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  1. straw hat

    Used Motor

    Thanks everyone for the advice.
  2. straw hat

    Used Motor

    Well guts, budget guys is around $1200 installed. Would like a motor of 2000 or newer. Now having said that I do realize I am asking the impossible. I am not handy with repairing outboards so looking for low maintenance (newer one). Also at my age it gets tough to do the work yourself to install a motor. Like I say, asking the impossible but I wanted to give it a try anyway.
  3. straw hat

    Used Motor

    I must admit, I hate outboard motors, copy machines and lawnmowers. They never seem to work right or last long. lol I was looking for something a little newer than that to be honest. I think I will pass. The way I feel about boats/motors right now is that I may take my boat out to the lake, drill too holes in the pontoons and make a brush pile out of it. lol Thank you for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. straw hat

    Used Motor

    You know I should have contacted you. My 1997 50 horse Force motor blew out two sets of gaskets on the motor and broke two motor bolts. They wanted to charge me $700 to fix it and I had to pay $225 just for the estimate. I didn't see the sense in putting that much money into a 20 year old motor that had already been rebuilt once before. What I wanted to mention was they wanted me to pay an extra $40 to take the old motor off my hands. I would up salvaging what parts I could and selling it for scrap metal. I would have just as soon given it to you for parts.
  5. straw hat

    Used Motor

    Sounds good Fishinwrench. Can you tell me what year? It looks to me like you are in LOZ area is that correct?
  6. straw hat

    Used Motor

    I live on a fixed income so the cheaper the price the better. lol I would have to have electronic ignition but other than that no special conditions. Can you give me some details on the unit please?
  7. straw hat

    Used Motor

    Looking for a good used motor for my pontoon boat. Preferably around 30 to 50 horse. If you have such a beast for sale please let me know. Thanks
  8. straw hat


    I read this title and got all excited. I thought it would be about flathead catfish. Now I have to go get my heart rate down.. lol
  9. straw hat

    Thougher than a boot

    I don't know how I made that funky looking post but I did. lol
  10. straw hat

    Thougher than a boot

    Although most fish do not actually undergo estivation (summer hibernation) they do develop a similar state if the water temperature reaches a certain point. Their eespiration and metabolism slows and activity is greatly reduce. The following article is a fairly good over view of the process. http://sciencefairwater.com/physical-water-quality-parameters/water-temperature/water-temperature-effects-on-fish-and-aquatic-life/
  11. straw hat

    Shaws Bluff

    You may do Ok. Ours were all shallow. Good luck.
  12. straw hat

    Shaws Bluff

    Well not as good a trip as last time. We only caught 6 keeper crappie. This summer we have caught nearly all our fish on fallen logs and rock drop offs and virtually none on standing timer. Fish were all caught 6 to 10' deep on windy banks.Water was a lot greener than 2 weeks ago. Water temp 88 to 90 at the surface and 87 to 89 down 5 feet. When we finally packed it in and headed back to the launch, about half way my motor sound changed suddenly and the motor started shaking very bad. I looked back at the motor and there was a rubber gasket from where the top unit attaches to the bottom unit. et hanging down. So I have to add that to my project list. When we finally got home and my wife started to open her door on the truck the handle broke into 100 pieces, very sharp pieces to boot. Never seen one do something like that. The mechanism jammed in the open position so I had to tie the door shut with a bungee cord. Well, there is another thing to add to the project list. That is life though. The good news is it gives us something to complain about. lol
  13. straw hat

    Just wondering...

    I have a canopy on my pontoon so the wife and I can handle things until it gets up around 92 or 93. It sort of depends on how much breeze there is too. We bring tons of ice and place wet cool towels around our neck or on top our heads to keep us cooled of. Of course we stay well hydrated too. I must admit that a high of 80 sounds real inviting though. Everyone take care out there.
  14. straw hat

    Shaws bluff

    Good point Ranger. Just referring to areas marked with a No Wake Buoy.
  15. straw hat

    Shaws bluff

    You must be at idle speed if within 100' of "any dock, pier, occupied anchored boat or buoyed restricted area ". Until this new law goes into effect the limit is 200'. I confirmed it in a conversation with the Highway Patrol Water Patrol agent. It has also been the law since I drove boats on the Gulf of Mexico in 1977. Yes I am that old and being that I am that old I thought things had maybe changed but I guess not. I am not trying to make anyone upset or even asking anyone to change. I just though you should all be aware.

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