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  1. Might need to plan our trips together next time. My daughter will be playing in some basketball tournaments. I figure i will be able to get out in the morning and evening.
  2. Gonna miss this one. I will be down next week 26 - 29
  3. Looks good Ham. What was the 19 other things?
  4. Very nice indeed. Good luck!!
  5. Interesting read. This has been on my mind for a bit. Thanks for the recommendations. How hot does it get in the hoodie?
  6. You bet Richard. Nice bird also.
  7. Great job and Congrats on the PB and check!
  8. Well fishing today was horrible for me. Put in @ 8am @sweeetwater fish banks up and down. Winds picked up quite a bit. Tried coves, timber(what I could see above water) and everything else. Did not see a lot of action from other boats I was around. WT 61 - 63. Got 1 to the boat. I switched it up to try stinkin bass. They did not want to play either. It was fun learning new water.
  9. Ohh.. Devan i got a lot of Crappie on my mind lately thanks to @BilletHead. How far can one go up say towards 86 in a prop? if it is even necessary..
  10. Have been to the lake several years pleasure boating now it is time to fish. I am undecided yet as if I am going to put in at Eagle Rock or Kings River (sweetwater). Hope to have a good report to post. after some crappie and bass. Any tips? Wondering if the showers that fell today are going to affect the bite? Forecast looks great.
  11. Just wait he offered me a fly rod next trip.. This should be exciting for him. I will be a extra helmet for you Marty
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