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  1. Mitch f


    I love dogs, but yes some owners drive me nuts. I know I will draw the ire of a bunch of people by saying this but some of the pit bull owners have a macho problem. They can say what they want to about how pit bulls are friendly and it’s all about the training. All I can say is when I was looking for a new quote for Homeowners insurance they specifically asked me if I owned a pit bull. To me that says enough.
  2. I’ve fished the Upper Miss several times and should be going up there again in a few weeks. They’ve gotten no rain up there though I’ve heard. 😫
  3. Mitch f

    What's Cooking?

    So I had some bad heartburn issues, was taking about 10-15 tums or Rolaids a day. I tried Omeprazole and other blockers and had trouble with those as well. I really don’t feel good about taking meds. Maybe my Chinese wife convinced me of this. But I’ve heard studies about those blockers causing dementia and or Alzheimer’s...now I forgot what I was going to say!! 😂 Anyway I read some things that convinced me to give up coffee as a first try, I did it. Man was that a rough 10 days!😵. I’ve replaced my Morning coffee with Bone broth which is supposed to be great for repairing the gut and many other benefits. The collagen and other beneficial ingredients seemed to make me feel better almost immediately. I also rarely have to take any Tums anymore. I was just afraid of all the sodium in the commercially produced bone broth. My blood pressure has been up to 145 over 95 which isn’t great. I want to be around for my children as long as possible. ❤️
  4. Mitch f


    Equality....the biggest BS idea ever! It’s not possible, even in my own household... much less an entire country.
  5. I heard you have to take a number to fish Mille Lacs at certain hot spots after the virus set in. Did you find that to be the case?
  6. Mitch f

    What's Cooking?

    Sounds great! I’m assuming you can freeze portions for later?
  7. Mitch f

    What's Cooking?

    Anyone know anything about Bone Broth? I want to start to add bone broth to my diet but the newer store brands seem to be loaded with sodium, which isn’t good for my blood pressure.
  8. Not totally sure, I know they target Walleye and perch Quite a bit...not to mention Musky. But Bass fishing seems to be gaining popularity quickly.
  9. Mille lacs It’s pretty much the same… Those Northern Lakes just have it all over us
  10. Man I would love to have a new Garmin, but right now I’m just concentrating on my boat purchase. One thing at a time! Maybe they will have a few details worked out by the time I get one.
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