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  1. straw hat

    Polar Bear Tournament Series

    My heart and my prayers go out to his family. So sad.
  2. straw hat

    Polar Bear Tournament Series

    That doesn't sound good. Lets hope it was nothing serious.
  3. straw hat

    Polar Bear Tournament Series

    What is the current bag limit and length limit on polar bears?
  4. straw hat

    Water Temp?

    May the Lord bless you with many fishing trips during your retirement and may they all be rewarding.
  5. straw hat

    Water Temp?

    Sorry to reply so late. Slow day. Fish have started to move deeper and are very spread out. Got to keep moving. Good luck.
  6. straw hat

    Water Temp?

    CC - Water temp 72. 5' of clarity and some green coloration.
  7. straw hat

    Water Temp?

    CC area 77 to 79 today. About 4 foot of clarity.
  8. straw hat

    Water Temp?

    Same as freefallin.
  9. straw hat

    9/14 report

    Put in at CC (Greenfield). Water temp 78, 4' visibility. Water green. Lots of small crappie and small whites. Most everything else slow. Did come home with 10 keeper crappie.
  10. straw hat

    9/2/18 Crappie

    That's them!!
  11. straw hat

    9/2/18 Crappie

    Past experience. Back in the 80's my wife and I used to limit out on black nose crappie (a subspecies of black crappie in 2 to 5' of water all summer long. Black nose crappie are very aggressive and are easily over fished. I haven't caught one since probably 1995. During those later years we noticed we could still catch regular black crappie at the same depth during summer but only at certain locations. Spots that produce seem to produce constantly. Places that don't produce usually suck constantly. lol The wife and I put out small brush piles in places that looked good in order to have more places to hit and it has really helped. What is amazing is that things are most productive on very hot sunny days as the fish will collect against big rocks, stumps and small brush piles in order to get in to any shade that is available. We will tie up or anchor and flip small slip bobbers out to these locations. A slip bobber gets caught up less. We ill pick up 2 or 3 and move to the next spot. If it is a windy day then you will also catch white crappie with the blacks in windy locations. I think that part of the reason they pick this shallow location is increased oxygen content in the shallow water especially when windy. Normally we notice that this pattern starts when the water temperature reaches around 71 or 72 and will last until water temps fall back down below this level. You do have a point about the open water. Many many white crappie are caught in summer trolling or drifting the open water chasing shad. Find the shad, find the crappie. I hope this helps.
  12. straw hat

    9/2/18 Crappie

    Fished CC area. Water temp 80F. Fairly "green" water. Visibility 3 ft.. The wife and I caught 21 keeper crappie. Most 4 to 6' deep in standing timber on windy bank. Real shallow. A few vey small white bass. Caught 5 channels including a 4 lb and 6 1/2 lber. All in all not a bad idea although did have to fight the wind a lot but at least it wasn't too hot out.
  13. straw hat

    A gas line question if you please?

    The twist lock connectors I have had in the past tend to leak a little but they have probably improved since "then". (1965?) Worth another look. This stupid hose barb on the motor seems very flimsy and it does not seem to be threaded on as there is no hex design on it to grab with a wrench, etc. It is also recessed into the motor and very difficult to access.
  14. straw hat

    A gas line question if you please?

    That is possible. I will have to see what I can do. Thanks
  15. My 50 hp Force died a couple weeks ago and I had to break down and get a new 50 hp Mercury. Ni problems getting it to mount and connect to my trim/ignition/etc. But, the gas line for my old motor connected to the motor with a two prong snap on fitting which I liked. It allowed me to disconnect the line and take the gas tank into the garage were it would be safe. My new motor just has a hose nipple. You just slide on the gas hose and put a hose clamp on it but this would make it difficult to disconnect after each trip and bring it into the garage. Do you guys know if there is any way to adapt this new motor to a snap connection?

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