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  1. Mitch f

    Anniversary Float

    Helluva 20” smallmouth Scott, in ultra clear water that’s a feat
  2. Mitch f

    Big smallies, big surprises...

    Imagine how many big ones like that follow a bait and you never know it.
  3. Mitch f

    New pb smallie

    That’s a good method to use if your fish suffers from fish eye disease... his eyes are too close to his tail!
  4. Mitch f

    A perspective as we go through Life

    Sorry to see you go John! You’re one of the good ones!!
  5. Mitch f

    Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    Glad she is recovering, I’ll continue praying for your family
  6. Mitch f

    Ever See a 10# smallmouth?

    I live for stories like this. So how many times have you seen the bigger fish follow behind and let the smaller fish commit. How do you reverse that pattern? 1. Wait for more stained water and throw a huge spinnerbait? 2. Use a lure so big that the smaller fish is less likely to inhale? 3. Let your fishing partner catch the smaller one and you dangle a lure in front as the bigger one thinks his buddy dropped it? all three will work
  7. Mitch f

    Ever See a 10# smallmouth?

    I used a guide at Dale Hollow once who told me that in the old days there was a local guide who “filleted more 10 pound smallmouth than any other human in history”
  8. Mitch f

    Just funny stuff

    As George Carlin once said, “ The more complicated your order is at Starbucks, the bigger asshole you are!”
  9. Mitch f

    Just funny stuff

    My latte is getting cold!
  10. Mitch f

    Just funny stuff

    Kirkwood yuppies
  11. Mitch f

    Just funny stuff

    For me, the most bizarre thing that happened in sports in my lifetime was the whole Tanya Harding/ Nancy Kerrigan fiasco. Now I heard they’re making a movie about it. The greatest was Secretariat The saddest was the 1972 Olympics
  12. Mitch f

    Mexican Bass

    I went to Guerrero back in the 90’s. The resort we stayed at was a mile from the water. Apparently the lake was declining since the day it was built.? The fishing was so so. Although my buddy caught an 11 in the first 5 minutes on a large green pumpkin Zoom lizard with a chartreuse tail. We we so pumped at that point but caught nothing bigger than 7 the rest of the week. It was fun seeing the huge turtles, huge snakes, and Ospreys dive bombing coots during the day too. That place was like Jurassic Park.
  13. Mitch f

    What's Cooking?

    Hog Wally always calls me when he butchers a bovine, deer, or goat. My in-laws love the parts that’s most peoples don’t want. And they are very good at making it into a meal. Deer ribs are a delicacy to them, and most Americans won’t bother with them. I think my father in law has gained their respect with a knife and cleaver. Never says a word, just grabs the meat and begins his work, knowing exactly what to do. It’s actually fun to watch...Just ask Hog Wally.
  14. Mitch f

    Get Out!

    California guys....I think we have your answer.
  15. Mitch f

    Hooks in hand

    Use Aaron Martin trebles, the barb is very small and they come out with a little pressure. Ask Al Agnew 😜
  16. Mitch f

    What's Cooking?

    Oxtails tonight
  17. He has won the last 2 river tournaments he entered! He's turning into the KVD of the rivers!!
  18. Mitch f

    Kudos to Seth!

    Look up Upper Meramec Bass Club
  19. I agree, they really rocked it! Closest was 5 pounds less.
  20. X2 Call it boring, dependable, whatever you want. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I hate drama
  21. Great job guys!!!
  22. Mitch f

    passing of a long time friend

    So Sorry Bo.
  23. Mitch f

    What's Cooking?

    So my brother and I are looking into sharing a glass door front refrigerator with a fan. We are going full bore into dry aging beef 🥩. Once you’re hooked on dry aged beef, it’s hard to go back!

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