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  1. Good point 3wt. I hadn't thought about that. Anyone out there know someone that could possibly give us a ruling on this? John
  2. Very interesting tie. Think I'll have to try these and see how they work. I'll post my results. Thanks Dano. John
  3. Sounds like you had a great time other than the fly box. Don't people like that just really suck! Glad you had fun, sorry about the box. But, like you said - know you have an excuse to hit the tying bench. Thanks for reporting. John
  4. I echo all the other comments - WOW! They must be really proud of their place. I hope they do well, but it's not for me. I'll take my money and spend it in one of the fly shops near Taney, RR, Bennett, etc. John
  5. OUTSTANDING! Congrats to the both of you. I look forward to booking a trip up there with my son when he comes back from overseas! Can't wait. John
  6. I should be able to make it. The calender is clear for Friday and Saturday. I'll check with the boss and make sure she doesn't have any other plans and will let you know for sure. John
  7. Outstanding! The "special coffee" is on me the next time we meet up. John
  8. Sorry Michael, "closing" wasn't the word I really meant. I meant to say, "Sorry your leaving us." John
  9. Sorry to hear your closing, but very happy to hear that you have opened a new chapter in your life. Hope that all goes as planned and a very successful new adventure. May you have fair seas and following winds . . . John
  10. Welcome to the forum. I'm sure we will learn much from you as well. John
  11. Okay, my curiosity is up now. I think I understand the toaster oven; for the powder paint curing? But, the fluid bed has me puzzled or maybe I don't understand what you mean by fluid bed. Please explain. Thanks, John
  12. Slider - I also found them and they are a bit pricing. Don't see me getting one of those. They also have a cheaper model with six cavities of different sizes. But it only has one cavity in the 1/80 size. G - if your going to be in the area and wouldn't mind seeing if they still have the molds I would appreciate it. If they do could you send me the contact info and I'll see about a trip down that way. Thanks for both of the replys. Tight Lines - John
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