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  1. It looks like the water was up somewhat?
  2. I would love to catch a fifty pounder! He must have a BIG rock in his head. 😂
  3. FWIW, I used this line last year for Topwater on my Minnesota trip and it worked as advertised. It’s a low stretch mono, so it doesn’t sink like Fluorocarbon. So when a long cast is needed it still has that low stretch which helps hook setting and still gives that snappy cadence that is sometimes preferable.
  4. Yea I really don’t like braid on a bait caster but it’s all what you’re used to. I suppose if I made up my mind to learn it well it would be different. I think it’s great for topwater by the way. Just fish what you have confidence in. I have read several posts of people who hate 100% fluorocarbon as well...and I gave up on it too a few years ago, but I made up my mind to learn it and I probably will never go back to mono, except for maybe topwater applications. So Bo is right about taking the time to learn it and trust it. so many choices, so little time!
  5. Some of those braids are designed to be round, I believe those braids actually do better in their abilities to resist fraying, because they actually braid the fibers, while the Seagaur Smack down type braid seem to be separated fibers that flatten out and would tend to fray a little more.
  6. Well I’m not disagreeing with Bo, just wanted his take. And I totally agree about an A-Rig. Although an A-rig’s flash and action seem to cause the vicious reaction bite. A spinner bait kind of does does the same, in a smaller way. When a lure is by itself motionless or slowly twitching, the fluoro may come into play.
  7. Well I like the no stretch of braid to detect bites, but was just wondering about using the best of both worlds.
  8. So my question would be do you think you would get any more bites with a braid to fluoro combo?
  9. Mitch f

    What's Cooking?

    Well since we are both “middle aged” they say that fermented foods are great for the gut!
  10. Mitch f

    What's Cooking?

    So many things I want to say...thanks for the plate rotation! To start with the scallops look amazing. I bought an EZ fermenter the other day and haven’t used it yet. Can’t wait to start the Kraut, Kimchee, and pickles @Johnsfolly
  11. That whole 89 bridge area has made a great comeback IMO. It used to be THE spot and then it went through a 5 years suck period. I think the comeback in the last year or so may have been due to the flood.
  12. The Gasconade is probably closer to you. And has the potential a longer fish and more Largemouth IMO
  13. Looks like a fun trip. When my kids get older I need to do this trip.
  14. Were they buried before he set the hook or did it slip in your hands when he set the hook?
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