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  1. As an old ichthyologist I know some of those minnows are extremely difficult to key without the specimen in hand, many times comes down to fin ray or pharyngeal teeth counts, doubt you will ever know for certain.
  2. Pretty packed but relatively calm thank goodness! Would have rather been fishing with you.
  3. Those podded fish get pretty spooky in this clear water if it is the species I think you are talking about. White double deceivers or cotton candy color work good when they are willing.
  4. Nice Ham, I have never seen one here but have seen plenty of six lined racerunners which are green as well.
  5. I used to work for kdwp and helped on the mined land wildlife area, it has been years, but trout pit can be fished from shore, however if you can get an old canoe or jonboat it will open up many opportunities in the pits. There are some great fish in the pits, but some are better than others and there is a learning curve as they are nothing like the lakes and ponds we are used to fishing.
  6. I would suggest taking someone with rowing experience with you on that first trip, things happen fast in moving water and an experienced rower can save you a lot of trouble, not to mention wear and tear on the boat.
  7. Hey Justin,

    Hoping to get a shuttle this Saturday (2/20) and maybe a campsite Saturday night.  Would arrive about 11am.  Are you open and how's the fishing?  Will send an email to the ranch as well,



  8. I'm sure water was several feet deep in the lodge, but haven't talked to Myron about damage. To my knowledge the spring hasn't been stocked in years, Myron would be the one to talk to as he now has a hand in management. I know the previous manager and was allowed to fish the property in the past, but due to difficult access and heavy vegetation in the spring branch I never bothered fishing the spring itself. It is a beautiful spring and property with some good fishing in the main river.
  9. The pontoons are officially dead, I need to get it off the site, we have a couple jackson coosa kayaks that are okay to fish from, but fly fishing from a kayak or canoe is difficult to me unless you have someone control the canoe while the other person fishes. Most of the time you will just use the boat to get from fishing spot to fishing spot, then get out and wade.
  10. Both NFoW and 11 point can be fished without a guide if water isn't too high, guide will help however. Give me a call at Sunburst if you need any info, I do some streamside guiding as well which is a cheaper alternative if you just want a quick lesson on how we approach things on this river. Brian Sloss is your man on the 11 point, he has good cheap lodging, we have lodging also.
  11. Civil disobedience does not involve arming yourselves and occupying government buildings. I hope they have a peaceful ending and then issue these men some government owned clothes and allow them to occupy a government facility in Leavenworth for 5-10, maybe a reunion with the Hammonds is the best thing for them. This cannot go unpunished even though government does overstep its bounds it is still our government and must be respected.
  12. Looks like citizens are taking things into their own hands, keep up the good work and please join in if you are against these terrorists. http://gawker.com/angry-militia-leader-stop-mailing-us-dildos-1752580458
  13. Glad you had a good time, next time I will just shadow you guys around carrying my bow!
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