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  1. Just funny stuff

    Guys, don't know if you've ever seen my Wedding pic!
  2. Favorite movies - 5 only

    I've got so many movies to see but never have time
  3. How my OAF hat saved my life.

    Could've been a couple of years off
  4. How my OAF hat saved my life.

    I was down at TR 20 years ago and was creeping across the lake in a thick fog, just making a very short run. Some dude in a bass boat came zooming by me full speed. Came within 30 yards or so. I assume he was running strictly GPS. You couldn't see more than 30-40 yards.
  5. Mean19.jpg

    I'm looking at the jig....appears to be a swing head of some type? But you've got a skirt tied on. Does the swing head also have a collar to tie a skirt on? Nice hybrid BTW! nevermind, upon closer inspection it's a standard football head....and on very light line too!
  6. Banner Day!

    Tommy Bench sells them 👍👌
  7. Banner Day!

    I can't figure out how the subject got twisted from Hog Wally posting pics of the fish he caught, and someone giving out detailed information?!?! Hog Wally never said a word about where he was...All he said was topwater.
  8. Back to the Ozarks for a bit

    That's cool, we have area laser scanners that capture incredible detail in an up to 80 yard radius. You can also make them level to gravity. The tree diameters and angles could be extracted in one swoop. The problem is that it's line of sight restricted and you would have to make multiple setups that could take an hour or two. We put down monuments to stitch the data together automatically.
  9. Banner Day!

    He's baaaaaack. Can't wait to hear more "intelligent" talk.
  10. Trip to Mille Lacs

    Lake Mille Lacs has been in a class by itself in the last couple of years. Glad you had fun and caught some dandy fish!
  11. Back to the Ozarks for a bit

    Interesting, do you have to measure a huge number of trees on a certain hillside?
  12. Favorite movies - 5 only

    Now I have to go see it. My brother told me "Bridge of Spies" was an excellent movie. I'll probably watch that first.
  13. Back to the Ozarks for a bit

    I'm a measuring guy by trade...what types of hardware do you use to measure a tree?
  14. Favorite movies - 5 only

    Nothing I hate worse than a director trying to show how smart he is by making a movie purposely overly complicated. I guess that's what you do when the writing sucks.

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