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  1. Have been to the lake several years pleasure boating now it is time to fish. I am undecided yet as if I am going to put in at Eagle Rock or Kings River (sweetwater). Hope to have a good report to post. after some crappie and bass. Any tips? Wondering if the showers that fell today are going to affect the bite? Forecast looks great.
  2. Just wait he offered me a fly rod next trip.. This should be exciting for him. I will be a extra helmet for you Marty
  3. Well i was on the right side. Manged to stay safe this trip..
  4. It was a great day fishing together. The capt can put a whooping on them fish. I used the duck and cover method a few times as i looked out at the fly line being lifted off the water heading my way. As Marty says are you ducking? Of course i am. There was a 30-45 min stretch where i could not get a bite as i watch Marty every few cast set the hook. There was a couple of strange cats in a boat that would envade on us (i am talking withing a rods length away). They would drive right between us and bank. Marty and i kepped a good eye on them as they took over another guys spot that where doing pretty well. We moved to a new location and it was fish on till the magic 50. I broke off a good one that was most likely a hybrid beast!!! About halfway thru the Crappie limit we both kinda had the same thought. Why are we not kepping any? Not sure why but i know i had a great time just C&R. Told the wife about the day and she asked if i kept any i told her Marty wouldnt give me any..LOL His wife wanted them.. I did not take too many pics that day just got caught up in the moment of fishing and conversating with a great guy and friend.
  5. Can’t believe I missed the book signing. The legend of gray bear will live on somewhere..
  6. Great person on top of that.
  7. The storm had other plans for my day off. No fishing for me today😡
  8. Nice report Marty. If weather holds up I am heading over tomorrow.
  9. I ended up with 13. I had to move around. All on timber next to flats 12 15 ft water. Zig Jig most productive for me. Stayed away from mass crowds. 10c was packed found alternative ramp. This was first fishing trip in boat that I finally got working reliable. It’s been a 2.5 year project.
  10. I stayed down from 10c. Fished power line up to mocasen bend. Sorry we missed each other. We need to trade #s
  11. Heading there also Marty. I will be in a older dark red Lowe.
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