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  1. You should of at least waited for a reply. I would have told you if i was not interested. Lost interest? I PM you about the sale. Lesson learned !!
  2. That is pretty shady on your part. Don't Tread on me!!
  3. Good idea.Let me get the one color down then i will try the 2 color combo.
  4. @tjm Not so much trying the Duane technique. Probably just pulling out due to not getting wrapped. I will have to pay closer attention to it. It only happened on the last pictured Jig. The other ones are very heavily wrapped as you can see.
  5. i just started tying Jigs about a month ago and finally got a little setup. These are some of my practice creations. Learning how to use tools techniques and watching videos. I think the hardest part so far has been keeping the maribeau intact after i wrap it with thread. It seems to pull out if i brush my fingers thru it. maybe i am not wrapping it tight enough. It will get better with time. These look a little ruff. Defiantly room for improvement.
  6. Im not at all familiar with bass fishing on the Rock. But this sounds like fun, I could get to know fellow anglers and you can give me your secret holes..LOL Kidding aside I am seriously thinking of doing it this year. Jeff again you put on another great event and I thank you for bringing us all together.
  7. Ian and I got at holiday island at 8 it was cold and windy. Ian is under dressed as usually for the conditions. We made the run up to 62 bridge. Pulled off behind a little slack water where we could throw jigs in on both sides of current. Ian hooked up first with a nice bow. then again a little bit later. I took my fish just floating down and hitting pockets total 4 bows and 1 crappie for me. Ian ended up with some solid bows total 4. Great day very blistery running that far. If i would do it again i would have put in at houseman ramp instead of holiday island. Thank goodness i did not start at eagle rock. we got off the water a 2pm Thanks for all your advise.
  8. @rpsWith this flow how far down would you expect to stop fishing for trout?
  9. Nice fish Kevin. That a great way to start. Good luck the rest of trip!!
  10. Heading out in the morning and launching at Holiday island. Thank you all for the navigation advise.
  11. Good advise RPS. Thanks for the information this is all very helpful and consistent of what others say. Wish me luck!! I will be throwing Jigs. My electronics are so far out of date. all i need is depth and water temp maybe a blip or 2 on the old Garmin 90
  12. Nice to know on the scattered trout. I was looking at Google maps last night i thought 62 was the limit.
  13. That sounds great. i was also thinking last night that i wanted to put in at Holiday Island to avoid that long run from eagle rock. Thank you.
  14. I will Pete. Thinking i am going to have Saturday off from family off stuff and fish with my son Ian.
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