can use 10-15# Power Pro and a 6 to 8# leader on a ML or M rod just fine. Heck, any decent casting gear will sling it forever. True UL tactics are out of place, 2 to 4lb test, etc. Save them for the trout and panfish.
  14. Absolutely. I have a knack for fishing a bait until it gets bit, leaving it on the days and weeks it can often take. I'm practicing walking baits constantly. It's made me slow down and think about what I'm doing with both hands, kind of like rubbing my head and patting my belly. I hadn't heard Norm passed. I always enjoyed reading his exploits!
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