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  1. Glad you have recovered. Good to have you back.
  2. You might check this out. Those guys on this site know everything. lol
  3. According to my notes the coffer dam is about 600 ft in front of the mouth of the chute that feeds the dam. So to clarify... There is a straight chute from the main lake to the dam. If you draw a straight line across the mouth of the chute the coffer dam is parallel to that line and about 600 ft out. My notes indicate that the top of the coffer dam was about 30' deep at normal lake level. Some friend use to catch walleye off the top of that dam during summer and winter both. I hope this helps,
  4. I can get an estimate. Be back soon with the info.
  5. Lifeis2Short My wife and I used to do a lot of winter fishing for crappie in years past (It is too hard on us at our age know, lol). We had noticed the same thing as you. black crappie run about 5 to 10 ft shallower than the white crappie. We mainly fished bluffs though. if we were catching black crappie and the bite slowed down we could usually drop a few feet deeper and pick up some white crappie.
  6. Now this is interesting. Fishingwrench - Your article on old sayings, well to say the least, makes me feel old as I am familiar with most and have used many. Uggghh. I remember gas at 17 cents a gallon. Us old folks need to go take a nap.
  7. I thought it was moonlighting but I can't find a reference to it in any of the internet old sayings websites. Are you sure Laker 67? Don't worry, I won't ask about your age. lol
  8. I am brain dead (not unusual). Back in the early 1900's men would often take their date out at night and pour gasoline or oil on a puddle of water and watch the rainbow effect of the moon light shining of the surface. There is an old expression for that but I just can't remember it. Does any one know. This has been eating me up for 2 days now. Help!!
  9. Oh Boy...Another flood warning has been issued. Aren't we lucky!! NOT!!
  10. straw hat

    Anybody ?

    Well obviously I am computer illiterate. lol I couldn't get the post to print the name right across the top so I was going to cancel the post and re-enter it and it wouldn't delete the post. I just hope everyone can read from the top down like the Chinese do. lol
  11. straw hat

    Anybody ?

    305 Straw Hat Report post Posted December 5, 2019 I am just curious on everyone's thoughts on the lake level. Usually by November the Corp has started to draw down the lake in preparation for the spring rains, Certainly by this date the lake is at least a foot or so below normal. This year they are letting the lake level actually rise. This makes me concerned about what kind of high water we will have next spring. Last year was bad enough. Any thoughts? Boy I don't know who this guy is but he sure is a genius!! lol I agree with what you all are saying. It will be another year of ramp closures and flood water. Yeah!!! NOT!!!
  12. straw hat

    Anybody ?

    Best wishes on your recovery. Don't worry about the fishing your health is a lot more important. Take care.
  13. Happy New Year to all. Be safe on the water this year.
  14. Well, 5 days on the lake in the last 9. Total - 2 crappie. You name it we fished it. Mostly I wanted to say Merry Christmas to al of you and a Happy and healthy New Year.
  15. "Perhaps they are keeping it high so Truman can be drawn down to winter pool first? It appears they have been dropping it. " That is a good point. My6 wife and I do a lot of bank fishing in the spring so last year was a wash out for us. Literally. All of our favorite launches were way too high to even consider launching. If I remember right we made our first trip in late July.
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