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  1. What's Cooking?

    The Payoff
  2. What's Cooking?

    Hitting the stall like a brick wall
  3. Poaching Story

    Blue herons
  4. 28-inch Spawning Colors Rainbow

    Very nice fish Phil!!
  5. WTF?

    It's a fine art, I lost a 7-13 the other day that was 24.6" long 😜
  6. What's Cooking?

    Smoking a brisket this weekend for my little darlings 8th birthday party. The Traeger will get a workout. I'm gonna use Apple and Oak wood and only salt and pepper rub. Should be interesting. No, we don't eat smallmouth....anyone who does is put on a "don't share any info with status". We are dead serious.
  7. Great Day on the Meramec

    Great report! And very nice meeting you the other night at the MSA meeting. When the water gets that clear in the fall… The best thing to use is a Ned or top water, or our small craw.
  8. More paying of dues.

    Got to pay your dues, if you wanna sing the blues, and you know it don't come easy.
  9. Up Indian creek without a...

    You lucky Brasitiges that get to fish so often!
  10. That's a great stretch! Nice largemouth! Great job guys! Was the water crystal clear?
  11. Here you go fellows

    The Billethead would have them if the Billethead lived in a state that gave a shot about Smallmouth.
  12. Smallmouth, eagles, and alligators, oh my!

    Absolutely beautiful photography, great job Ronnie! Looks like fun times
  13. Wanted Lure Duplicator

    You're overreacting about 1000 percent. I had never heard of one. I wasn't in any way doubting one existed, I was simply asking a very basic question. ......wow
  14. Wanted Lure Duplicator

    So who is writing checks that their you know what can't cash in your world?
  15. You're one of the best guys I know! And one of the toughest. Hang in there my friend!

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