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  1. No argument from me oghfm. I fully agree.
  2. Man, that is crazy. I guess I will stay near the fireplace a little longer.
  3. Just a guess but with it being around 60 on Tuesday I would say that Wed would be a safe bet for launching but you might need a torch to thaw out the fish if you catch any. lol
  4. Cute kids Mitch. You are blessed.
  5. straw hat

    Mud Line

    AGMs are great You may not believe this but I have a big AGM (110 amp hour) that has run the main motor in my pontoon now for over 12 years. I also have two other 31 AGMs that I use for my trolling motor and small electronics and they are both over 6 years old. I love them.
  6. Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you. May God bless you.
  7. Well I guess fun time is over. We hit the same spot today and only had two bites, a small crappie and a 1 lb channel. Both bites were barely detectable. Water still stained and down to 42F. Nice weather though.
  8. That is a great job. I am so envious. 😩
  9. Thanks L2S. We were north of CC a few miles.
  10. Things were a little slower for the wife and I this Saturday but it was steady. The pod of fish was still there but the bite was much lighter. The fish we pulled up were very white in color and had mud on there stomach so they were laying on there bellies I guess on the bottom. We caught 3 whites, one keeper crappie (6 small ones), two channels around 3 lbs apiece and i only caught one cat but it weighted close to 8 lbs. Water temp 44, 3 ft visibility. Only saw 2 boats all day. beautiful day on the lake.
  11. First of all I hope all had a happy and safe thanksgiving. My wife and I had our annual Thanksgiving day fishing trip. We went to one of our favorite bluff drop offs. Found a pod of catfish. The wife caught the biggest two (6.5 and 7 lbs) and we also caught another 5 in the 1 to 3 lb range. Also managed to pick up 3 keeper crappie as well. Only saw one boat all day. All in all not a bad day. Water was very dingy, 52 degrees. Maybe one ft of clarity.
  12. Really? Boy I guess I am really getting old. Thanks for letting me know MG.
  13. what happened to the topic "they are back"? Suddenly it is gone from the Stockton forum. Anyone know what happened?
  14. Olfishead is correct. Well researched and established principle in aquatic systems. Noticed he said "as the vegetation decomposed,". This includes brown grass, leaf litter and any microscopic animals in the soil that overwintered. In some situations oxygen levels can drop by 3 or 4 ppm or more.
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