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  1. Secluded Multi-Day Float Suggestions

    Live craws? Catch and release is the aim here. The upper Gasconade is way too small for jets, so there's that option. Maybe go upstream on Pomme as well? I don't know anyone who floats this water, but it seems like it would be amazing.
  2. River is still up

    Man, that's a nice one.
  3. What's better than this?

    Man, @Smalliebigs and I must have just caught rough conditions. Looks like you're slaying it.
  4. A little after dinner action!

    darn nice fish!!!
  5. Cheap baits DELETE PLEASE

    Please delete.
  6. St. Croix fly rod

    I'm selling a refurbished St. Croix glass 4/5wt 6'9" rod. It casts amazing with a standard weighted WF5F line. It is ideal for wild trout creeks, bluegill, small creeks in general. It's in amazing shape and was redone by Andy Manchester from Old Yankee Rodsmith. I'd let it go for $100 shipped, $80 face to face in the KC area. I also have a couple other rods
  7. Met a new friend and tough conditions 3/3/18

    No worries man, we will get together and float this year. It'll be spectacular. The conditions weren't great, or even good, but time on the water with new friends is always worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Looking forward to it!
  8. Met a new friend and tough conditions 3/3/18

    Scott, Saturday was amazing. It's nice to meet more and more people you can connect with about river fishing the way we all did. Aaron is the definite king of that waterway and it simply amazed me how he would explain spots that seemed completely innocuous to the bystander. I've learned a lot and will continue to do so. That drum was one big surprise that I did not expect. My hoodie smelled of drum slime the whole way back to KC. I can't wait to get back out there and experience that river at it's best and float some new water soon. Thanks fellas!
  9. First cast

    Water like that intrigues and frustrates me. I believe my lack of a leader made the difference. It's a shame too.
  10. The rain helped

    Can't wait!
  11. Frogs, yes or no on the rivers?

    Awesome. I guess I need to stock up.
  12. Frogs, yes or no on the rivers?

    Ronnie, I have seen some water that would scream frog to me, but wasn't aware that smallies would assault them like a green fish in a pond. Is that your choice of color as well? I'll have to try a frog up here on ponds and lakes as well as this summer on the few floats I have planned. Now, tackle-wise, the gear I am currently sitting with includes a 6-6M spinning rod with 6lb YZH, 6-6M casting rod with 10lb YZH and a 6-6MH casting rod with 12lb YZH. I'd assume the MH would be the more appropriate rod for the frog, correct? Would that line be adequate (Hybrid breaks at least 40% above rated. 10 is closer to 16, etc)? Thanks guys.
  13. Do you use them? When and how?
  14. I'm an 11 and wade, but hey...

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