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  1. You might want to change out that gown you have on.
  2. I still do that to this day. Being a former Mechanic that is what we do!!
  3. You PM me where you will be (are) fishing and i will most definitely say Thank you.
  4. I agree for some and the nasty weather to drive in for alot. Early November?
  5. That might be a problem for us JigFest folks.
  6. @Quillback I am getting ready for this. Will have boat ready by then, hope the fish feel the same way. Rain or shine. Cold or Ice Do you have any last request for supplies that are needed for the weigh in festivities?
  7. @RPS would you think if i dropped the the SI ducer down another 1\2 inch with just adj or would i need to move the poly block lower to bottom of hull? with all of this i did seal up some major leaks i was having. having both ducers on outside of strake was planned. I still have some room to play with and lots of sealant.... Thanks Randy
  8. I have installed 2 new transom mount transducers one for 798 CI HD SI and one for Helix 5 DI. The one on left is SI. I know that SI should be ran at idle or just a little above. I took the boat out yesterday to do some adjustments. I found that i get a little feed back on SI anything above idle. My question is should i move it farther away from center line of boat than it already is? i am also going to drop it down and see if that give me any better result. I also think the polyurethane plate may be a little high. (When mounting this plate i took advantage of a hole already drilled). As for the DI i get really erratic readings from depth to just a DI image. The depth will show 300 + feet in 13 feet of water. Is this just a setting or ? As for the DI when i am up on plane it is out of water.I know i need to lower the Ducer and that might help with the above problem with DI/ Any help with location and overall setup would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a few pics of Ducer mounting feel free to give me some advise
  9. There are not compatible at all for your set up..
  10. If the sale falls thru i am interested ..
  11. Welcome to OAF. Nice start on the fishing the white. As Phil said JIgFest is pretty cool.
  12. @JUNGLE JIM 1 I am going to have to agree with you on the downtime not fishing. Those look really nice. I am going to have to try those patterns. I really like the 2 different materials you used. Great Job Michael
  13. Hope you did not fall on your A$$ this time walking outside taking them shots.
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