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  1. https://apps.mshp.dps.mo.gov/HP68/AccidentDetailsAction?ACC_RPT_NUM=210070746 Be careful if you come this way.
  2. awhuber

    Photo thread

    Baptist Camp access Dent County Ozark NSR
  3. May be tough for the land owner depending on where he is in the "restoration zone". There were 30 eligible landowners for the tag drawing. I am sure some in the zone have never had an elk on their property and they have to hunt there. I have 120 acres for sale in the zone that have elk visit regularly.
  4. When we show property in Iron, Reynolds, and parts of Shannon, The damage is pretty amazing.
  5. awhuber

    What's Cooking?

    The only thing that bacon needs is more bacon. My Grand Daughter is staying with us for a few days and requested my BWB. Take a slice a slice of Canadian bacon and put a tbs of cream cheese mixed with crushed pineapple on it. Fold and wrap with regular sliced bacon. Tooth picks to hold together and grill to your desired crispiness. There are a couple of jalapeno poppers in here, too.
  6. My personal opinion. I would not do this stretch in that boat.
  7. Plenty of bears on the upper Current river.
  8. The hive beetles have not been bad here this year. We use oil traps in the top box and have only had a couple in 5 hives. We pulled 40 med. frames on fathers day and got 10 gallons. The frames are all full again so we are going to pull them again and should get 50 frames this time. Put the wets back and probably leave the honey they make for over winter. It is possible we get one more harvest. if it keep raining.
  9. You would have to walk every riffle and a lot of the holes aint very deep. If you like to hike they would be perfect.
  10. I worked at the plant from 84 to 94. I sent you a pm
  11. That's. a funny one there. I was in UAW, too. The D's pushed NAFTA on us. When Richard Gerhardt would come and and we would complain that it would kill our jobs, he would tell us they would fix it after it passed. If I could point to one thing that turned the folks at Wentzville assembly into republicans NAFTA would be it.
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