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  1. The only time you get any!😂😂
  2. Same thing goes for those Dare Devils MF’s (Insert Mitch Fields or Massey Ferguson here) who do those extreme sports and need to get helicoptered out of a mountainside and risking the lives of others. Make them pay big time!
  3. https://www.myleaderpaper.com/news/police_fire/man-calls-after-driving-jeep-into-big-river-getting-stuck/article_edad95a2-0a4f-11ea-a325-b389d689993a.html#utm_campaign=blox&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
  4. Capitalism is free VOLUNTARY trading. It’s not evil. The only reason retailers have sales is about supply and demand.
  5. Hey Paul, I remember another opening day of deer season on the Osage!😂 I’m sure you remember!
  6. My wife’s family are so excited about Black Friday that they all go ape shot. They are so jazzed and smiling that i guarantee that it’s super enjoyable for them. Their whole culture revolves around money....saving money, coupons, free stuff, etc. it’s hard for me to fathom sometimes, but I get used to it. I’ve attached a few Black Friday stats
  7. To me the Irony is Thanksgiving....we are praying to be grateful for what we have, then the next day we get up early to stand in line at a retailer for mega sales. But I guess we’re kind of saying the same thing
  8. Dang I just ate 2 limits of ducks, next batch I’ll save them
  9. Mitch f

    What's Cooking?

    I did separate them....you’re looking at the point!
  10. Mitch f

    What's Cooking?

    The Payoff....melted in your mouth
  11. Mitch f

    What's Cooking?

    Fish burger looks fantastic
  12. Mitch f

    What's Cooking?

    Da beans and cilantro casserole ya mean?
  13. Mitch f

    What's Cooking?

    Yep, ran out of rub. As soon as I get back from the grocery store the rub begins!
  14. Mitch f

    What's Cooking?

    Preparing for tomorrow night’s party. Except for the garlic knot rolls, have I left anything out? Someone else is bringing wine, salad, and dessert! 😂
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