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  1. Thanks to all of you who have served to keep this Country safe. USA..
  2. It looks like a good weekend to smoke some cheese!! If anybody wants to put in a order can smoke it at the the same time i do mine, hickory smoked sharp cheddar.I think it comes in 2 or 2.5 lbs. i usually quarter it up and vacuum seal packages. It will cost you the price of cheese. Let me know if anybody is interested. I may do some in a Maple, Hickory and Cherry blend. I can probably do up to 24 lbs on first run with just a Hickory. Then will do a M,H,C blend. P.M me with order. Cant wait for JigFest 2019
  3. I should be gettin em in smoker in the next week or so. Temps are starting to fall = good cheese smoking weather
  4. Seth you are most defiantly in for a treat and a great time with some really cool friends you will have for a lifetime.
  5. Jeff i will grab up some buns and bread for sandwiches and some pastries for breakfast. Are there any requests for bread type for sandwiches?
  6. Very cool to know. I dont think i will be telling my daughter about your brothers find in the lake.
  7. Might need to plan our trips together next time. My daughter will be playing in some basketball tournaments. I figure i will be able to get out in the morning and evening.
  8. Gonna miss this one. I will be down next week 26 - 29
  9. Looks good Ham. What was the 19 other things?
  10. Very nice indeed. Good luck!!
  11. Interesting read. This has been on my mind for a bit. Thanks for the recommendations. How hot does it get in the hoodie?
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