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  1. I can remember easily when you never say more than 25 boats at the major launches, even on the weekends. There was no overflow parking at any launch and no you don't get to guess my age. lol
  2. Interesting as we stopped fishing the brush piles over 10' because we caught no crappie of any kind and never marked any fish either. Maybe those brush piles are the wrong kind of trees. lol
  3. Interesting Sam. Have fished for crappie heavy the last 4 weeks. Averaging 30 to 40 a day but usually only 2 to 4 keepers each trip. They run around 10 ft deep. Of the approximately 140 crappie in those four days all were black crappie except 3!! No white crappie. All caught on brush piles. Go figure.
  4. Oh yea, I just remembered...There is a website called "Korea OnDemand". Mostly it contains Korean TV shows and Movies BUT it has a section on sports and there is a lot of Koran fishing shows there. You might find them interesting. There is a toggle on the home page for Videos in Korean and Videos in English. The good this is you can still watch the Korean ones, you don't need to understand the language to know what they are doing. lol
  5. When I was stationed in Korea during the war I fished Korean waters a lot. They all do slip bobber fishing but it is not like anything you have probably ever seen here. The Korean fisherman were very willing to share info and taught me what I know about this technique. I have included a link to a video showing Korean fishing (including the bobbers) as well as a carp fishing link that is almost exclusively about the use of these bobbers for carp. These bobbers are used by almost everyone in the orient and Europe for carp fishing (which is a big deal there). I think you will find this info ver
  6. Oh, I enjoy that post. My wife uses 10 lb test and I use 14 lb test in case we hook a big bass or catfish. We have already caught 7 flatheads this year while crappie fishing, and my PB largemouth, 6 1/2 lbs, was caught on my slip bobber rig.
  7. My favorite commercial bobber is the thill. The longer and skinnier the better. The skinnier the less water resistance when pulled under water and the less the fish feels.
  8. The pre-knot string stoppers are the best of the two. I actually tie my own string knots to the line, I buy cotton string, cut a small piece (4 or 5 "), wrap it around my line 5 times and then place two square knots in it. Tighten each square knot firmly but not too much. When finished trim the excess line. If you do get the knot too tight and it will not move then just soak it in the lake for about 20 seconds and it will usually slide after that. I bought a large spool of that cotton line from a fabric shop about 15 years ago for $7 and I still have plenty left. Cheap bobber sto
  9. My wife and I have fished slip bobbers for over 30 years and we love it. Your trip sounds similar to ours on Friday and Sunday, 22 keeper crappie on Friday, 17 on Sunday. Slow but steady. All 10' deep. No pattern, some while drifting minnows, some while in deep water some in shallow and some along steep banks. Water temp 82F and clarity 4 ft. We also caught 4 channels and a nice flathead cat. Several bass of 13 to 16", all 10' deep.
  10. Thanks for the added details. We dished several but never located any balls of shad. That can make a great day.I am glad you had a great day.
  11. Well I must admit, apparently you two are a lot better fisherman than my wife and I. I posted about our Saturday trip a couple of days ago. We scanned everythinmg in site and could not find any fish. We even drifted minnows thinking they might be suspended. We never saw ant fish on our graphs in the open water. They must have been waiting for you two. Great job.
  12. I haven't heard anything about night fishing for crappie yet but if the lake drops some more then it should kick in.
  13. The wife and I put in at CC this morning and spent the first 4 hours after crappie. Not a bite and very few on the fish finder. After that we changed to catfish. We knew that they had been picking up a few spawners on the rock riprap at CC so we went shallow off the flooded buck brush and only found 1 small channel. we then moved to a steep rock bank and worked it. Nothing. Very strange. We went to another rock bank and the wife fished it shallow for spawning channels and I fished 15 to 20 feet deep for flatheads. I had caught a few in that area before. I managed to come up with 4 flatheads bu
  14. The wife and I have both caught 4 or 5 walleye in the 26 to 27" range over the years. All caught on large minnows.
  15. We used minnows but they just didn't seem hungry. lol,
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