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  1. When you feel uncomfortable doing something it should always make you rethink the situation. Error on the side of safety when in doubt but at least be sure to wear a life jacket and carry your cell phone on a water proof bag just in case.
  2. I looked at dozens of definitions which all said a depth a which a sudden change in water temperature occurs. Well, that is no help. What is sudden to one person may not seem so for others BUT I did find this definition in several research journals. It sounds as good as anything to go by. By this definition there would be no clear specific thermocline in many of the values on the MDC data. But that is not much of a change over 3 ft of water distance. I always measure my surface water temperature at the 5' depth mark because the probe is not exposed to too much direct heating and the top ft is often a few degrees warmer than at 5 ft. Does that mean the thermocline is in the top 5 ft. Not even. The definition I saw the most often was "where the steepest change in water temperature on a temperature/depth graph. More of a common sense approach. So in hind sight I would say I don't really see that sharp a change in the earlier graphs but I agree with you guys that the July 10th graph does reflect a thermocline round 21'. https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/the_thermocline_a_summer_phenomenon_in_michigan_inland_lakes The thermocline is defined as the “depth at which the temperature gradient is steepest during the summer; usually this gradient must be at least 1 degree Celsius per meter of depth” according to the University of Minnesota’s Water on the Web.
  3. you brought up a good point mojorig. I was taught in school at least a 10 degree drop. Around 3 degree drop centigrade. I will do some checking around and see if I can find a "standard" definition.
  4. Thanks for the link Mojorig. I use to monitor that information regularly and then in 2016 the website was shutdown. I am glad they have restarted it again. I looked at those graphs and am afraid I saw no thermocline in any of those 9just my opinion). Usually with a thermocline there is a sudden drop in temperature at the depth of the thermocline. Those graphs generally looked like a slow steady decline in temperature as the depth increases.
  5. I always use minnows. Yes to the standing timer and a definite no to the brush piles. It won't be long until that changes though.
  6. The wife and I have been doing fairly well until the cool weather hit. Last two trips no crappie, not even a small one. I wish I had the answer. Lately though they have been mostly around standing timber. Good Luck.
  7. Rootman, minnows only. By the way my dear wife "reminded" me to edit my report to include her 8 lb flathead she caught. Oooopps Went today too and never caught a crappie. Man did we get rained on. Oh well, that is fishing.
  8. Crappie bite seems to be heating up for us. We caught 12 keepers on the 19th and 19 keepers on the 21st. Water temp 80 to 82, 3' visibility and all fish were 1 to 5 ft deep and in heavy cover.
  9. Sexed many walleyes over the years and that is true. With experience a good biologist can hit around 95% accuracy. I wouldn't used the term key shaped though More like an elongated tear drop.
  10. Launched at CC yesterday morning. Spent a lot of time scanning and really marked only a few fish until I got to within a half mile of Shaw's Bluff. Water was slightly green and stained with around 3 ft visibility. Water temp was 82F, higher than I expected. Caught 8 crappie, 4 keeps but most of them were 11 to 13" long. Tons and tons of shad everywhere. No signs of any surface activity though. And just how many drum are in Stockton right now? WAY TO MANY!!! Also thousands of 3 to 4 " largemouth everywhere. It must have been a very successful spawn this spring with the high water. I saw packs of 25 to 30 of those small bass prowling near the surface looking for food.
  11. Funny, I have been using this one from the MDC and it does not list any new brush piles for 2019. https://huntfish.mdc.mo.gov/fishing/where-fish/fish-attractor-pdf-maps I am familiar with your link as well but it used to list the brush piles in order by number with details including date if you clicked on legend. Now clicking on legend doesn't do anything.
  12. A conceal and carry permit is not required but they carry a lot of weight if you ever go to court. Besides firearm safety the conceal and carry classes include an extensive review on how and when you can legally use a firearm for protection of you, others and property. My wife and I are working with the local police department and following their suggestions closely.
  13. You are correct in what you say and I would not use a gun in anything but extreme situations but having been on situations where threats were eminent to me and mine there are time I wish I would have had one just in case. Ina drive by situation it would indeed be of very little use. But when attacked at home, on the lake or in public it may save your life or serious injury.
  14. So sorry to hear of your situation bassfisher. May you heal fast and well. I too live in Willard and my wife and I have received several threatening comments while driving around town in Springfield. We are in the process of getting a conceal and carry permit for both of us. One of these idiots even screamed at me to go back where I came from. I thought these jerks only picked on immigrants. I am as white as it comes and of German descent. lol Live is too short for that kind of attitude.
  15. I just checked the water levels at Caplinger Mill and it seems like they started running some water out of Stockton yesterday. I figured if they drop the lake 1" a day it will take them 7 months to get back to power pool level IF it doesn't rain any more. I then looked at the long range rain forcast and cried. Ugghhh
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