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  1. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Tackle_HD/catpage-TACKHD.html#5051
  2. Come over and I’ll show you. It’s 2 minutes from my house...I’ll even take you out to White Castle (Dutch Treat of course) for lunch. I’ll spring for the appetizer!
  3. But you need to remember to add the cost of the resources of game and fish they’re undoubtedly poaching. Not to mention a working wife.
  4. And all the baby daddy’s that watch MSNBC do the same. There are many low life’s in this country....most are on one side
  5. I get into habits of watching my phone for hours at a time when I should do something productive. I have had the stomach virus this past week and I got a notification yesterday on my IPhone that I averaged 6 hours per day.....scared the BGeez out of me!
  6. The only fish I’ll regret forever is a huge smallmouth. I was fishing with Seagaur Carbon Pro 100% fluorocarbon line in 12 pound test using a wiggle wart. My buddy Zipstick and I were fishing and we passed by a gentleman sitting right exactly at the spot we wanted to fish. We went about a mile or so past him and started fishing. Around 2 hours later we ran back upstream and he was still in the exact same spot, not even 10 yards difference. We turned around and went back downstream. About an hour later it started to rain softly. We decided to go back up closer to the ramp. We noticed that he wasn’t there anymore and decided to fish the hole the guy had been fishing. As we approached from downstream, Nick shut the motor off and trolled upstream quietly to the spot. We had made about 3 or 4 casts and we’re working our way up to the riffle and I noticed a big black carp right up against the bank just out of the current. I told Nick, look at that big carp. He didn’t even look over. Threw my wart 2-3 feet in front and to my amazement the carp came directly to my bait and flared his big red gills to swallow my bait. Turns out that big black carp was a huge smallmouth. As soon as I saw the wart disappear I set the hook. All in one big motion he made a big head shake and snapped my line on the hook set. I estimated that fish to be 22” or more. I gave up Seagaur at that point and for years only fished Yozuri Hybrid. I’m back fishing Seagaur InvizX now. I don’t think I will ever fish 2 pound test anymore no matter what, unless I’m at a trout park or something like that. Even after all these good comments, I don’t think it is necessary. Happy Posting and I’m back into posting retirement.
  7. So I’m assuming you’re using the most optimal tippit size (in your opinion) for that scud. Which puts you at 25% ratio. So I’m guessing that if you used a slightly heavier tippit, the amount of strikes would probably decrease, but would it help you land more fish in the end?
  8. So you primarily sight fish these big ones?
  9. Sad that both of these fish are dead.
  10. So what pound test is a 7X tippet or a 6X?
  11. No Doubt I believe the younger browns probably primarily feed on insects but the bigger ones primarily feed on other fish.
  12. Tell that to the brown with the 12” rainbow shoved down his throat and still biting jerkbaits 😂
  13. Agreed. I once read a story about a guy who would sneak up on small stream smallmouth by crawling on an overlooking bank and observing the school. He tried to obviously target the big fish. He had a live craw for bait. He stated the biggest problem he has was keeping the little ones from getting it before the big one was able to reach it. So how would you eliminate that problem? Maybe by a bigger offering.
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