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  1. Personal Best Spot

    But great memories!!!
  2. Chocolate Scented Orchid

    But it looks like bacon 🥓 😂
  3. Meramec giant

    Sorry Wrench, couldn’t resist!😂
  4. Personal Best Spot

    Finally got a chance to go fishing for a couple of hours. Fishing was a little slow for a while, then hooked up with a big spotted bass on the bigger Hi-Def craw. Turned out to be my personal Best Spot.
  5. Meramec giant

    Nice Fish Matt!
  6. I’m guilty of being a little lazy in that situation. I need posts like this to remind me to inform my wife before I go.
  7. JigFest 2017 - Let the bragging begin!

    Denial aint just a river in Egypt
  8. JigFest 2017 - Let the bragging begin!

    So what was the biggest trout and what was used to catch it?
  9. yeah Mitch that  song has made me set back and take stock of my reatioship with others. I can not hear it but I can read it and I can tell you with 100 % certainty Rhonda wrote that from her own beliefs. She had her whole band place a small concert in her yard at a home warming that was the second song she sang. sort of put them all on notice. She is 55 and does not know how to take it easy. I told Herb she brings to mind popcorn popping. She is as full of life as a16 yr old  That entire family are some of the most God fearing down to earth peole I know. She is home in Kirksville off the road till January. I think anyway. Home will be down here I think in a few years

    Herb her husband is a crappie fishing nut. I will be fishing with him a lot this year. My boat is about done for and About ready for the salvage yard. I will not be buying another one. I am not as confident out ther as .I used to be Besides I have come to believe they are really a money pit. Guy across the road just bought a 19 ft sketter cost him  81,000. 

  10. Just a day at the marsh

    beautful pic! Black labs have a special place in my heart
  11. Mid Mo Smallies

    That’s the only river (Salt) in Missouri where I’ve ever seen very large live mussels. We are talking 6” in diameter size, and lots of them. I’m wondering why other Ozark streams don’t have them that big?
  12. What's Cooking?

  13. Just funny stuff

    Lol just tried to play your video and got my dog barking. Now I’m in fear she’s waking everyone else up.
  14. Windy!

    Nice fish Aaron
  15. Winners and Losers in the Tax Bill

    Keep in mind your post count and like count is in serious jeopardy!😂 remember goodness and kindness always prevails!

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