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    What's Cooking?

    Anyone know anything about Bone Broth? I want to start to add bone broth to my diet but the newer store brands seem to be loaded with sodium, which isn’t good for my blood pressure.
  2. Not totally sure, I know they target Walleye and perch Quite a bit...not to mention Musky. But Bass fishing seems to be gaining popularity quickly.
  3. Mille lacs It’s pretty much the same… Those Northern Lakes just have it all over us
  4. Man I would love to have a new Garmin, but right now I’m just concentrating on my boat purchase. One thing at a time! Maybe they will have a few details worked out by the time I get one.
  5. I planned on going up North with JoeD and Mark CNR for some Minnesota smallmouth fishing, Then my boat got totaled By a guy running thru the fence at the storage lot. Hopefully I’ll have a different boat soon. They we can still go to Minnesota.
  6. And I wanna give a shout out to, in my opinion, the greatest songwriter of all time! This brings back memories of my time in Arkansas with my Grandparents.
  7. It’s amazing to listen how good this guy was was just a guitar and his great voice
  8. Great adventure! My opinions on your fluoro breaking at the knot... always remember fluoro needs to be lubricated with something (usually saliva) before cinching. Also if you’re not tying a Palomar knot, always remember that many of these tried and true knots were made for mono, not fluoro. Don’t use as many loops for fluoro as you do when tying mono. Fluoro’s rougher surface finish produces friction and heat that weakens the knot. just my 2 cents
  9. Just look on a Humminbird graph under a Shad ball, all stacked up just waiting for a spoon dangling in front of them. 😂
  10. I’ve done intermittent fasting and man it does make you get fit and feel better.
  11. Ouch ! Below the belt ...5 minute penalty 😂😂😂😂
  12. Alright you convinced me! Tomorrow frog festival! 😂
  13. I posted this pic on Facebook and a Chinese friend of my wife actually asked me “Wow! Is that a bat or a frog?” Not kidding
  14. Kill the goose that lays the golden egg! Third world mentality
  15. Is Table Rock a lake or a few dammed up rivers? so it must have current right? Don’t fish position themselves in current?
  16. I released it, but only because these subdivision frogs 🐸 get a lot of fertilizer run off water!
  17. Well I had a little time with the frogs in my subdivision pond! I’m training her right!!
  18. Shanks was sooooo fun! Right before shooting time there were so many ducks quacking it sounded like a constant low roar. Flood of ‘93 killed a bunch of acorn producing trees...the place suffered for a long while.
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