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  1. straw hat


    Thanks Ketchup.
  2. straw hat


    Thanks so much for the info guys. I have been a couple of times lately north of CC and even with 35 ft of water couldn't find a suggestion of a thermocline.
  3. straw hat


    Does anyone know how deep the thermocline is after all this heat. Thanks in advance.
  4. straw hat

    Fish Cleaning Stations?

    I have several times at CC. I think most agents would agree with you though MOPanfisher.
  5. straw hat

    Fish Cleaning Stations?

    I had a discussion with a conservation agent several years ago about cleaning stations. I was at the CC boat ramp at the time and he was issuing a ticket to a bank fisherman for cleaning fish at the lake. I already new about the rule that you can not clean fish within the immediate area of a lake or river. I asked him what about the fish cleaning stations such as the ones listed above. He said fish cleaning stations are legal but cleaning fish there are not. (Good grief) The reason is that it would be easy for a fisherman to clean an undersized fish and throw it on ice right away and the agent would not be able to tell its total length. I have certainly seen a lot of tickets issued to bank and boat fisherman over the years for cleaning fish on the lake. Just thought I would mention it.
  6. straw hat

    Hot day on Stockton

    Well the wife did it to me again. We fought the heat and it was tough fishing but on one rocky steep point we managed to catch 5 keeper crappie, 2 whites, 3# channel cat and loose a 20 lb flathead at the boat. And, of course, my wife had to catch another nice walleye. 24" and almost 5 lbs. That sucker was 5' deep on a hot bright bluebird day at 3 PM. I thought they were suppose to be sensitive to light. lol
  7. straw hat

    Crappie egg development

    From; https://www.researchgate.net/publication/233247620_Egg_Development_in_a_High-Density_Black_Crappie_Pomoxis_nigromacuIatus_Population Nebraska Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit -- Staff Publications Nebraska Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit 1996 Egg Development in a High-Density Black Crappie (Pomoxis nigromacuIatus) Population Page 454 shows the number of eggs of each size from April thru August. [lease note that after span a large number of very small eggs remain that will develop into next years eggs. These remaining eggs are normally red to orange in color. https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrEwSfTdgVbgyYAxNY2nIlQ?p=crappie+eggs&hsimp=yhs-att_001&hspart=att&type=sbc_dial&fr=yhs-att-att_001&fr2=p%3As%2Cv%3Ai%2Cm%3Apivot#id=2&vid=c19c2ff1223f108c8b2dc08ba367c1bf&action=view A simple video showing basic egg development. Pictures in order - Immature, notice pale color, small size and eggs are stuck together. blood vessels less visible. Male sperm duct Mature - Yellow, larger size and eggs separate easily. Blood vessels more apparent.
  8. straw hat

    Spawned out?

    Those are those are next years eggs for spawning. They will begin to slowly develop around November and then accelerate as weather warms in the spring. If the ovary are examined under a high poser microscope you will even find ova (eggs) that are extremely tiny in some of the membranes. These will become eggs for 2020 (if they aren't caught first, lol). By the way, when growing up many people ate the ripe eggs of spawning fish like crappie, bass, etc. The only issue is that they are high in cholesterol. I haven't heard of people eating the eggs in years though.
  9. straw hat

    Organized Chaos

    The wife and I where looking forward to a lazy day on the lake this Saturday. I looked at the Corp regatta website and found where there is 8 bass tourneys on Saturday and one 'fishing' tourney and 6 more on Sunday. Not only that but there is a sail boat race both days. That lake is going to look like someone took a blender to it. I think my garden needs weeding. lol
  10. straw hat


    CC is beginning to slow down also. Still a few boats in overflow parking but a lot better than before.
  11. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/01/health/ticks-mosquitoes-diseases.html This is an interesting article from the CDC on how new diseases are entering the US form other countries, we even now have the Asian tick in the USA. Many serious and even fatal diseases accompany this little buggers. With warmer winters there is better survival and therefore more of them the next year.
  12. straw hat

    Stockton behemoth

    Oh, MoCarp, that brings back memories. Trapping helped pay my way through college. I trapped for about 15 years. Back in those days if some woman say you buy a steel trap in a store she would unload on you for hurting those poor critters. Animal rights advocates and the fake fur movement was in full swing.
  13. straw hat

    Stockton behemoth

    Also, as MoCarp's second picture states, there is no claw marks with a puma. The claws are retracted inside while walking.
  14. straw hat

    Rock rip rap.

    We use something that looks like a drop shot rig on the bottom. First thing is an ultralight bobber (preferable Thill), then a slip knot to adjust depth. A hook loop knotted and then 6" to a foot to another loop knot with hook. another foot of line and then at the end just enough split shot so that the bobber floats but points in the air. This is important for the crappie because they often feed up so you know when you have a bit because the bobber will lay flat. By adjusting the slip knot you can set the line to float just right to float over he rocks or other cover. In rocky areas your slip shot will be the first thing to get hung between the rocks but all you have to do is pull and the slip shot will slide off the end of the line and you do not disturb the area and you get your rig back minus the split shot. In brushy territory? Well all I can say is that you better have your depth set right so you float over the top of the brush. That description is probably as clear as mud so if you have questions feel free to ask.
  15. straw hat

    Rock rip rap.

    Last weekend and today the wife and I worked some rock rip rap around Stockton. We managed to get about 7 keeper crappie (all post spawn), and the wife caught a 2 lb largemouth and this 7 lb, 26" fat as a butterball walleye. She was in 7th heaven. It meant a lot to me to see her eyes light up like that. We noticed the cats are moving into the rocks. We caught 10 channels and 2 flatheads with the biggest flathead only 7 lbs. Not to bad for being lazy and setting on a rock in the sun..

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