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  1. I just checked the water levels at Caplinger Mill and it seems like they started running some water out of Stockton yesterday. I figured if they drop the lake 1" a day it will take them 7 months to get back to power pool level IF it doesn't rain any more. I then looked at the long range rain forcast and cried. Ugghhh
  2. Posted May 24 Stockton record level 885.94, it's at 882.99 now. What's your guess? Posted by Richocet 15 (I hope I spelled that right, lol)
  3. Someone called the Corp office and got the information. They posted it on an earlier thread but I haven't been able to find it.
  4. Man, you know how to give a fishing report. Love reading them. Thank you.
  5. Freefallin commented on the acres and acres of new flooded cover. Ph how true but also think about how much food washed in. Tons of minnows from the rivers, tons and tons of worms, insects, etc. After a buffet like that it is no wonder fishing is tough.
  6. It looks like they have started running water heavily. I checked the Capplinger data and it is way up in the last 24 hours or so. https://waterdata.usgs.gov/mo/nwis/uv/?site_no=06919900&amp
  7. I have got to agree with flysmallie on that.
  8. "The few females we caught looked to be assimilating their eggs. " I have been sort of expecting this. I have seen it a few times in past years when temps vary a lot and water roses rapidly. I remember back in April and very early May the temps would be in the 50s a couple of days and then the 70s for a couple days over and over. That can certainly cause then to reabsorb their eggs.
  9. Now that is a fishing report. I appreciate all the details. Great job Old dog.
  10. Ditto. Focus on rocky areas or chunk rock and shallow.
  11. I hear maybe 2" of rain this weekend and maybe some more heavy rain around Wed.
  12. I just noticed that the Corp have started running water out of Stockton. Started yesterday. O thought you all might want to know. It may pull the fish a little deeper.
  13. FYI - They have not been pulling water out of Stockton for around 2 weeks.
  14. Actually a foam filled bass boat with 900 lbs of positive floatation will sink. Mine did. I had a long talk to the Coast Guard office and they explained it this way. The 900 pounds of positive flotation is a rating for the boat and its recommended motor. If you install more than 900 lbs in the boat (batteries, gear, people, trolling motor, etc the edge of the boat will drop below water line and the boat will sink. Of course the batteries. outboard, and many mechanical items are in the back of the boat and pull the rear down first. It will sink like a huge bobber going down. lol I talked to Ranger and they said if loaded to heavy they certainly will sink and it happens a lot of times when people use two outboards, 3 or 4 batteries as well. The Coast Guard directed me to a website database with their records of boat sinking. You would not believe how many bass boats sink on LOZ and other local lakes.
  15. I had a bass boat of mine sink on me about 20 years ago. All my friends and workers said I was crazy because bass boats don't sink. I had a picture of it but many still wouldn't believe me. Either that boat partly sunk or it is the biggest bobber I have ever seen. lol
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