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  1. Yep, saw the minnow dunking Menonites or Amish guys dragging stringers of all sizes (undersized mostly) down the Niangua with a minnow bucket. Josiah and Jebadiah don’t care much for the limits.
  2. I’m not gonna lie to you, it took me 15 to 20 tries before I got it right every time. It’s so strong and thin. Seth turned me on to this video.....
  3. FG is best. It just grabs the line like a Chinese finger trap… There’s really no hard curve in the line that would cause the knot to break. It’s also extremely thin.
  4. **This post contains uncovered nipples, and no mention of Ned Rigs or 1/32 oz marabou jigs with 2 pound test and therefore will NOT be promoted to an article.**
  5. Finding wood in 2-6’ of water near current would be my number one spot. And don’t forget to pitch to the opposite side of the log too, in other words between the log and the bank. Be stealthy would be number 2...especially for big fish
  6. Well Tackle HD sold last week, so I don’t own a bait company anymore. Funny thing is Strike King had an Elaztech type material a while back before the Ned rig craze but it never sold well. Maybe they made a marketing deal with Z Man
  7. So you guys, start your own website, buy packaging, pay your 10% federal excise tax, pay your distributors and retailers another 40-50%, then make a profit of a few pennies. Then have people female doggy about it. I suggest you make your own.
  8. Chuggers work better around the spawn because it’s usually a pop and wait. The fish can’t stand anything near their nest, especially if it’s just sitting there. Faster WTD that glide usually work better in the full blown summer. But as some have said, a Chug Bug is a helluva bait when walking the dog with it. It’s got that little sexy movement and spitting that drives stream smallmouth crazy. It seems to work best (like all WTD baits) at a certain distance from the boat, with a certain angle of line to the water. Find out your optimum angle distance and keep your boat at that distance away from whatever object or cover you’re casting to.
  9. Norm was involved in one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard in all my 58 years. I’ll try to tell the story and hope I get it right and give him the respect he deserves, because it’s a true story... Norm came from west coast money. His family was very wealthy and used to throw parties and invite all kinds of high brow people to parties at the Leppo home. Norm had just come home from basic training in the Navy. When he arrived home he noticed his parents were throwing another party. He walked in the door and to his surprise, there was a man holding a cocktail standing next to the fireplace. That man was Admiral Chester Nimitz...yes, THE Admiral Nimitz. Before he could very quickly sneak out of the room, his mom grabbed him by the arm and said “I want to introduce you to somebody”. Imagine how scared Norm was. They both walked up to Admiral Nimitz and Norm’s mom said happily “Norman, I want to introduce you to Chester!...He’s in the Navy too!!” I’ve always tried to imagine how Norm must have felt.
  10. Norm was a good dude, lived till he was well within his 90’s. The week prior to his death, he was wanting a friend to guide him on the Meramec. I think about him a bunch.
  11. Yep, and if a guy got lucky and caught one on a Panther Martin in-line spinner, he’d spend the rest of his life thinking it was the best lure ever created! RIP Norm
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